Throughout history, there have been many Australian women singers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Australian female singers such as Iggy Azalea, Delta Goodrem, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Sia.
Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue
28 May 1968, Australian
Singer-Songwriter and Actress
Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea
07 June 1990, Australian

Olivia Newton-JohnOlivia Newton-John
26 September 1948, Australian, British
Singer, Actress

Abbie CornishAbbie Cornish
07 August 1982, Australian
Actress, Rapper

Delta GoodremDelta Goodrem
09 November 1984, Australian

Natalie ImbrugliaNatalie Imbruglia
04 February 1975, Australian
Indiana EvansIndiana Evans
27 July 1990, Australian

Jessica MauboyJessica Mauboy
04 August 1989, Australian
Singer, Actress

Nellie MelbaNellie Melba
19 May 1861, Australian
Opera Singer

Sia Kate Isobelle FurlerSia
18 December 1975, Australian
Erica PackerErica Packer
10 November 1977, Australian
Model, Singer, Ex-wife of James Packer

Alexa CurtisAlexa Curtis
04 January 2004, Australian
Katja GliesonKatja Glieson
19 August 1996, Australian
Singer, Actress

Mali-koa HoodMali-koa Hood
19 May 1991, Australian

Roseanne ParkRoseanne Park
11 February 1997, Australian
Alli SimpsonAlli Simpson
24 April 1998, Australian
Cody Simpson's Sister

Hatchie (Harriette Pilbeam)Hatchie (Harriette Pilbeam)
30 April 1993, Australian
Pop Singer
Toni ColletteToni Collette
01 November 1972, Australian
Actor, Singer, Voice actor, Film actor

Dannii MinogueDannii Minogue
20 October 1971, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model, Songwriter

Holly ValanceHolly Valance
11 May 1983, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model
Jessica OrigliassoJessica Origliasso
25 December 1984, Australian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter

Emma WatkinsEmma Watkins
21 September 1989, Australian
Musician, Singer
Judith DurhamJudith Durham
03 July 1943, Australian
Singer, Jazz musician, Pianist, Songwriter

Brody DalleBrody Dalle
01 January 1979, Australian
Guitarist, Singer

Sophie MonkSophie Monk
14 December 1979, Australian, British
Actor, Singer, Musician, Model

Caitlin StaseyCaitlin Stasey
01 May 1990, Australian
Actor, Singer
Lisa OrigliassoLisa Origliasso
25 December 1984, Australian
Singer, Composer, Actor, Songwriter
Lisa GerrardLisa Gerrard
12 April 1961, Australian
Singer, Composer, Musician, Film score composer

Tammin SursokTammin Sursok
19 August 1983, Australian, South African
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Darlene ZschechDarlene Zschech
08 September 1965, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Tina ArenaTina Arena
01 November 1967, Australian
Singer, Songwriter, Television presenter, Actor,
Vanessa AmorosiVanessa Amorosi
08 August 1981, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Chrissy AmphlettChrissy Amphlett
25 October 1959, Australian
Street artist, Singer, Actor, Songwriter

Karise EdenKarise Eden
11 July 1992, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Sharni VinsonSharni Vinson
22 July 1983, Australian
Actor, Model, Singer, Dancer

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Kasey ChambersKasey Chambers
04 June 1976, Australian
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Silvia CollocaSilvia Colloca
23 July 1977, Australian
Actor, Singer, Opera singer, Television presenter

Rebecca St. JamesRebecca St. James
26 July 1977, Australian
Film actor, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor,
Gigi EdgleyGigi Edgley
16 November 1977, Australian
Actor, Singer

Natalie BassingthwaighteNatalie Bassingthwaighte
01 September 1975, Australian
Actor, Singer

Kathleen de Leon JonesKathleen de Leon Jones
01 September 1977, Australian
Joan SutherlandJoan Sutherland
07 November 1926, Australian
Singer, Opera singer

Natalie MendozaNatalie Mendoza
12 August 1978, Australian
Actor, Singer, Dancer
Kate CeberanoKate Ceberano
17 November 1966, Australian
Singer, Jazz musician

19 March 1978, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer

Danielle de NieseDanielle de Niese
11 April 1979, Australian
Singer, Opera singer

Gabriella CilmiGabriella Cilmi
10 October 1991, Australian
Singer, Songwriter, Jazz musician

Charli RobinsonCharli Robinson
08 March 1980, Australian
Singer, Actor
Laura ImbrugliaLaura Imbruglia
15 June 1983, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Christine AnuChristine Anu
15 March 1970, Australian
Singer, Actor

Ricki-Lee CoulterRicki-Lee Coulter
10 November 1985, Australian

Samantha JadeSamantha Jade
18 April 1987, Australian
Singer, Actor
Suze DeMarchiSuze DeMarchi
14 February 1964, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Maya JupiterMaya Jupiter
1978 AD, Australian
rapper sines 2000, artivist, music critic
Dena KaplanDena Kaplan
20 January 1989, Australian
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Bec HewittBec Hewitt
23 July 1983, Australian
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Nikki WebsterNikki Webster
30 April 1987, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model
Julia StoneJulia Stone
13 April 1984, Australian

Megan WashingtonMegan Washington
07 January 1986, Australian
Singer, Songwriter
Mirusia LouwerseMirusia Louwerse
29 March 1985, Australian
Singer, Opera singer

Donna BurkeDonna Burke
12 December 1964, Australian, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū

Kimberley ChenKimberley Chen
23 May 1994, Australian, Malaysian
Butterfly BoucherButterfly Boucher
02 June 1979, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Singer

Sherrié AustinSherrié Austin
28 August 1970, Australian
Singer, Songwriter
Jo Beth TaylorJo Beth Taylor
29 May 1971, Australian

Katie NoonanKatie Noonan
02 May 1977, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Marina PriorMarina Prior
18 October 1963, Australian
Singer, Opera singer