59 Years Old

The list of famous 59 years old includes Simon Cowell, Sean Penn, James Spader, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Naruhito. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, actresses, political leaders and journalists and from other domains of life. This list of 59 years old includes people from United States, England, Canada & Australia and many more countries.

Simon CowellSimon Cowell
07 October 1959, British
Reality TV Celebrity
Sean PennSean Penn
17 August 1960, American
Academy Award Winning Actor

James SpadesJames Spader
07 February 1960, American

Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Andrew, Duke of York
19 February 1960, British
Son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

23 February 1960, Japanese
Crown Prince of Japan

Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas
10 August 1960, Spanish
Actor, Director
Allison JanneyAllison Janney
19 November 1959, American

Jennifer GreyJennifer Grey
26 March 1960, American

Tony RobbinsTony Robbins
29 February 1960, American

Bryan AdamsBryan Adams
05 November 1959, Canadian
Hugo WeavingHugo Weaving
04 April 1960, Australian, British

David DuchovnyDavid Duchovny
07 August 1960, American
Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson
11 April 1960, British

Valerie BertinelliValerie Bertinelli
23 April 1960, American

10 May 1960, Irish
Rebecca De MornayRebecca De Mornay
29 August 1959, American

Ken WatanabeKen Watanabe
21 October 1959, Japanese
Sean YoungSean Young
20 November 1959, American
American actress

Erin BrockovichErin Brockovich
22 June 1960, American
Environmental Activist

Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
06 January 1960, British
Television Personality, Gourmet, Food Writer
Chris ElliottChris Elliott
31 May 1960, American

Tracy PollanTracy Pollan
22 June 1960, American
Mackenzie PhillipsMackenzie Phillips
10 November 1959, American

Judd NelsonJudd Nelson
28 November 1959, American
American actor

Tony GoldwynTony Goldwyn
20 May 1960, American

Jane Lynch (Jane Marie Lynch) Jane Lynch
14 July 1960, American
Jason BegheJason Beghe
12 March 1960, American
David MiscavigeDavid Miscavige
30 April 1960, American
Leader of the Church of Scientology

Linda FiorentinoLinda Fiorentino
09 March 1960, American

Michael StipeMichael Stipe
04 January 1960, American

Ivan LendIvan Lendl
07 March 1960, Czech, American
Former No 1 tennis Player
Mark RylanceMark Rylance
18 January 1960, British

Steve VaiSteve Vai
06 June 1960, American
Guitarist, Songwriter

Sarah BrightmanSarah Brightman
14 August 1960, British

Elena KaganElena Kagan
28 April 1960, American
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the

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Kelly LeBrockKelly LeBrock
24 March 1960, American
Oliver PlattOliver Platt
12 January 1960, Canadian, American

Julianne PhillipsJulianne Phillips
06 May 1960, American
Model & Actress
Greta ScacchiGreta Scacchi
18 February 1960, Australian, Italian

Emeril LagasseEmeril Lagasse
15 October 1959, American
Chef, Restaurateur

Dave CoulierDave Coulier
21 September 1959, American
Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor
Annabella SciorraAnnabella Sciorra
29 March 1960, American

Anne-Marie JohnsonAnne-Marie Johnson
18 July 1960, American
Maxwell CaulfieldMaxwell Caulfield
23 November 1959, British

Simon FullerSimon Fuller
17 May 1960, British

Ralph SampsonRalph Sampson
07 July 1960, American
Basketball Player

Leland OrserLeland Orser
06 August 1960, American

David SimonDavid Simon
09 February 1960, American
Leigh Anne TuohyLeigh Anne Tuohy
09 August 1960, American
Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Writer

Adam ClaytonAdam Clayton
13 March 1960, British
Bassist of the rock band U2

Rakesh JhunjhunwalaRakesh Jhunjhunwala
05 July 1960, Indian
Investor, Trader

Miguel Díaz-CanelMiguel Díaz-Canel
20 April 1960, Cuban
President of Cuba
Benigno Aquino IIIBenigno Aquino III
08 February 1960, Filipino
15th President of the Philippines

Evo MoralesEvo Morales
26 October 1959, Bolivian
President of Bolivia
Chuck DChuck D
01 August 1960, American

Seth GodinSeth Godin
10 July 1960, American

Sean Hepburn FerrerSean Hepburn Ferrer
17 July 1960, Swiss
Film Producer
Paula PoundstonePaula Poundstone
29 December 1959, American

Sean TuohySean Tuohy
23 November 1959, American
Sports Commentator
Pip TorrensPip Torrens
02 June 1960, British

Nancy Shevell Nancy Shevell
20 November 1959, American
Paul McCartney's Wife

Maya LinMaya Lin
05 October 1959, American
Jenette GoldsteinJenette Goldstein
04 February 1960, American

Peggy WhitsonPeggy Whitson
09 February 1960, American
Astronaut, Biochemist
Cindy Blackman SantanaCindy Blackman Santana
18 November 1959, American

Mal MeningaMal Meninga
08 July 1960, Australian

Jim SkripJim Skrip
01 January 1960, American

Wally LewisWally Lewis
01 December 1959, Australian
Rugby Player
Linford Cicero Christie Linford Christie
02 April 1960, British
Retired Sprinter
Carol McGiffinCarol McGiffin
18 February 1960, British
Radio Broadcaster

Denise LombardoDenise Lombardo
1960 AD, American
Ex-wife of Jordon Belfort

Paul FarmerPaul Farmer
26 October 1959, American

Zeinab BadawiZeinab Badawi
24 November 1959, British
Phyllis FierroPhyllis Fierro
1960 AD
Wife of Ralph George Macchio Jr.

Suzy AitchisonSuzy Aitchison
04 June 1960, British

Mauricio FunesMauricio Funes
18 October 1959, Salvadoran
Former President of El Salvador

Shawn SouthwickShawn Southwick
05 November 1959, American
Actress, Larry King’s Wife

Neo RauchNeo Rauch
18 April 1960, German
Scott BrownScott Brown
12 September 1959, American
Former United States Senator from Massachusetts

Weird Al YankovicWeird Al Yankovic
23 October 1959, American
Music Producer, Actor
Jennifer CarrollJennifer Carroll
27 August 1959, American
Former Lieutenant Governor of Florida

Crystal Maurisa GoinsCrystal Maurisa Goins
1960 AD, American
Kane's Wife

Ajaypal BangaAjaypal Banga
1960 AD, American
CEO of MasterCard
Norm MacDonaldNorm MacDonald
17 October 1959, Canadian
Canadian stand-up comedian

Al YankovicAl Yankovic
23 October 1959, American
American singer-songwriter
Helen PearsonHelen Pearson
16 November 1959, British

Melissa WomerMelissa Womer
08 July 1960, American
Actress, Producer, Writer, Ex-Wife of Jim Carrey

Muhammad bin Nayef Al SaudMuhammad bin Nayef Al Saud
30 August 1959, Saudi Arabian
Former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Nancy WiesenfeldNancy Wiesenfeld
15 May 1960, American
Les Moonves' ex-wife
Svetlana ErokhinSvetlana Erokhin
10 March 1960, Russian
Richard Dreyfuss' Wife

Akkineni NagarjunaAkkineni Nagarjuna
29 August 1959, Indian
Actor, Film producer
Christopher LloydChristopher Lloyd
18 June 1960, American
screenwriter, film producer

21 May 1960, Indian
Actor, Film producer, Singer

Marie OsmondMarie Osmond
13 October 1959, American
Singer, Actor, Television actor, Songwriter

Rafael BenítezRafael Benítez
16 April 1960, Spanish
Association football player, Association football
Jason AlexanderJason Alexander
23 September 1959, American
Television actor, Film actor, Singer, Film