Individuals born on July 10th fall under the zodiac sign, Cancer. A crab is used to symbolize Cancer and the moon rules over this sign. Just like the symbol of the zodiac, these individuals are combination of a rough exterior and sensitive on the inside. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so does the emotions of these individuals. Their fluctuating nature makes them desperate for stability and security, which they will try to achieve at any cost. Their possessiveness and extremely sensitive nature causes them to hold on to everything.

Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla
86, Austrian, American
Inventor, Father of Radio
Isabela MonerIsabela Moner
18, American

Chiwetel Ejiofor Chiwetel Ejiofor
45, British

Charlie McDowellCharlie McDowell
36, American
Film Director

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson
39, American
Singer, Actress

Wyatt RussellWyatt Russell
33, American
Elijah Blue AllmanElijah Blue Allman
43, American

Mahathir MohamadMahathir Mohamad
94, Malaysian
Prime Minister of Malaysia

Antonio BrownAntonio Brown
31, American
American Football Player

Françoise Bettencourt MeyersFrançoise Bettencourt Meyers
66, French
Author and Board Member of L'Oréal
Gong YooGong Yoo
40, South Korean

Arthur AsheArthur Ashe
49, American
Tennis Player
John CalvinJohn Calvin
54, French
Protestant Reformer, Theologian, Pastor

Phyllis SmithPhyllis Smith
68, American

Alexandra HedisonAlexandra Hedison
50, American
Photographer, Actress, Director
Marcel ProustMarcel Proust
51, French
French novelist

Adrian GrenierAdrian Grenier
43, American
Actor, Producer, Director
Stefán Karl StefánssonStefán Karl Stefánsson
43, Icelander, American

Arlo GuthrieArlo Guthrie
72, American

Sunil GavaskarSunil Gavaskar
70, Indian
Golshifteh FarahaniGolshifteh Farahani
36, French, Iranian
Actress, Musician

Robert PineRobert Pine
78, American
Morgan OrtagusMorgan Ortagus
37, American
Foreign Policy & National Security Analyst

Neile AdamsNeile Adams
87, Filipino, American

Solomon NorthupSolomon Northup
55, American

Mario GómezMario Gómez
34, German, Spanish
Katie PavlichKatie Pavlich
31, American
Alice MunroAlice Munro
88, Canadian

James RolfeJames Rolfe
39, American
Actor, Internet Celebrity

Seth GodinSeth Godin
59, American

Sung JoonSung Joon
29, South Korean
Model, Actor, Singer
Sue LyonSue Lyon
73, American

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Camille PissarroCamille Pissarro
73, French
Painter, Printmaker

Giorgio de ChiricoGiorgio de Chirico
90, Italian

Carl OrffCarl Orff
86, German

Mary McLeod BethuneMary McLeod Bethune
79, American
Aphra BehnAphra Behn
48, British

Perrie EdwardsPerrie Edwards
26, British
Pop Singer
Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara
47, American

David BrinkleyDavid Brinkley
82, American
American newscaster

Lia KimLia Kim
32, South Korean
George M. DallasGeorge M. Dallas
72, American
11th Vice President of the U.S.A

21, British
Adande ThorneAdande Thorne
31, Trinidadian, American

Kurt AlderKurt Alder
55, German

Owen ChamberlainOwen Chamberlain
85, American

Harper BeckhamHarper Beckham
8, British
David Beckham’s Daughter

Kulture Kiari CephusKulture Kiari Cephus
1, American
Cardi B’s Daughter
20, German
TikTok ( Star

26, Canadian
YouTube Star

Charlie NavaluaCharlie Navalua
22, American

Karma FizzKarma Fizz
1, British
Laeticia AmihereLaeticia Amihere
18, Canadian
Basketball Player

Ryan CurryRyan Curry
4, American
Stephen Curry's Daughter
Urban MeyerUrban Meyer
55, American
Baseball player, American football player, Coach,

Gene SimmonsGene Simmons
73, American

Erika JayneErika Jayne
48, American
Fiona ShawFiona Shaw
61, Northern Irish

Eunice Kennedy ShriverEunice Kennedy Shriver
88, American
Political Activists
Ronnie James DioRonnie James Dio
67, American
Singer, Composer

Rajnath SinghRajnath Singh
68, Indian

Cary Joji FukunagaCary Joji Fukunaga
42, American
Film Director
Jake LaMottaJake LaMotta
98, American
Boxer, Film actor, Stage actor

Peter SerafinowiczPeter Serafinowicz
47, British
Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, Screenwriter,
Neil TennantNeil Tennant
65, British

Mavis StaplesMavis Staples
80, American
American singer

Angel HazeAngel Haze
28, American
rapper, singer

Ron GlassRon Glass
71, American
Sixto RodriguezSixto Rodriguez
77, American
Angela GriffinAngela Griffin
43, British

John SimmJohn Simm
49, British

Thomas Ian NicholasThomas Ian Nicholas
39, American

Gale HaroldGale Harold
50, American
Bernhard Caesar EinsteinBernhard Caesar Einstein
78, Swiss, American
Physicist, Engineer

Alok NathAlok Nath
63, Indian

Virginia WadeVirginia Wade
74, British
Tennis player

David DinkinsDavid Dinkins

James III of ScotlandJames III of Scotland
36, Scottish
Lili DamitaLili Damita
89, French
Actor, Singer

Adam PettyAdam Petty
19, American
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver
Schapelle CorbySchapelle Corby
42, Australian
Drug trafficker, Mule

Adam HillsAdam Hills
49, Australian
Television presenter

Béla FleckBéla Fleck
61, American
Street artist, Singer, Banjoist, Songwriter, Jazz
Lee MorganLee Morgan
33, American

Sandy WestSandy West
47, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Drummer
Gina BellmanGina Bellman
53, British

Jason OrangeJason Orange
49, British

Joe ShusterJoe Shuster
78, American
Comics artist, Designer, Screenwriter

William BlackstoneWilliam Blackstone
Judge, Barrister, University teacher, Lawyer,
Sarah-Jane MeeSarah-Jane Mee
40, British
television presenter

Jonas KaufmannJonas Kaufmann
50, German
Opera singer, Singer
Prince Maximilian of BadenPrince Maximilian of Baden
62, German

Antara MitraAntara Mitra
32, Indian
Imelda MayImelda May
45, Irish

Theodore Miller EdisonTheodore Miller Edison
94, American
Ludovic GiulyLudovic Giuly
43, French
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On July 10th

People born on this day are tough, but, their biggest problem is their sense of insecurity, and if not careful, this can also be the reason behind their downfall. Subtly manipulative, and often selfish, they have a tendency to run others away. People who are extremely close to them may find them to be a little overbearing and clingy. This highlights their secret emotional side, one that is afraid of being alone. Their personality verges on extremities, dismissive in some situations and overly-attached in other circumstances. Finding inner peace is a main objective in their life, and this can be obtained by becoming a little more balanced emotionally.

Individuals born on July 10th have a strong tendency to ignore ailments that plague them, if other aspects of their life are going well. These people need to pay attention to their body and should take prompt action. They should be motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent future health hazards. Mood swings commonly affect these people, and they will have many physical problems owing to depression and anxiety. Gastrointestinal problems, headaches and fatigue are common complaints. Their strong need for security can make them a bit fragile, making them more susceptible to illness.

These individuals take their financial security very sincerely, and they rarely do anything without financial benefits. If given the option, they will take an uninteresting job that will offer them a lavish lifestyle, over a job with a lower wage and offering an average standard of living.

As hard-working individuals, they will enjoy environments where their talents or skills will get noticed. Their good memory and love of money make professions such as accountants or bankers a good fit. A career that allows them their own office space and the freedom to take decisions on their own is an added bonus.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships are difficult for these individuals, since there is a constant inner conflict between the desire to have a companion and the fear of vulnerability and rejection. When a relationship seems secure, they make loving partners and strongly desire long-term relationships over brief flings. They make extremely nurturing parents. They enjoy interacting with their family, but value their time outside home as well.

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Orange & White
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 7
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 13, 27