Did you know Egyptians were one of the firsts in the world to play board games? They were also the first to forge peace treaties on record, use calendars, toothpaste, door locks and plow, invent eye-makeup, design world's first writing language (hieroglyphics), pop breath mints and shave and cut hair. That is right! Such was the ingenuity of the Egyptians. No wonder, in a land where greatness and accomplishment is measured by dynasties and deeds, its civilization stands revered as one of the most advanced civilizations of its times, and its countrymen, some of the most dexterous and avant-garde. From pharaohs and philosophers to singers and scientists and from architects and dentists to sculptors and physicians, Egypt has given the world some of the best exemplary men and women it has ever known. Let us explore the feats and deeds of some of world's most famous Egyptians through their timeline, trivia, and facts covered in the biographies here.
Cleopatra Cleopatra

0069 BC

Mohamed SalahMohamed Salah

15 June 1992


1342 BC

(Hebrew Religious Leader, Lawgiver, Prophet)

1391 BC

Dodi FayedDodi Fayed
(Ex-Lover of Princess Diana)

15 April 1955

Ramesses IIRamesses II
(Greatest Pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire)

1303 BC

(Sultan of Egypt)

1137 AD

Neferneferuaten NefertitiNefertiti
(Ancient Egyptian Queen)

1370 BC

(Pharoah of Egypt)

Gamal Abdel NasserGamal Abdel Nasser
(Political Leader of Egypt)

15 January 1918

Omar SharifOmar Sharif

10 April 1932

Ayman al-ZawahiriAyman al-Zawahiri

19 June 1951

Anwar SadatAnwar Sadat
(Former President of Egypt)

25 December 1918

Mohamed Al-FayedMohamed Al-Fayed
(Owner of Hôtel Ritz Paris)

27 January 1929


1508 BC

Hosni MubarakHosni Mubarak
(Former President of Egypt)

04 May 1928

Ibn KhaldunIbn Khaldun

27 May 1332


30 March 1135

Mohamed MorsiMohamed Morsi
(5th President of Egypt)

08 August 1951

Magdi YacoubMagdi Yacoub
(Heart Surgeon)

16 November 1935

Naguib Mahfouz Naguib Mahfouz

11 December 1911

Boutros Boutros-GhaliBoutros Boutros-Ghali
(Former UN Secretary General)

14 November 1922

Ankhesenamun Ankhesenamun
(Ancient Egyptian Queen)

1348 BC

Faten HamamaFaten Hamama

27 May 1931

(King of Egypt)
Mohamed ElBaradeiMohamed ElBaradei
(Former Director of IAEA & Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

17 June 1942

Ramy AshourRamy Ashour
(Squash Player)

30 September 1987

Hassan FathyHassan Fathy

23 March 1900

Dina TokioDina Tokio

06 June 1989

Magi SalahMagi Salah
(Wife of Mohamed Salah)

Rania YoussefRania Youssef

01 December 1973

Hoda KotbHoda Kotb
(Journalist, Author, Television Personality)

09 August 1964

Mohamed AttaMohamed Atta

01 September 1968


0100 AD


1356 BC


23 June 0047

Abdel Fattah el-SisiAbdel Fattah el-Sisi
(politician, military personnel)

19 November 1944



(Actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician, Model)

17 January 1933

Catherine of AlexandriaCatherine of Alexandria

0287 AD


0185 AD

Muhammad Ali of EgyptMuhammad Ali of Egypt
(Military commander)

04 March 1769

Amr DiabAmr Diab

11 October 1961

Thutmose IIIThutmose III

1481 BC

Seti ISeti I

1323 BC

Demis RoussosDemis Roussos
(Singer, Composer)

15 June 1946

Umm KulthumUmm Kulthum

18 December 1898

Farouk of EgyptFarouk of Egypt
(Politician, Coin collecting)

11 February 1920


Athanasius of AlexandriaAthanasius of Alexandria
(Patriarch of Alexandria)

0296 AD

(Singer, Songwriter)

08 July 1948

Anthony the GreatAnthony the Great

0251 AD

Sayyid QutbSayyid Qutb

09 October 1906

Zahi HawassZahi Hawass
(Egyptian archaeologist)

28 May 1947

Amenhotep IIIAmenhotep III

1411 BC

Hero of AlexandriaHero of Alexandria

0010 AD

Abu Hamza al-MasriAbu Hamza al-Masri
(Civil engineer, Engineer, Preacher)

15 April 1958

Ramesses IRamesses I
(Pharaoh, Sovereign)
Ramesses IIIRamesses III

1217 BC

Ahmose IAhmose I

Nassef SawirisNassef Sawiris
(entrepreneur, businessperson)

1961 AD

Fuad II of EgyptFuad II of Egypt

16 January 1952

Claude FrançoisClaude François
(Singer, Music executive, Composer, Songwriter)

01 February 1939


Taha HusseinTaha Hussein
(linguist, historian, translator, writer, literary critic, university teacher)

14 November 1889

Ptolemy XII AuletesPtolemy XII Auletes

0117 BC

Thutmose IThutmose I

1500 BC

Thutmose IIThutmose II

Cyril of AlexandriaCyril of Alexandria

0378 AD

Hassan al-BannaHassan al-Banna

14 October 1906

Omar Abdel-RahmanOmar Abdel-Rahman

03 May 1938