History has given us some of the most legendary men and women who have greatly contributed to our culture and heritage. And Egyptian history is more so renowned, for the country, popularly referred to as the Gift of Nile, has been the mecca of ancient discoveries and inventions. Egypt has to its credit one of the most advanced civilization of its times. They have been responsible for the breath mints we pop in today, eye makeup that we use, calendars that we refer to and toothpaste that meets our hygiene needs. Furthermore, Egypt has been the address of world’s most exemplary list of historical personalities, right from Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Ramses II, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, and so on. While Tutankhamun or King Tut as he is popularly known as, was the most king of Egypt who ascended the throne at the tender age of nine, Cleopatra’s fame of her fabled beauty and exotic allure has made her the most famous female of any ancient civilisation. She was the last ever ruler of Ancient Egypt and is best known for her affair with the then Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Dive into this segment and brush your knowledge with this pool of Egyptian historical personalities.
Cleopatra Cleopatra

0069 BC


1391 BC


1137 AD

Neferneferuaten NefertitiNefertiti

1370 BC


1508 BC


3150 BC


23 June 0047

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Ramesses IIIRamesses III

1217 BC

Farouk of EgyptFarouk of Egypt

11 February 1920

Amenhotep IIIAmenhotep III

1411 BC

Ahmose IAhmose I

Fuad II of EgyptFuad II of Egypt

16 January 1952


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Ptolemy II PhiladelphusPtolemy II Philadelphus

0309 BC

Fuad I of EgyptFuad I of Egypt

26 March 1868

Ptolemy XII AuletesPtolemy XII Auletes

0117 BC

Thutmose IIThutmose II

Necho IINecho II

0610 BC

Ptolemy V EpiphanesPtolemy V Epiphanes

0210 BC

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Ptolemy VIII PhysconPtolemy VIII Physcon

0182 BC

Amenemhat IIIAmenemhat III

1860 BC




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Ptolemy IV PhilopatorPtolemy IV Philopator

0244 BC

Cleopatra II of EgyptCleopatra II of Egypt

0185 BC

Cleopatra III of EgyptCleopatra III of Egypt

0160 BC

Ptolemy IX LathyrosPtolemy IX Lathyros

0142 BC

Pepi I MeryrePepi I Meryre

2350 BC


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Cleopatra VII of EgyptCleopatra VII of Egypt

0069 BC


2950 BC

Ptolemy XI Alexander IIPtolemy XI Alexander II

Arsinoe III of EgyptArsinoe III of Egypt

0246 BC

Cleopatra I of EgyptCleopatra I of Egypt

0205 BC

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Berenice IIBerenice II

25 December 0267

Arsinoe II of EgyptArsinoe II of Egypt

0316 BC


2550 BC