Died On August 5th

Discover the most famous people who died on August 5. The list includes people like Marilyn Monroe, Alec Guinness, Richard Burton, Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian), Victoria, Princess Royal. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, philosophers and composers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & India and many more countries.

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
01 June 1926, American
Richard BurtonRichard Burton
10 November 1925, Welsh

Alec GuinnessAlec Guinness
02 April 1914, British

Toni MorrisonToni Morrison
18 February 1931, American

Victoria, Princess RoyalVictoria, Princess Royal
21 November 1840, British
Empress of Germany

Friedrich EngelsFriedrich Engels
28 November 1820, German
Paul BrownPaul Brown
07 September 1908, American
American Football Coach

Charlotte RaeCharlotte Rae
22 April 1926, American

Francis PegahmagabowFrancis Pegahmagabow
08 March 1889, Canadian

Josh Ryan EvansJosh Ryan Evans
10 January 1982, American
Millicent FawcettMillicent Fawcett
11 June 1847, British

Thomas NewcomenThomas Newcomen
31 January 1664, British
Inventor of Atmospheric Steam Engine
Gopinath BordoloiGopinath Bordoloi
06 June 1890, Indian
First Chief Minister of Assam, India

Heinrich Otto WielandHeinrich Otto Wieland
04 June 1877, German
Father of Biochemistry

Lord NorthLord North
13 April 1732, British
Eugen SuchoňEugen Suchoň
25 September 1908, Slovak

Aziz ShavershianZyzz (Aziz Shavershian)
24 March 1989, Australian, Thai, Russian
Body Builder, Internet Personality
Manuel Ortiz GuerreroManuel Ortiz Guerrero
16 July 1897, Paraguayan

George ColeGeorge Cole
22 April 1925, British

Aaron Jean-Marie LustigerAaron Jean-Marie Lustiger
17 September 1926, French
French cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
Jeff PorcaroJeff Porcaro
01 April 1954, American
Drummer, Jazz musician

Carmen MirandaCarmen Miranda
09 February 1909, Brazilian, Portuguese
Actor, Singer, Dancer
Chick HearnChick Hearn
27 November 1916, American

Philip SheridanPhilip Sheridan
06 March 1831, American
Officer, Politician

Soichiro HondaSoichiro Honda
17 November 1906, Japanese

George DukeGeorge Duke
12 January 1946, American
Janusz KorczakJanusz Korczak
22 July 1878, Polish
Educationist, Pediatrician, Children's writer
Francesco QuinnFrancesco Quinn
22 March 1963, Italian, American
Actor, Television actor

Frederick North, Lord NorthFrederick North, Lord North
13 April 1732, British
Prime Minister of Great Britain

Chavela VargasChavela Vargas
17 April 1919, Mexican

Lala AmarnathLala Amarnath
11 September 1911, Indian
Peter MinuitPeter Minuit
1580 AD, Dutch, American
Colonial Governor

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Todor ZhivkovTodor Zhivkov
07 September 1911, Bulgarian

Jean-Marie LustigerJean-Marie Lustiger
17 September 1926, French
Theologian, Writer, Catholic priest

Otto KretschmerOtto Kretschmer
01 May 1912, German
Soldier, Submariner

Robert MuldoonRobert Muldoon
25 September 1921, New Zealander
Richard Howe, 1st Earl HoweRichard Howe, 1st Earl Howe
08 March 1726
Military personnel, Politician

Jerzy NeymanJerzy Neyman
16 April 1894, Polish
Mathematician, Philosopher, Statistician
Frederick CookFrederick Cook
10 June 1865, American
Explorer, Physician

John WillieJohn Willie
09 December 1902, British
Photographer, Illustrator, Screenwriter

Arthur MeighenArthur Meighen
16 June 1874, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Ruth AsawaRuth Asawa
24 January 1926, American

Wilhelm MarxWilhelm Marx
15 January 1863, German
Politician, Judge
Agha Hasan AbediAgha Hasan Abedi
14 May 1922, Pakistani
Financier, Banker

Louis III of FranceLouis III of France
0860 AD, French

Susan ButcherSusan Butcher
26 December 1954, American

Baitullah MehsudBaitullah Mehsud
1974 AD, Pakistani

George ButterworthGeorge Butterworth
12 July 1885, British
Composer, Musicologist
Clive CaldwellClive Caldwell
28 July 1910, Australian
Aviator, Military personnel

Yoshiki SasaiYoshiki Sasai
05 March 1962, Japanese
Biologist, University teacher, Physician

Gerald CohenGerald Cohen
14 April 1941, Canadian
Philosopher, University teacher

Ernst ZundelErnst Zundel
24 April 1939, German
Edgar Albert GuestEdgar Albert Guest
20 August 1881, American

James PierpontJames Pierpont
25 April 1822, American
composer, lyricist, songwriter