Famous People Who Died At 83

The list of famous people who died at 83 includes Charles Manson, J. Paul Getty, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Newman, Sigmund Freud. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, actors and artists and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 83 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Charles MansonCharles Manson
12 November 1934, American
Criminal and Murderer
Omar KhayyamOmar Khayyam
18 May 1048, Iranian, Persian

Paul NewmanPaul Newman
26 January 1925, American

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson
13 April 1743, American
Political Philosopher & the third President of

Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud
06 May 1856, Austrian
Neurologist, Psychiatrist

Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
26 March 1931, American
Actor, Author, Film Director
Henry FordHenry Ford
30 July 1863, American

Victor HugoVictor Hugo
26 February 1802, French
Author & Poet

Haile SelassieHaile Selassie
23 July 1892, Ethiopian
Former Emperor of Ethiopia

J. Paul GettyJ. Paul Getty
15 December 1892, British, American
Ted WilliamsTed Williams
30 August 1918, American
Baseball Player

Otto von BismarckOtto von Bismarck
01 April 1815, German
German Statesman
Sai Baba of ShirdiSai Baba of Shirdi
28 September 1835, Indian
Spiritual Guru

Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie
25 November 1835, American, Scottish
Industrialist, Businessman, Entrepreneur and a

21 November 1694, French
P. V. Narasimha RaoP. V. Narasimha Rao
28 June 1921, Indian
Prime Minister of India

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonArthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
01 May 1769, British
Former First Lord of the Treasury of the United
Omar SharifOmar Sharif
10 April 1932, Egyptian

Paul ReverePaul Revere
01 January 1735, American

Samuel BeckettSamuel Beckett
13 April 1906, Irish
Novelist, Playwright, Theater Director
Ginger RogersGinger Rogers
16 July 1911, American
American actress

William S. BurroughsWilliam S. Burroughs
05 February 1914, American
Novelist, Short Story Writer
Peter GravesPeter Graves
18 March 1926, American

Jack KevorkianJack Kevorkian
26 May 1928, American
American pathologist

Justinian IJustinian I
0482 AD, Macedonian
Byzantine Emperor

Manuel NoriegaManuel Noriega
11 February 1934, Panamanian
Former Panamanian Dictator
Mike NicholsMike Nichols
06 November 1931, American
Film Director, Theater Director, Film Producer
Brett SomersBrett Somers
11 July 1924, Canadian
Actress, Singer

Aaron SpellingAaron Spelling
22 April 1923, American
Film and television producer

James WattJames Watt
19 January 1736, Scottish
Inventor of Steam Engine

Edgar DegasEdgar Degas
19 July 1834, French
Impressionist Painter
Shakuntala DeviShakuntala Devi
04 November 1929, Indian
Human Computer

Herbert SpencerHerbert Spencer
27 April 1820, British

Earl WarrenEarl Warren
19 March 1891, American

J J ThompsonJ. J. Thomson
18 December 1856, British
Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

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Spike MilliganSpike Milligan
16 April 1918, Irish, Indian, British
Ludwig Mies van der RoheLudwig Mies van der Rohe
27 March 1886, German

Dana AndrewsDana Andrews
01 January 1909, American
Martin MilnerMartin Milner
28 December 1931, American

Harry CarayHarry Caray
01 March 1914, American

John JayJohn Jay
12 December 1745, American
First Chief Justice of the United States
Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-PowellRobert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell
22 February 1857, British
Founder of the Scout Movement

A.P.J. Abdul KalamA.P.J. Abdul Kalam
15 October 1931, Indian
Former President of India
george gurdjieffGeorge Gurdjieff
01 January 1866, Armenian
Spiritual Teacher

Amar BoseAmar Bose
02 November 1929, American
Electrical Engineer and Sound Engineer

John McIntireJohn McIntire
27 June 1907, American

Betty FriedanBetty Friedan
04 February 1921, American
Feminist, Writer

Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
07 May 1922, American
Maximilian SchellMaximilian Schell
08 December 1930, Swiss
Actor, Director

Edith HeadEdith Head
28 October 1897, American
Costume Designer

Robert MenziesRobert Menzies
20 December 1894, Australian
12th Prime Minister of Australia

William HerschelWilliam Herschel
15 November 1738, German, British
Astronomer, Composer
Sir David LeanDavid Lean
25 March 1908, British
Film Director, Producer & Screenwater

Dorothy DayDorothy Day
08 November 1897, American
Soupy SalesSoupy Sales
08 January 1926, American

Ernie BanksErnie Banks
31 January 1931, American
Baseball Player

Ann WedgeworthAnn Wedgeworth
21 January 1934, American
Dean SmithDean Smith
28 February 1931, American
Basketball Coach

Mary Kay AshMary Kay Ash
12 May 1918, American
Stepin FetchitStepin Fetchit
30 May 1902, American

James RooseveltJames Roosevelt
23 December 1907, American
United States Congressman, US Military Officer,

George CukorGeorge Cukor
07 July 1899, American
Film Director
Cy TwomblyCy Twombly
25 April 1928, American
Praemium Imperiale

Diana VreelandDiana Vreeland
29 July 1906, American
Magazine editor, fashion journalist and special
Maurice ChevalierMaurice Chevalier
12 September 1888, French
Actor, Singer

Frances ClevelandFrances Cleveland
21 July 1864, American
Former First Lady of the United States

0372 BC, Chinese

Joseph L. MankiewiczJoseph L. Mankiewicz
11 February 1909, American
Writer, Director, Producer
Carlos MarcelloCarlos Marcello
06 February 1910, American
Boss of New Orleans crime family
George BlandaGeorge Blanda
17 September 1927, American
American Football Player

Faten HamamaFaten Hamama
27 May 1931, Egyptian

William HeirensWilliam Heirens
15 November 1928, American
Serial Killer

Helmut NewtonHelmut Newton
31 October 1920, Australian, German
Fashion Photographer
Cordell HullCordell Hull
02 October 1871, American
Secretary of State, USA

Gwendolyn BrooksGwendolyn Brooks
07 June 1917, American

Gary BeckerGary Becker
02 December 1930, American

Carlos FuentesCarlos Fuentes
11 November 1928, Mexican
Mexican novelist

William boothWilliam Booth
10 April 1829, British
Founder of the Salvation Army, Preacher
William Cullen BryantWilliam Cullen Bryant
03 November 1794, American
Romantic Poet

Lord KelvinLord Kelvin
26 June 1824, British
Mathematician, Physicist
Juan Manuel de RosasJuan Manuel de Rosas
30 March 1793, Argentinian
Dictator of Argentina

Sir George Stokes, 1st BaronetSir George Stokes, 1st Baronet
13 August 1819, British

Ivan BuninIvan Bunin
22 October 1870, Russian
George CadburyGeorge Cadbury
19 September 1839, British

George Paget ThomsonGeorge Paget Thomson
03 May 1892, British
Johannes StarkJohannes Stark
15 April 1874, German
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

George W NorrisGeorge W. Norris
11 July 1861, American
Former US Senator

Robert Treat PaineRobert Treat Paine
11 March 1731, American
Former Massachusetts Attorney General

Sven Vilhem NykvistSven Nykvist
03 December 1922, Swedish
William Morris DavisWilliam Morris Davis
12 February 1850, American
Geographer, Geologist, Meteorologist

Alfred Lord TennysonAlfred Lord Tennyson
05 August 1809, British
Tyeb MehtaTyeb Mehta
25 July 1925, Indian
Indian painter

William Alfred FowlerWilliam Alfred Fowler
09 August 1911, American
Nuclear Physicist and Astrophysicist

Enrique BolañosEnrique Bolaños
13 May 1928, Nicaraguan
Former President of Nicaragua

Georges BidaultGeorges Bidault
05 October 1899, French
French Politician
Henry KosterHenry Koster
01 May 1905, German, American
Director, Producer