Famous People Who Died At 77

The list of famous people who died at 77 includes Ted Kennedy, Galileo Galilei, Ed Gein, Lucille Ball, Nikita Khrushchev. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, poets and physicists and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 77 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Lucille BallLucille Ball
06 August 1911, American
Comedienne, Actress
Henry FondaHenry Fonda
16 May 1905, American

Ed GeinEd Gein
27 August 1906, American

Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564, Italian
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel

J. Edgar HooverJ. Edgar Hoover
01 January 1895, American
First Director of FBI

Ted KennedyTed Kennedy
22 February 1932, American
Former US Senator
Nikita KhrushchevNikita Khrushchev
15 April 1894, Russian, Russian
Prime Minister of Soviet Union

Ayn RandAyn Rand
02 February 1905, American, Russian
Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Developer of a

Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass
01 February 1818, American
American orator

John Hurt John Hurt
22 January 1940, British
James BuchananJames Buchanan
23 April 1791, American
15th U.S. President

Spiro AgnewSpiro Agnew
09 November 1918, American
39th Vice President of the United States
Richard Benjamin HarrisonRichard Benjamin Harrison
04 March 1941, American
Businessman, TV Personality

Janet Leigh Janet Leigh
06 July 1927, American

Niels BohrNiels Bohr
07 October 1885, Danish
Nobel Prize Winning Physicist
Jules VerneJules Verne
08 February 1828, French

Ibn SaudIbn Saud
15 January 1876, Saudi Arabian
Georgy ZhukovGeorgy Zhukov
01 December 1896, Russian
Military Commander

Le CorbusierLe Corbusier
06 October 1887, Swiss, French

Rod SteigerRod Steiger
14 April 1925, American
Joseph HaydnJoseph Haydn
31 March 1732, Austrian

Wassily KandinskyWassily Kandinsky
16 December 1866, Russian
Dinah ShoreDinah Shore
29 February 1916, American

Elijah MuhammadElijah Muhammad
07 October 1897, American
Religious Leader

John DaltonJohn Dalton
06 September 1766, British

Moe HowardMoe Howard
19 June 1897, American
Celia CruzCelia Cruz
21 October 1925, American
Jonathan SwiftJonathan Swift
30 November 1667, Irish
Author and Satirist

Klaus BarbieKlaus Barbie
25 October 1913, German
Nazi Leader

Beatrix PotterBeatrix Potter
28 July 1866, British

Henry A. WallaceHenry A. Wallace
07 October 1888, American
33rd Vice President of the U.S.A.
Paul RobesonPaul Robeson
09 April 1898, American
Singer, Actor & Civil Rights Activist

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Denver PyleDenver Pyle
11 May 1920, American

Charles M. Schulz Charles M. Schulz
26 November 1922, American

Cecil Blount DeMilleCecil B. DeMille
12 August 1881, American
Film Director, Producer

Auguste RodinAuguste Rodin
12 November 1840, French
Howard CosellHoward Cosell
25 March 1918, American

Kazi Nazrul IslamKazi Nazrul Islam
24 May 1899, Bangladeshi, Indian
National Poet of Bangladesh
Benny GoodmanBenny Goodman
30 May 1909, American
Bandleader and clarinetist

Alex KarrasAlex Karras
15 July 1935, American
American Football Player

Robert BrowningRobert Browning
07 May 1812, British
Poet & Playwright
Richard RodgersRichard Rodgers
28 June 1902, American
Composer, songwriter, playwright

Jack LordJack Lord
30 December 1920, American
Television actor
Claude RainsClaude Rains
10 November 1889, British

Jacques-Louis DavidJacques-Louis David
30 August 1748, French
Neoclassical Style Painter

Jack BuckJack Buck
21 August 1924, American

Pierre-Simon LaplacePierre-Simon Laplace
23 March 1749, French

John Philip SousaJohn Philip Sousa
06 November 1854, American
Conductor, Composer
Fredric MarchFredric March
31 August 1897, American

Mary Ann MobleyMary Ann Mobley
17 February 1937, American

V P SinghV. P. Singh
25 June 1931, Indian
Eighth Prime Minister of India

George EastmanGeorge Eastman
12 July 1854, American
Inventor of Roll Film
Harry WarnerHarry Warner
12 December 1881, American

Janet GaynorJanet Gaynor
06 October 1906, American
Luis Walter AlvarezLuis Walter Alvarez
13 June 1911, American

Arthur KoestlerArthur Koestler
05 September 1905, Hungarian, British

Ferdinand FochFerdinand Foch
02 October 1851, French
Leo PennLeo Penn
27 August 1921, American

Dick CusackDick Cusack
29 August 1925, American
Chaim WeizmannChaim Weizmann
27 November 1874, British
Former President of Israel

Charles M. SchwabCharles M. Schwab
18 February 1862, American
American Steel Magnate & Businessman

David CanaryDavid Canary
25 August 1938, American
John Richard SchlesingerJohn Schlesinger
16 February 1926, British
Film Director

Jerry WeintraubJerry Weintraub
26 September 1937, American
Robert BlochRobert Bloch
05 April 1917, American
Novelist, Short-story Writer

Léon BlumLéon Blum
09 April 1872, French
Former Prime Minister of France

Edward VIII of the United KingdomEdward VIII of the United Kingdom
23 June 1894, British
King of United Kingdom

Joseph BanksJoseph Banks
24 February 1743, British
Marie StopesMarie Stopes
15 October 1880, British
Paleobotanist & Women’s Rights Activists
Charles LyellCharles Lyell
14 November 1797, British

Henry Fox TalbotHenry Fox Talbot
11 February 1800, British

William CaxtonWilliam Caxton
1415 AD, British
First person to introduce a printing press into

0936 AD, Spanish
Physician, Surgeon
Thomas TelfordThomas Telford
09 August 1757, Scottish
Civil Engineer

A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman
26 March 1859, British

Annie Jump CannonAnnie Jump Cannon
11 December 1863, American

Benjamin LincolnBenjamin Lincoln
24 January 1733, American

John Singleton CopleyJohn Singleton Copley
1738 AD, American
Anglo-American painter
James J. HillJames J. Hill
16 September 1838, Canadian, American
Canadian-American railroad executive, Businessman

Amy BeachAmy Beach
05 September 1867, American
Pianist, Music Composer
John BrightJohn Bright
16 November 1811, British
British Radical and Liberal Politician

Giuseppe TartiniGiuseppe Tartini
08 April 1692, Italian

Luciano BerioLuciano Berio
24 October 1925, Italian
Italian composer
Ragnar FrischRagnar Frisch
03 March 1895, Norwegian

Dallas WillardDallas Willard
04 September 1935, American
Felix BlochFelix Bloch
23 October 1905, Swiss

Henry Ossawa TannerHenry Ossawa Tanner
21 June 1859, American

Abbas Ibn FirnasAbbas Ibn Firnas
0810 AD, Spanish

Alfred NoyesAlfred Noyes
16 September 1880, British
Albert, Duke of PrussiaAlbert, Duke of Prussia
17 May 1490, German
The First Monarch of the Duchy of Prussia

John RayJohn Ray
29 November 1627, British
Granville SharpGranville Sharp
10 November 1735, British

Walther NernstWalther Nernst
25 June 1864, German
Physicist and Chemist
Joseph Louis LagrangeJoseph Louis Lagrange
25 January 1736, French, Italian
Mathematician and Astronomer

Kenneth Geddes WilsonKenneth G. Wilson
08 June 1936, American
Fritz ZernikeFrits Zernike
16 July 1888, Dutch