Denmark has cemented its position among world’s top countries. And going by the gamut of its beauty and brains, it is not hard to see why. That is true! Denmark has come a long, long way from the time Danish Vikings hit the seas and ravaged most of Europe. Today, the country captures global imagination with its progressive politics, breathtaking architecture, free University education, and not to forget, its lip-smacking pastries. No wonder, the Danes are among the happiest in the world and are an inspiration to many. There is no denying the range of impact the Danes have asserted over the world. Their contribution to global entertainment, literature, art, science, and culture has been gargantuan. From the creator of Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen to Hollywood heartthrob Scarlett Johansson, the Danish have stamped their greatness in diverse genres and how. Explore the lives and deeds of famous Danish people in their timeline, trivia, and facts below and get ready to be clearly inspired. And yes, these biographies are worth a read.
Nikolaj Coster-WaldauNikolaj Coster-Waldau
(Actor, Screenwriter, Producer)

27 July 1970

Sandi ToksvigSandi Toksvig
(Comedian, Writer)

03 May 1958

Lars UlrichLars Ulrich

26 December 1963

Helena ChristensenHelena Christensen
(Danish photographer)

25 December 1968

Lars von TrierLars von Trier

30 April 1956

Christian EriksenChristian Eriksen
(Football Player)

14 February 1992

Niels BohrNiels Bohr
(Nobel Prize Winning Physicist)

07 October 1885

Sigurd Snake-in-the-EyeSigurd Snake-in-the-Eye
(Viking Warrior)

Lili ElbeLili Elbe
(One of the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery)

28 December 1882

Tycho BraheTycho Brahe

14 December 1546

Lukas ForchhammerLukas Forchhammer
(Singer, actor, songwriter)

18 September 1988

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Nina AgdalNina Agdal

26 March 1992

Peter FreuchenPeter Freuchen

02 February 1886

Nicklas BendtnerNicklas Bendtner

16 January 1998

King DiamondKing Diamond
(Heavy Metal Musician)

14 June 1956

Victor BorgeVictor Borge
(American-Danish comedian)

03 January 1909

Josephine SkriverJosephine Skriver

14 April 1993

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Stephanie CorneliussenStephanie Corneliussen
(Actress & Model)

28 April 1987

Prince PhilipPrince Philip
(Prince consort)

10 June 1921

Dieterich BuxtehudeDieterich Buxtehude
(Musical Composer and Organist)

24 June 1637

Sarah BroSarah Bro

04 March 1996

Aage Niels BohrAage Bohr

19 June 1922

Oscar RosenstroemOscar Rosenstroem
(TikTok ( star)

14 March 2002

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Camilla DallerupCamilla Dallerup
(Ballroom Dancer)

06 April 1974

Mia SandMia Sand
(Fitness Model)

11 October 1987

Inge LehmannInge Lehmann
(Seismologist, Geophysicist)

13 May 1888

Kristina TholstrupKristina Tholstrup
(Socialite, Wife of Late Roger Moore)

1941 AD

Niels Ryberg FinsenNiels Ryberg Finsen

15 December 1860

Michael AncherMichael Ancher

09 June 1849

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Anna AncherAnna Ancher

18 August 1859

August KroghAugust Krogh

15 November 1874


12 December 1994

Ben Roy MottelsonBen Roy Mottelson

09 July 1926

Soren KierkegaardSoren Kierkegaard
(Philosopher, Theologian & Religious Author)

05 May 1813

Henrik DamHenrik Dam

21 February 1895

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Alex HolttiAlex Holtti
(Viner, YouTuber)

01 September 1994

Hans Christian ØrstedHans Christian Ørsted

14 August 1777

Thea KornumThea Kornum

22 April 1998

Benjamin LasnierBenjamin Lasnier
(Singer, Social Media Star)

02 April 1999

William Christopher ZeiseWilliam Christopher Zeise
(Organic Chemist)

15 October 1789

Signe HansenSigne Hansen
(Digital Artist)

19 April 1995

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Elvira LindElvira Lind
(Film Producer)

1981 AD

Jens C SkouJens C Skou
(Nobel Laureate in Chemistry)

08 October 1918

Fie LaursenFie Laursen

03 July 1996

Hanne JacobsenHanne Jacobsen

13 January 1961

Mads MikkelsenMads Mikkelsen

22 November 1965

Brigitte NielsenBrigitte Nielsen
(Actor, Model, Singer, Television presenter)

15 July 1963

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Connie NielsenConnie Nielsen
(Television actor, Actor, Model)

03 July 1965

Caroline WozniackiCaroline Wozniacki
(Tennis player)

11 July 1990

Caroline WozniackiCaroline Wozniacki
(Tennis player)

11 July 1990

Søren KierkegaardSøren Kierkegaard
(Philosopher, Theologian, Poet, Writer, Novelist, Literary critic)

05 May 1813

Prince George of DenmarkPrince George of Denmark
(prince consort)

02 April 1653

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Peter SchmeichelPeter Schmeichel

18 November 1963

Susanne BierSusanne Bier
(Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter)

15 April 1960

Mary, Crown Princess of DenmarkMary, Crown Princess of Denmark

05 February 1972

Kasper SchmeichelKasper Schmeichel

05 November 1986

Christian IX of DenmarkChristian IX of Denmark

08 April 1818

Frederik, Crown Prince of DenmarkFrederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

26 May 1968

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Lasse SchöneLasse Schöne
(Danish footballer)

27 May 1986

Michael LaudrupMichael Laudrup
(Danish footballer)

15 June 1964

Nicolas Winding RefnNicolas Winding Refn
(Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer)

29 September 1970

Anne of DenmarkAnne of Denmark

12 December 1574

Karen BlixenKaren Blixen
(Writer, Autobiographer)

17 April 1885

Emilie UllerupEmilie Ullerup
(Actor, Film actor)

27 October 1984

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Kasper DolbergKasper Dolberg
(Danish footballer)

06 October 1997

Bjarne StroustrupBjarne Stroustrup
(Computer scientist, Engineer, Scientist, Programmer, Writer, University teacher)

30 December 1950

Andreas ChristensenAndreas Christensen
(Danish footballer)

10 April 1996

Christian X of DenmarkChristian X of Denmark

26 September 1870

Daniel AggerDaniel Agger
(Danish footballer)

12 December 1984

Kim BodniaKim Bodnia
(Actor, Stage actor, Screenwriter)

12 April 1965

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Sidse Babett KnudsenSidse Babett Knudsen

22 November 1968

Thomas GravesenThomas Gravesen

11 March 1976

Hjalmar SchachtHjalmar Schacht
(Economist, Banker, Politician)

22 January 1877