Famous People From Denmark
Denmark is today recognized as a frontrunner in several areas of technology and research. The Danish have a long history of scientific and technological achievements. Hans Christian Ørsted, the physicist who discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields, was a Dane whose discoveries shaped advances in science throughout the late 19th century. His protégé William Christopher Zeise became an early proponent of organic chemistry and performed pioneering studies in organosulfur chemistry, discovering the xanthates. Another Danish scientist who made revolutionary contributions to the development of technology was physicist Niels Bohr who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory. Inge Lehmann, a seismologist who discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core became the first woman to receive the William Bowie Medal. Danish scientists have made significant contributions to various scientific fields and the country has produced Nobel laureates such as Niels Ryberg Finsen, Jens Christian Skou, and Henrik Dam. Schack August Steenberg Krogh, a pioneer in comparative studies on animals, became famous for developing the Krogh Principle. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Danish scientists.
Niels BohrNiels Bohr
07 October 1885
Nobel Prize Winning Physicist
Tycho BraheTycho Brahe
14 December 1546

Aage Niels BohrAage Bohr
19 June 1922

Inge LehmannInge Lehmann
13 May 1888
Seismologist, Geophysicist

Niels Ryberg FinsenNiels Ryberg Finsen
15 December 1860

August KroghAugust Krogh
15 November 1874
Ben Roy MottelsonBen Roy Mottelson
09 July 1926

Henrik DamHenrik Dam
21 February 1895

Hans Christian ØrstedHans Christian Ørsted
14 August 1777

William Christopher ZeiseWilliam Christopher Zeise
15 October 1789
Organic Chemist
Jens C SkouJens C Skou
08 October 1918
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Mary, Crown Princess of DenmarkMary, Crown Princess of Denmark
05 February 1972
Bjarne StroustrupBjarne Stroustrup
30 December 1950
Computer scientist, Engineer, Scientist,

Rasmus LerdorfRasmus Lerdorf
22 November 1968

Ole RømerOle Rømer
25 September 1644
Astronomer, Physicist, Scientist, University
Nicolas StenoNicolas Steno
11 January 1638
anatomist, paleontologist, priest, cleric,

Agner Krarup ErlangAgner Krarup Erlang
01 January 1878
Mathematician, Engineer, Statistician
Lene HauLene Hau
13 November 1959
Physicist, University teacher

Peter NaurPeter Naur
25 October 1928
Danish astronomer

Hans Christian GramHans Christian Gram
13 September 1853
Physician, Bacteriologist, University teacher,
Johan Christian FabriciusJohan Christian Fabricius
07 January 1745
Danish entomologist

Ejnar HertzsprungEjnar Hertzsprung
08 October 1873
Niels Henrik David BohrNiels Henrik David Bohr
07 October 1885