Famous People Born In 1925

Discover the most famous people born in 1925. The list includes people like Yogi Berra, Margaret Thatcher, Malcolm X, Paul Newman, Idi Amin and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, novelists, composers and journalists born in 1925. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & India and many more countries.

Gwen VerdonGwen Verdon
13th January, American
Malcolm XMalcolm X
19th May, American

Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher
13th October, British
Only Woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Paul NewmanPaul Newman
26th January, American

Dick Van DykeDick Van Dyke
13th December, American

Audie MurphyAudie Murphy
20th June, American
Angela LansburyAngela Lansbury
16th October, British

Robert F. KennedyRobert F. Kennedy
20th November, American
Brother of President John F. Kennedy

Rock HudsonRock Hudson
17th November, American

Idi AminIdi Amin
30th November, Ugandan
John William CarsonJohnny Carson
23rd October, American
Television Host

Peter SellersPeter Sellers
8th September, British
Pol PotPol Pot
19th May, Cambodian
Dictator, War Criminal

Richard BurtonRichard Burton
10th November, Welsh

Sammy Davis Jr.Sammy Davis Jr.
8th December, American
Lenny BruceLenny Bruce
13th October, American
Standup Comedian

Tony CurtisTony Curtis
3rd June, American
Film actor
Mahathir MohamadMahathir Mohamad
10th July, Malaysian
Prime Minister of Malaysia

Jack LemmonJack Lemmon
8th February, American
American actor

Gore VidalGore Vidal
3rd October, American
B.B. KingB.B. King
16th September, American

Lee Van CleefLee Van Cleef
9th January, American
Barbara BushBarbara Bush
8th June, American
Former First Lady of the U.S

Hal HolbrookHal Holbrook
17th February, American

Yogi BerraYogi Berra
12th May, American
Baseball Player

Yukio MishimaYukio Mishima
14th January, Japanese
Medgar EversMedgar Evers
2nd July, American
Celia CruzCelia Cruz
21st October, American

Merv GriffinMerv Griffin
6th July, American
TV Host

Marty RobbinsMarty Robbins
26th September, American
Country Singer

Jonathan WintersJonathan Winters
11th November, American
Comedian, Actor
Patrice LumumbaPatrice Lumumba
2nd July, Congolese
Political leader

Rod SteigerRod Steiger
14th April, American

June LockhartJune Lockhart
25th June, American

Robert AltmanRobert Altman
20th February, American
Film Director

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Tony BennTony Benn
3rd April, British
Former British Politician
Carlos CastanedaCarlos Castaneda
25th December, American

Guru DuttGuru Dutt
9th July, Indian
Actor, Producer, Director, Choreographer
Albert BanduraAlbert Bandura
4th December, Canadian, American

Lee GrantLee Grant
31st October, American

M. S. SwaminathanM. S. Swaminathan
7th August, Indian
Agricultural Scientist
Robert RauschenbergRobert Rauschenberg
22nd October, American

Oscar PetersonOscar Peterson
15th August, Canadian
Jazz Pianist
Eric FlemingEric Fleming
4th July, American

Maureen StapletonMaureen Stapleton
21st June, American
American actress

Jeanne CrainJeanne Crain
25th May, American

Johnny StompanatoJohnny Stompanato
10th October, American
Bodyguard of Mickey Cohen

Dick CusackDick Cusack
29th August, American
Edward GoreyEdward Gorey
22nd February, American

Viola LiuzzoViola Liuzzo
11th April, American
Civil Rights Activist

Laura Ashley Laura Ashley
7th September, Welsh
Founder of 'Laura Ashley' Brand

Luciano BerioLuciano Berio
24th October, Italian
Italian composer
Ted LernerTed Lerner
15th October, American
Real Estate Developer

José Napoleón DuarteJosé Napoleón Duarte
23rd November, Salvadoran
Salvadoran Political figure
Joshua LederbergJoshua Lederberg
23rd May, American

William GlasserWilliam Glasser
11th May, American
Developer of reality therapy and choice theory

Jacques VergèsJacques Vergès
5th March, French
Robert CormierRobert Cormier
17th January, American
American author

Ernesto CardenalErnesto Cardenal
20th January, Nicaraguan
Poet, Revolutionary, Politician, Priest
Tyeb MehtaTyeb Mehta
25th July, Indian
Indian painter

Baruch Samuel BlumbergBaruch Samuel Blumberg
28th July, American
Physician, Geneticist

Jiro OnoJiro Ono
27th October, Japanese
Simon van der MeerSimon van der Meer
24th November, Dutch

Martin Rodbell Martin Rodbell
1st December, American
Julie Harris Julie Harris
2nd December, American

John AltoonJohn Altoon
5th November, American

Alija IzetbegovicAlija Izetbegovic
8th August, Bosnian
Political Activist, First President of Bosnia &

John A PopleJohn A Pople
31st October, British
Sammy Davis Jr.Sammy Davis Jr.
8th December, American
American singer
Doris RobertsDoris Roberts
4th November, American
stage actor, film actor, television actor

John ListJohn List
17th September, American

Gilles DeleuzeGilles Deleuze
18th January, French
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, University

Ananda MahidolAnanda Mahidol
20th September, German, Thai
Sam PeckinpahSam Peckinpah
30th November, American
Film Actor, Director

Elaine StritchElaine Stritch
2nd February, American
Theater Actress

Mel TorméMel Tormé
13th September, American
Actor, Singer, Composer, Novelist, Songwriter,

Elmore LeonardElmore Leonard
11th October, American
screenwriter, writer, novelist, film producer

Johnny HortonJohnny Horton
30th April, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Dominick DunneDominick Dunne
30th November
Author, Journalist, Producer, Television

Katherine MacGregorKatherine MacGregor
30th November, American
Television Actress
Milton OboteMilton Obote
28th December, Ugandan
Former Prime Minister of Uganda

Roscoe Lee BrowneRoscoe Lee Browne
2nd May, American

John FiedlerJohn Fiedler
3rd February, American
Actor, Dub actor, Stage actor, Television actor
Alexander ShulginAlexander Shulgin
17th June, American
Biochemist, Pharmacologist, Chemist

Bill HaleyBill Haley
6th July, American
Singer, bandleader, conductor,yodeler
Scott CarpenterScott Carpenter
1st May, American
Test pilot, Aquanaut, Astronaut, Autobiographer,

Douglas EngelbartDouglas Engelbart
30th January, American
American engineer

Jorge Rafael VidelaJorge Rafael Videla
2nd August, Argentinian

Surinder KapoorSurinder Kapoor
23rd December, Indian
Film producer
Anastasio Somoza DebayleAnastasio Somoza Debayle
5th December, Nicaraguan

Pierre BoulezPierre Boulez
26th March, French
Conductor, Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist,
Andrea CamilleriAndrea Camilleri
6th September, Italian
Writer, Screenwriter

Ernie WiseErnie Wise
27th November, British
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter

Edgar RosenbergEdgar Rosenberg
30th November, German
Film producer

William StyronWilliam Styron
11th June, American
military personnel, novelist, autobiographer,
Shelley BermanShelley Berman
3rd February, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Teacher, Writer, Television