Famous People Born In 1899

Discover the most famous people born in 1899. The list includes people like Ernest Hemingway, Al Capone, Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, novelists, poets and soldiers born in 1899. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Al CaponeAl Capone
17th January, American
Ernest HemingwayErnest Hemingway
21st July, American

Humphrey BogartHumphrey Bogart
25th December, American

Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock
13th August, British
Film Director and Producer

P L TraversP. L. Travers
9th August, Australian
Writer & Journalist

Fred AstaireFred Astaire
10th May, American
Lavrentiy BeriaLavrentiy Beria
29th March, Georgian

James CagneyJames Cagney
17th July, American
Actor, Dancer

Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
29th April, American
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader

Vladimir NabokovVladimir Nabokov
22nd April, Swiss, American, Russian
Jorge Luis BorgesJorge Luis Borges
24th August, Argentinian

Gloria SwansonGloria Swanson
27th March, American
Charles LaughtonCharles Laughton
1st July, British, American

Kazi Nazrul IslamKazi Nazrul Islam
24th May, Bangladeshi, Indian
National Poet of Bangladesh

Emma MoranoEmma Morano
29th November, Italian
E. B. WhiteE. B. White
11th July, American

Charles BoyerCharles Boyer
28th August, French
George CukorGeorge Cukor
7th July, American
Film Director

Francis PoulencFrancis Poulenc
7th January, French

Iskander MirzaIskander Mirza
15th November, Pakistani
Former President of Pakistan
C. S. ForesterC. S. Forester
27th August, British

Jean MoulinJean Moulin
20th June, French
An Emblem of the Resistance
Percy Lavon JulianPercy Lavon Julian
11th April, American

James Wong Howe James Wong Howe
28th August, Chinese

Alfred BlalockAlfred Blalock
5th April, American

9th September, French, Hungarian, Romanian
Allen TateAllen Tate
19th November, American
Frank Macfarlane BurnetFrank Macfarlane Burnet
3rd September, Australian
Virologist & Noble Prize Laureate

Friedrich von HayekFriedrich von Hayek
8th May, Austrian, German, British

Norman TaurogNorman Taurog
23rd February, American
Film Director

Albert ClaudeAlbert Claude
24th August, Belgian
Cell Biologist
Max TheilerMax Theiler
30th January, South African

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Paul Hermann MüllerPaul Hermann Müller
12th January, Swiss

John Hasbrouck Van VleckJohn Hasbrouck Van Vleck
13th March, American
Physicist, Mathematician

Silvestre RevueltasSilvestre Revueltas
31st December, Mexican
Music composer, violinist and teacher

Georges BidaultGeorges Bidault
5th October, French
French Politician
Claudia LarsClaudia Lars
20th December, Salvadoran

Charles BestCharles Best
27th February, Canadian, American
Co-discoverer of Insulin
Miguel Ãngel AsturiasMiguel Ãngel Asturias
19th October, Guamanian

Carlos ChavezCarlos Chavez
13th June, Mexican
Composer, conductor

Jafar JabbarlyJafar Jabbarly
20th March, Azerbaijani
Sir Noël Peirce CowardSir Noël Peirce Coward
16th December, British

Bertil Gotthard OhlinBertil Gotthard Ohlin
23rd April, Swedish
Hoagy CarmichaelHoagy Carmichael
22nd November, American
American composer

Frederick IX of DenmarkFrederick IX of Denmark
11th March, Danish

Lillian DisneyLillian Disney
15th February, American
Philanthropist, Secretary, Artist

Burt MunroBurt Munro
25th March, New Zealander
Motorcycle racer, Farmer

Leo StraussLeo Strauss
20th September, German, American
Politician, Political scientist, Philosopher,
Alma RevilleAlma Reville
14th August, British, American
Screenwriter, Film editor, Writer

Ramon NovarroRamon Novarro
6th February, Spanish, Mexican, American

Richard HauptmannRichard Hauptmann
26th November, German

Yasunari KawabataYasunari Kawabata
11th June, Japanese
Tommy LuccheseTommy Lucchese
1st December, Italian, American

12th June, American
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist
John Bodkin AdamsJohn Bodkin Adams
21st January, British
Physician, Serial killer

Harold AbrahamsHarold Abrahams
15th December, British
Athletics competitor, Sprinter, Lawyer, Journalist

Corneliu Zelea CodreanuCorneliu Zelea Codreanu
13th September, Romanian
Politician, Essayist
Adnan MenderesAdnan Menderes
30th November, Turkish
politician, diplomat

Hart CraneHart Crane
21st July, American
Poet, Writer
Kalki KrishnamurthyKalki Krishnamurthy
9th September, Indian
Screenwriter, Journalist, Writer

Erich von dem Bach-ZelewskiErich von dem Bach-Zelewski
1st March, German
Politician, Military personnel

Howard ThurmanHoward Thurman
18th November, American
Writer, Philosopher, Educator, Theologian
Erich KästnerErich Kästner
30th November, German

Jibanananda DasJibanananda Das
17th February, Bangladeshi
Poet, Writer
Louise NevelsonLouise Nevelson
23rd September, American
Sculptor, Painter

Peter AufschnaiterPeter Aufschnaiter
2nd November, Nepalese
Explorer, Cartographer, Geographer, Rock climber

László BíróLászló Bíró
29th September, Hungarian

Philipp BouhlerPhilipp Bouhler
11th September, German
S. W. R. D. BandaranaikeS. W. R. D. Bandaranaike
8th January, Sri Lankan
Diplomat, Politician, Lawyer
Ernst-Robert GrawitzErnst-Robert Grawitz
8th June, German
Military physician, Internist, Torturer

Aaron DouglasAaron Douglas
26th May, American

Rufino TamayoRufino Tamayo
26th August, Mexican

Adrien ArcandAdrien Arcand
3rd October, Canadian
Journalist, Politician
Eugene OrmandyEugene Ormandy
18th November, Hungarian, American
Conductor, University teacher, Concertmaster

Alec CampbellAlec Campbell
26th February, Australian
Trade unionist

Martita HuntMartita Hunt
30th January, British
Actor, Stage actor

Wolf MessingWolf Messing
10th September, Polish, Russian
hypnotist, mentalist

John Marshall Harlan IIJohn Marshall Harlan II
20th May, American
Judge, Lawyer
Paul-Henri SpaakPaul-Henri Spaak
25th January, Belgian
Politician, Diplomat

Raoul SalanRaoul Salan
10th June, French
Military personnel
Fritz BayerleinFritz Bayerlein
14th January, German
Soldier, Military personnel

Burhan Asaf BelgeBurhan Asaf Belge
30th November, Turkish

Anita BerberAnita Berber
10th June, German
Actor, Stage actor, Model
DeFord BaileyDeFord Bailey
30th November
Guitarist, Songwriter

Gustav HeinemannGustav Heinemann
23rd July, German
Politician, Lawyer
Lao SheLao She
3rd February, Chinese
Novelist, Dramatist

Andrei PlatonovAndrei Platonov
16th August
Writer, Playwright, Science fiction writer

Bernhard RoggeBernhard Rogge
4th November, German
Navy officer

Cevdet SunayCevdet Sunay
10th February, Turkish
Karl DiebitschKarl Diebitsch
3rd January, German
Painter, Postage stamp designer

Ludwig GuttmannLudwig Guttmann
3rd July, German, British
Robert Maynard HutchinsRobert Maynard Hutchins
17th January, American
Educationist, University teacher

Henri MichauxHenri Michaux
24th May, Belgian, French
Painter, Poet, Writer
Hayato IkedaHayato Ikeda
3rd December, Japanese
Prime Minister, Politician

Bertil OhlinBertil Ohlin
23rd April, Swedish
Economist, Politician, Educationist, University
Pietro BelluschiPietro Belluschi
18th August, Italian, American