Writers Whose First Name Starts With V

Discover the famous writers whose name starts with V. The list includes people like Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Virginia Woolf, Voltaire, Varg Vikernes, Victor Hugo and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of writers whose names start with V includes people from United States, India, Russia, England and other countries all over the world.

Vinayak Damodar SavarkarVinayak Damodar Savarkar
28 May 1883, Indian
Independence Activist, Reformer
Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf
25 January 1882, British

21 November 1694, French

Varg VikernesVarg Vikernes
11 February 1973, Norwegian
Musician & Writer

Victor HugoVictor Hugo
26 February 1802, French
Author & Poet

Valerie HarperValerie Harper
22 August 1939, American
Vladimir NabokovVladimir Nabokov
22 April 1899, Swiss, American, Russian

Virgil Virgil
15 October 0070, Ancient Roman

V. S. NaipaulV. S. Naipaul
17 August 1932, British

Vikram SethVikram Seth
20 June 1952, Indian
Vincent SchiavelliVincent Schiavelli
11 November 1948, American

Vera BrittainVera Brittain
29 December 1893, British
Vince FlynnVince Flynn
06 April 1966, American

Vicki IovineVicki Iovine
13 January 1954, American
Model, Writer, Lawyer

Virginia SatirVirginia Satir
26 June 1916, American
American author
Veronica FrancoVeronica Franco
25 March 1546, Italian
Courtesan, Poetess

Varun GroverVarun Grover
26 January 1980, Indian
Writer, Lyricist, Stand-up Comedian
Valerie PlameValerie Plame
13 August 1963, American

Vince GilliganVince Gilligan
10 February 1967, American
Television producer, Screenwriter, Television

Victoria CrossVictoria Cross
01 October 1868, British
Valerie SolanasValerie Solanas
09 April 1936, American

Victoria GottiVictoria Gotti
27 November 1962, American
Vladimir BukovskyVladimir Bukovsky
30 December 1942, Russian
Writer, Human rights activist

Van JonesVan Jones
20 September 1968, American
Motivational speaker

Vita Sackville-WestVita Sackville-West
09 March 1892, British

Victoria OsteenVictoria Osteen
28 March 1961, American

Viktor TsoiViktor Tsoi
21 June 1962, Russian
Poet, Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Composer,

13 July 1953, Indian
Author, Actor, Poet, Lyricist, Songwriter

Vandana ShivaVandana Shiva
05 November 1952, Indian
Philosopher, Physicist, Writer, University teacher
Vince RussoVince Russo
24 January 1961, American
Screenwriter, Podcaster

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Vilfredo ParetoVilfredo Pareto
15 July 1848, French, Italian
Economist, Writer, Philosopher, Sociologist,

Vikramaditya MotwaneVikramaditya Motwane
12 June 1976, Indian
film director, choreographer, screenwriter

Vladimir MayakovskyVladimir Mayakovsky
19 July 1893, Russian

Vaikom Muhammad BasheerVaikom Muhammad Basheer
21 January 1908, Indian
Novelist, Screenwriter, Essayist, Writer, Diarist,
Vincent BugliosiVincent Bugliosi
18 August 1934, American
Lawyer, Writer, Poet lawyer

Veronica RothVeronica Roth
19 August 1988, American
Vladimir KramnikVladimir Kramnik
25 June 1975, Russian
Chess player, Writer

Víctor JaraVíctor Jara
28 September 1932, Chilean
Teacher, theater director, poet, singer-songwriter

Val McDermidVal McDermid
04 June 1955, British
Writer, Novelist, Journalist
Vladimir VysotskyVladimir Vysotsky
25 January 1938, Russian

V. E. SchwabV. E. Schwab
07 July 1987, American
Vijay TendulkarVijay Tendulkar
06 January 1928, Indian
linguist, screenwriter, writer, translator

Vladimir ProppVladimir Propp
29 April 1895, Russian
anthropologist, linguist, writer, university

Vernor VingeVernor Vinge
02 October 1944, American
Computer scientist

Vallathol Narayana MenonVallathol Narayana Menon
16 October 1878, Indian

Vivian StanshallVivian Stanshall
21 March 1943, British
Vayalar RamavarmaVayalar Ramavarma
28 March 1928, Indian
Author, Lyricist, Songwriter

Victor KlempererVictor Klemperer
09 October 1881, German
Linguist, Politician, Writer, Autobiographer,

Viktor SchaubergerViktor Schauberger
30 June 1885, Austrian
Forester, Inventor, Writer

Vikas SwarupVikas Swarup
1963 AD, Indian
diplomat, writer
Vernon ChatmanVernon Chatman
31 October 1972, American
Television producer, writer, voice actor, stand-up

Vernon HowardVernon Howard
16 March 1918, American
Author, Writer
Viktor KorchnoiViktor Korchnoi
23 March 1931, Russian
Chess player, Writer

Victoria AveyardVictoria Aveyard
27 July 1990, American

Vinicius de MoraesVinicius de Moraes
19 October 1913, Brazilian
Poet, Singer, Composer, Journalist, Diplomat,
Viktor SuvorovViktor Suvorov
20 April 1947, British
Historian, Novelist, Writer, Scout, Spy

Vincent FerrerVincent Ferrer
23 January 1350, Spanish
Priest, Writer
Vladimir KryuchkovVladimir Kryuchkov
29 February 1924, Russian
Politician, Military personnel, Writer

Victor SpinettiVictor Spinetti
02 September 1929, British, Welsh

Veturi Sundararama MurthyVeturi Sundararama Murthy
29 January 1936, Indian
Poet, Songwriter, Lyricist
Virginie DespentesVirginie Despentes
13 June 1969, French
Writer, Film director, Novelist, Screenwriter

Vusamazulu Credo MutwaVusamazulu Credo Mutwa
21 July 1921, South African
Ufologist, Writer
Victor TurnerVictor Turner
28 May 1920, British
Anthropologist, Sociologist

Victor PelevinVictor Pelevin
22 November 1962, Russian
Fiction writer

Vir SanghviVir Sanghvi
05 July 1956, Indian
Journalist, Writer

Viktor ShklovskyViktor Shklovsky
24 January 1893, Russian
Vachel LindsayVachel Lindsay
10 November 1879, American
Vittoria ColonnaVittoria Colonna
31 March 1490, Italian
poet, writer

Vyloppilli Sreedhara MenonVyloppilli Sreedhara Menon
11 May 1911, Indian
Poet, Writer

Varlam ShalamovVarlam Shalamov
18 June 1907, Russian

Victor GruenVictor Gruen
18 July 1903, Austrian
Architect, Writer
Vera ZasulichVera Zasulich
08 August 1849, Russian

Varun AgarwalVarun Agarwal
06 December 1986, Indian

Vittorio AlfieriVittorio Alfieri
16 January 1749, Italian
Playwright, Poet, Writer, Actor, Translator, Stage

Vladimir SorokinVladimir Sorokin
07 August 1955, Russian
Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter, Librettist,

Vasily ZhukovskyVasily Zhukovsky
29 January 1783, Russian
linguist, poet, translator, writer, literary
Vicente Blasco IbáñezVicente Blasco Ibáñez
29 January 1867, Spanish
Journalist, politician

Vicente AleixandreVicente Aleixandre
26 April 1898, Spanish
Spanish poet
Vicki BaumVicki Baum
24 January 1888, Austrian, American

Vanna BontaVanna Bonta

Verner von HeidenstamVerner von Heidenstam
06 July 1859, Swedish
Swedish poet
Vaclav HavelVaclav Havel
05 October 1936, Czech

Volen SiderovVolen Siderov
19 April 1956, Bulgarian
Photographer, Journalist, Writer, Politician
Väinö LinnaVäinö Linna
20 December 1920, Finnish

Vine Deloria, Jr.Vine Deloria, Jr.

Victor Stafford ReidVictor Stafford Reid
01 May 1913, Jamaican

Viktor DykViktor Dyk
31 December 1877, Czech
Virginia JohnsonVirginia Johnson
11 February 1925, American

Viana HazelwoodViana Hazelwood
Vijayendra PrasadVijayendra Prasad
27 May 1942, Indian

Vuk Stefanović KaradžićVuk Stefanović Karadžić
06 November 1787, Serbian