The ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ or Minnesota as it’s officially called, is a state in the Midwestern and northern regions of the United States of America. In terms of area, it is the twelfth largest state in the country, with Saint Paul as its capital and Minneapolis as its largest city. It is renowned for having the highest standard of living amongst the American states and for being the most educated and wealthiest state. With a rich heritage of early European settlers, the state is the apex of Scandinavian American and German American traditions. Many distinguished celebrities were born and raised in the state of Minnesota. From the iconic musician Prince, to the enthralling F. Scott Fitzgerald to the incredible Bob Dylan, numerous famous personalities were born in Minnesota. Hollywood has also seen some wonderful individuals who started their journey from this state such as the beautiful Jessica Biel, the hilarious Chris Pratt, the captivating Winona Ryder, the stylish Vince Vaughn and the legendary Judy Garland and so many more. Keep reading this list to know more eminent celebrities who are from Minnesota.
Winona RyderWinona Ryder
29 October 1971, American
Chris PrattChris Pratt
21 June 1979, American

Bob DylanBob Dylan
24 May 1941, American
Singer & Songwriter

Judy GarlandJudy Garland
10 June 1922, American

Jessica BielJessica Biel
03 March 1982, American
American actress

Yara ShahidiYara Shahidi
10 February 2000, American
Model, Actress
Vince VaughnVince Vaughn
28 March 1970, American

John Paul Getty IIIJohn Paul Getty III
04 November 1956, American
Grandson of Jean Paul Getty

J. Paul GettyJ. Paul Getty
15 December 1892, British, American

Jessica LangeJessica Lange
20 April 1949
Film actor, Photographer, Stage actor, Television
Josh HartnettJosh Hartnett
21 July 1978, American
American actor

Lindsey VonnLindsey Vonn
18 October 1984, American
Alpine Ski Racer
F. Scott FitzgeraldF. Scott Fitzgerald
24 September 1896, American

Rachael Leigh CookRachael Leigh Cook
04 October 1979, American

Mike FarrellMike Farrell
06 February 1939, American
Jesse VenturaJesse Ventura
15 July 1951, American

Garrett HedlundGarrett Hedlund
03 September 1984, American
Actor, Model, Singer
Mitch HedbergMitch Hedberg
24 February 1968, American
Stand-up Comedian

Pete HegsethPete Hegseth
06 June 1980, American

Walter MondaleWalter Mondale
05 January 1928, American
The 42nd Vice President of the U.S.A.
David BromstadDavid Bromstad
17 August 1973, American
TV Personality

Kelly LynchKelly Lynch
31 January 1959, American
Loni AndersonLoni Anderson
05 August 1946, American

Peter GravesPeter Graves
18 March 1926, American

Jane RussellJane Russell
21 June 1921, American

Breckin MeyerBreckin Meyer
07 May 1974, American
Analeigh Tipton Analeigh Tipton
09 November 1988, American
Actress, Model
Nick SwardsonNick Swardson
09 October 1976, American

Shantel VanSantenShantel VanSanten
25 July 1985, American

Yung GravyYung Gravy
19 March 1996, American

Tim KaineTim Kaine
26 February 1958, American
Vice Presidential Running Mate of Hillary Clinton
Sayeed ShahidiSayeed Shahidi
14 February 2003, American
Child Actor

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Larry FitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald
31 August 1983, American
American Football Player

Charles M. Schulz Charles M. Schulz
26 November 1922, American

Sinclair LewisSinclair Lewis
07 February 1885, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Ryan McCartanRyan McCartan
14 June 1993, American
07 June 1958, American

Gig YoungGig Young
04 November 1913, American
Thomas FriedmanThomas Friedman
20 July 1953, American
Journalist & Author

Melissa PetermanMelissa Peterman
01 July 1971, American

Phyllis GatesPhyllis Gates
07 December 1925, American
Interior Decorator
Garrison KeillorGarrison Keillor
07 August 1942, American

Beth RiesgrafBeth Riesgraf
24 August 1978, American
Mike ToddMike Todd
22 June 1909, American

Shura BaryshnikovShura Baryshnikov
1981 AD, American
Dancer, Choreographer, Actress

Cheryl TiegsCheryl Tiegs
25 September 1947, American

Mo CollinsMo Collins
07 July 1965, American

Jodi HuisentruitJodi Huisentruit
05 May 1968, American
News Anchor
Alex ErnstAlex Ernst
17 July 1996, American

Jenny TaftJenny Taft
05 September 1987, American
Television Personality

Sheree J. WilsonSheree J. Wilson
12 December 1958, American

Herb BrooksHerb Brooks
05 August 1937, American
Ice Hockey Coach, Player
Jonah MaraisJonah Marais
16 June 1998, American
Pop Singer

Ann Morgan GuilbertAnn Morgan Guilbert
16 October 1928, American
E. G. MarshallE. G. Marshall
18 June 1914, American

James LeGrosJames LeGros
27 April 1962, American

Dan BakkedahlDan Bakkedahl
18 November 1969, American
Tay ZondayTay Zonday
06 July 1982, American
Singer, Musician, YouTube star

Kelly CarlsonKelly Carlson
17 February 1976, American
Marisa CoughlanMarisa Coughlan
17 March 1974, American

Chad Wild ClayChad Wild Clay
10 March 1984, American

Robert M. PirsigRobert M. Pirsig
06 September 1928, American
Writer, Philosopher
Rachael ElleringRachael Ellering
28 December 1992, American

George Roy HillGeorge Roy Hill
20 December 1921, American
Film Director
Chris WeinkeChris Weinke
31 July 1972, American
American Football Player

Gavin ThomasGavin Thomas
29 October 2010, American
Social Media Star

Seth NumrichSeth Numrich
19 January 1987, American

Brooke ElliottBrooke Elliott
16 November 1974, American
Actress, Singer
Paige HathawayPaige Hathaway
31 July 1987, American
Fitness Cover Model, Entrepreneur, and Social
Signa O'KeefeSigna O'Keefe
18 September 2003, American
TikTok ( Star

William James MayoWilliam James Mayo
29 June 1861, American
Physician and Surgeon

Nikki BakerNikki Baker
06 June 1988, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Charles Horace MayoCharles Horace Mayo
19 July 1865, American
Eva IgoEva Igo
09 November 2002, American

Melvin Ellis CalvinMelvin Calvin
08 April 1911, American

Alan BerstenAlan Bersten
26 May 1994, American

Patty WaltersPatty Walters
12 September 1991, American
Pop singer

Katya Elise HenryKatya Elise Henry
14 June 1994, American
Fitness Model, Instagram Star
James WhiteJames White
17 December 1962, American
Apologist, Author

Ash HardellAsh Hardell
04 February 1992, American
David BrudnoyDavid Brudnoy
05 June 1940, American
Talk Radio Host

Aaron BrownAaron Brown
10 November 1948, American
Broadcast Journalist

Barbara Lee PaytonBarbara Lee Payton
16 November 1927, American
Jayla VlachJayla Vlach
24 May 2005, American
YouTube Personality

Jaidyn LynzeeJaidyn Lynzee
19 May 2002, American
Danny BlakeDanny Blake
01 February 2000, American
TikTok ( Star

Aydah VlachAydah Vlach
27 April 2008, American

25 April 1996, American

Damon BlakeDamon Blake
25 December 1999, American
TikTok ( Star
Justin Drew BlakeJustin Drew Blake
01 February 2000, American
TikTok ( Star, YouTuber, YouNower

Warner E BurgerWarren Earl Burger
17 September 1907, American
Former Chief Justice of the United States
Mark KennedyMark Kennedy
11 April 1955, American
A former member of the United States House of

Clarence Walton LilleheiClarence Walton Lillehei
23 October 1918, American
Pioneer of Open-Heart Surgery
Addison MoffettAddison Moffett
03 February 1998, American

Deidra HoffmanDeidra Hoffman
1965 AD, American
Loni Anderson's Daughter
Esther FrantzichEsther Frantzich
31 March 2000, American
Instagram Models