Those born on the 19th of May are responsible, motivated individuals who easily build relationships. They are able to stay calm in situations and are fair when it comes to compromise. However, they have a few weaknesses as well. These individuals can be a bit stubborn and insecure which can lead to occasional problems in their relationships. People born on this day have a genuinely realistic outlook on life and set reasonable goals. They meet challenges with a positive outlook and avid enthusiasm which makes attaining goals an enjoyable experience.

Malcolm XMalcolm X
39, American
27, American
DJ & Music Producer

André the GiantAndré the Giant
46, French
Professional Wrestler
Nicole Brown SimpsonNicole Brown Simpson
35, German, American
Murdered Wife of O. J. Simpson

Grace JonesGrace Jones
71, Jamaican, American

Pol PotPol Pot
72, Cambodian
Dictator, War Criminal
Ruskin BondRuskin Bond
85, Indian

Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh
79, Vietnamese
Former PM and President of Democratic Republic of
Georges St-PierreGeorges St-Pierre
38, Canadian
Mixed Martial Artist

Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett
43, American
NBA Star
Pete TownshendPete Townshend
74, British
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Composer

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-StrelitzCharlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
74, British
Queen Consort of Great Britain and Ireland
Andrea PirloAndrea Pirlo
40, Italian
Italian footballer
Joey RamoneJoey Ramone
49, American
Lead vocalist of the punk rock band the Ramones

Israel HoughtonIsrael Houghton
48, American
Nora EphronNora Ephron
71, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Rohan MarleyRohan Marley
47, American
Bob Marley’s Son
Anthony SpilotroAnthony Spilotro
48, American

Alice RobertsAlice Roberts
46, British

Yo GottiYo Gotti
38, American
Lani Lynn BakerLani Lynn Baker
20, American
Model, Instagram Personality

BlocBoy JBBlocBoy JB
23, American
Nancy KwanNancy Kwan
80, Hong Konger, American

Drew FullerDrew Fuller
39, American
Actor, Model
Jojo SiwaJojo Siwa
16, American
You Tuber, Dancer, Singer

Johns HopkinsJohns Hopkins
78, American
Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Kim ZolciakKim Zolciak
41, American
Television personality
Nellie MelbaNellie Melba
69, Australian
Opera Singer

Claudia KarvanClaudia Karvan
47, Australian
Film actress
Edward de BonoEdward de Bono
86, Maltese, British
Author, Consultant

Sam Smith Sam Smith
27, British
Ryunosuke KamikiRyunosuke Kamiki
26, Japanese

Max Ferdinand Perutz Max Perutz
87, British
Molecular Biologist

Mustafa Kemal AtaturkMustafa Kemal Ataturk
57, Turkish
Founder of the Republic of Turkey,
Abraham PaisAbraham Pais
82, American

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Nancy AstorNancy Astor
84, British
First Woman MP in the House of Commons
Mali-koa HoodMali-koa Hood
28, Australian

Jaidyn LynzeeJaidyn Lynzee
17, American
Will SimmonsWill Simmons
19, American
Dancer, Actor

Anna JamesonAnna Jameson
65, British
Writer, Women Rights Activist
Nikocado AvocadoNikocado Avocado
27, American
Peter MayhewPeter Mayhew
75, British
Actor, Film actor

Girish KarnadGirish Karnad
81, Indian
Linguist, Author, Film director, Actor,
Nathuram GodseNathuram Godse
39, Indian
Politician, Journalist

Albert FishAlbert Fish
65, American
American serial killer
Nawazuddin SiddiquiNawazuddin Siddiqui
45, Indian

Kyle EastwoodKyle Eastwood
51, American
Actor, Composer, Jazz musician, Music arranger,

Diego ForlánDiego Forlán
40, Uruguayan
Nicholas WintonNicholas Winton
40, British
Stockbroker, Banker, Philanthropist, Military

Dario FranchittiDario Franchitti
46, British
Racecar driver
Archie ManningArchie Manning
70, American
American football player

Dusty HillDusty Hill
70, American
Julius EvolaJulius Evola
76, Italian
Poet, Racial theorist, Writer, Painter,

James GoslingJames Gosling
64, Canadian, American
Programmer, Inventor, Computer scientist
Phil RuddPhil Rudd
65, Australian
Nana SahibNana Sahib
65, Indian

Lorraine HansberryLorraine Hansberry
34, American
Writer, Theatre director, Screenwriter,
59, British
Singer, Songwriter

Bérénice MarloheBérénice Marlohe
40, French
Actor, Model, Film actor
Neelam Sanjiva ReddyNeelam Sanjiva Reddy
83, Indian

Heather WatsonHeather Watson
27, British
Tennis player

Andrew JohnsAndrew Johns
45, Australian
Cricketer, Rugby league player, Autobiographer
Dick ScobeeDick Scobee
46, American
Officer, Astronaut

Johann Gottlieb FichteJohann Gottlieb Fichte
51, German
Philosopher, University teacher
Maile FlanaganMaile Flanagan
54, American
Actor, Television actor, Stage actor

Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro
42, Uruguayan
Actor, Singer, Model
Jenny BerggrenJenny Berggren
47, Swedish
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Poet

Evgeny KuznetsovEvgeny Kuznetsov
27, Russian
Ice hockey player
Gary KildallGary Kildall
52, American
Computer scientist, Programmer, University teacher
48, Mexican
Professional wrestler

Dolph SchayesDolph Schayes
87, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach
Manuel AlmuniaManuel Almunia
42, Spanish
Association football player

Víctor IbarboVíctor Ibarbo
29, Colombian
Association football player
Bert van MarwijkBert van Marwijk
67, Dutch
Association football player, Association football

Michele PlacidoMichele Placido
73, Italian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

Thomas VinterbergThomas Vinterberg
50, Danish
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter
James ReyneJames Reyne
62, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Herbie FlowersHerbie Flowers
81, British
Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount AstorWaldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor
73, American

Lawrence NgLawrence Ng
Hamed HaddadiHamed Haddadi
Basketball player

Luciano FigueroaLuciano Figueroa
38, Argentinian
Association football player
Shavarsh KarapetyanShavarsh Karapetyan
66, Armenian
Oswald BoelckeOswald Boelcke
Aviator, Military personnel

Greg BoyleGreg Boyle
65, American
Michael BalconMichael Balcon
81, British
Film producer

Elena PoniatowskaElena Poniatowska
87, Spanish, Mexican
Journalist, Writer
Austin StevensAustin Stevens
69, Australian, South African
Photographer, Writer

Vittorio Emanuele OrlandoVittorio Emanuele Orlando
92, Italian
Politician, University teacher
Theo de RaadtTheo de Raadt
51, Canadian, South African
Computer scientist, Engineer, Network engineer,

Rudolf E. KálmánRudolf E. Kálmán
86, American
Mathematician, Engineer, University teacher
Steve CurrieSteve Currie
33, British

Rhatha PhongamRhatha Phongam
36, Thai
Jack WalkerJack Walker
71, British
Businessperson, Business magnate

Jacob JordaensJacob Jordaens
85, Belgian
Frank LorenzoFrank Lorenzo
79, American

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 19

People born on May 19th tend to be deep and logical thinkers with humanitarian interests. They are warm and loving friends, but often find that they feel quite insecure despite a plethora of friends. These individuals give excellent advice because they are great leaders and good listeners but they almost never ask for advice from others. Those born on the 19th of May are strong and stubborn with an intense motivation and initiative in both their private and professional lives.

Overall, people born on May 19th are healthy. However, they sometimes become lazy in terms of cooking meals and eat food that is not particularly healthy. In addition, they often lose sleep due to their busy schedules. So, maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep are important to those born on the 19th of May.

Those born on the 19th of May tend to be a bit frivolous with their money but only on occasions that are important to them. Overall, these individuals are able to save enough money to live comfortably but they rarely show off their financial well-being by purchasing expensive material items.

Most people born on May 19th dislike desk jobs because they prefer each day to be different. Working outdoors is an ideal option for these individuals. They also enjoy careers that involve using their hands and they have an innate ability to climb to the top of their profession.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on the 19th of May make wonderful, loyal friends because they are fun to be around and generous with their time. In terms of relationships, these people tend make excellent partners because they love easily and care deeply for their partners. However, they sometimes feel insecure which can make them become possessive. In terms of parenting, those born on this day often befriend their children. As such, they fall upon their partner for teaching the children discipline and self-control.

Lucky Colors: Blue, Periwinkle, Sea Green
Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 15, 24