The people born on January 17th are known for their perceptiveness, intelligence and creative skills. Ruled by the planet of Saturn, they are extremely inspired individuals who are persistent with whatever goals they pursue. However, their determination and intellectual capabilities are superior to other Capricorns. Though they often present themselves as confident and optimistic, it is not always how they feel. Owing to their innovative ideas and hardworking nature, these people achieve great heights in their life. Decisive and independent, people born on this day are also very charismatic; however, at times they can be a tad obstinate and tend to keep all their problems to themselves. They rely more on their intuition and push themselves as hard as they can to prove their capabilities.

Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
74, American
betty whiteBetty White
98, American

Jim CarreyJim Carrey
58, Canadian, American

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade
38, American
NBA Basketball Star

Zooey DeschanelZooey Deschanel
40, American

Al CaponeAl Capone
48, American
Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
84, British, American
Founding Father of the United States

Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama
56, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Steve HarveySteve Harvey
63, American
James Earl JonesJames Earl Jones
89, American

Jake PaulJake Paul
23, American
Actor, Viner
M G RamachandranM. G. Ramachandran
70, Indian
Actor, Politician

Andy KaufmanAndy Kaufman
35, American

Kid RockKid Rock
49, American
American singer

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
66, American
Environment Activist & Attorney

Eartha KittEartha Kitt
81, American
Ray JRay J
39, American

Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris
36, Scottish
Disc Jockey, Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter

David Lloyd GeorgeDavid Lloyd George
82, British, Welsh
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Arnold RothsteinArnold Rothstein
46, American
Naveen AndrewsNaveen Andrews
51, British

Lil JonLil Jon
49, American
Steve EarleSteve Earle
65, American
Musician, Singer-songwriter

Mick TaylorMick Taylor
71, British

51, Netherlands Antilles
Dutch DJ
Joy TaylorJoy Taylor
33, American
Radio Jockey, TV Anchor

Song Kang-hoSong Kang-ho
53, South Korean
Hale ApplemanHale Appleman
34, American

Keith ChegwinKeith Chegwin
60, British
Television Presenter

Joe MasseriaJoe Masseria
44, Italian, American
Mafia Boss
Marco Antonio BarreraMarco Antonio Barrera
46, Mexican

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Anne BrontëAnne Brontë
29, British
Michelle FairleyMichelle Fairley
56, British, Northern Irish

Suga FreeSuga Free
50, American

Sheree NorthSheree North
73, American

Larry FortenskyLarry Fortensky
64, American
Elizabeth Taylor’s Husband
Kangin (Kim Young-woon) Kangin
35, South Korean
Singer, Actor
Willa FitzgeraldWilla Fitzgerald
29, American

Mitch VogelMitch Vogel
64, American
Former Child Actor

Marnie SimpsonMarnie Simpson
28, British
Reality TV Star

Tabaré VázquezTabaré Vázquez
80, Uruguayan
President of Uruguay
Nile WilsonNile Wilson
24, British

Scott MechlowiczScott Mechlowicz
39, American

Quenlin BlackwellQuenlin Blackwell
19, American

Connor CruiseConnor Cruise
25, American
Tom Cruise's son

Marcel PetiotMarcel Petiot
49, French
Serial Killer
Thomas FairfaxThomas Fairfax
59, British
Political leader

Awsten KnightAwsten Knight
28, American
Rock Singer
Robert CormierRobert Cormier
75, American
American author

JT ChurchJT Church
14, American
Dancer and Social Media Personality

Josie HarrisJosie Harris
40, American
Ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Ljubco GeorgievskiLjubčo Georgievski
54, Macedonian
Former Prime Minister & Vice President of

Jordan HoustonJordan Houston
20, British
Elisa MainoElisa Maino
17, Italian
TikTok ( Star, Fashion Vlogger

Mustafa GoelbasiMustafa Goelbasi
17, German
TikTok ( Star, YouTuber

Sebastian VillalobosSebastian Villalobos
24, Colombian

Angela VazquezAngela Vazquez
19, Mexican
Musical Artist

Nate MaloleyNate Maloley
25, American
George Joseph StiglerGeorge Joseph Stigler
80, American

18, American

Adam DahlbergAdam Dahlberg
28, American
YouTuber, Gamer

20, American
Oleksandr UsykOleksandr Usyk
33, Ukrainian

Kelly Marie TranKelly Marie Tran
31, American
Film actress
Javed AkhtarJaved Akhtar
75, Indian
Screenwriter, Politician, Writer, Poet, Lyricist,

Leigh WhannellLeigh Whannell
43, Australian
Actor, Screenwriter, Writer, Director

Susanna HoffsSusanna Hoffs
61, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Musician,
Amy Sherman-PalladinoAmy Sherman-Palladino
54, American

Maury PovichMaury Povich
81, American
Television presenter, Journalist
Paul YoungPaul Young
64, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

54, Egyptian, French, Italian
Actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician, Model

Ryuichi SakamotoRyuichi Sakamoto
68, Japanese
Denis O'HareDenis O'Hare
58, American

Genndy TartakovskyGenndy Tartakovsky
Television director, Television producer,
Dan GilbertDan Gilbert
58, American

Françoise HardyFrançoise Hardy
76, French
actor, singer-songwriter, musician, astrologer

Konstantin StanislavskiKonstantin Stanislavski
75, Russian

Trevor BauerTrevor Bauer
29, American
Baseball Player
Sajal AliSajal Ali
26, Pakistani
Model, Actor
Shari LewisShari Lewis
65, American
Actor, Television presenter, Puppeteer,

Jack VidgenJack Vidgen
23, Australian
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Bart FreundlichBart Freundlich
50, American

Maksim ChmerkovskiyMaksim Chmerkovskiy
40, Ukrainian
Teacher, Choreographer
Joshua MalinaJoshua Malina
54, American

Vidal SassoonVidal Sassoon
84, British
Businessperson, Autobiographer

Ari UpAri Up
48, German, British

James WaterstonJames Waterston
51, American

Kamal AmrohiKamal Amrohi
75, Indian
Tyler ZellerTyler Zeller
30, American
Basketball player

Shabba RanksShabba Ranks
54, Jamaican
Musician, Singer
Richard BurnsRichard Burns
34, British
Rally driver

Tom ThibodeauTom Thibodeau
62, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach
Cuauhtémoc BlancoCuauhtémoc Blanco
47, Mexican
Association football player
Alain BadiouAlain Badiou
83, French
Philosopher, Novelist, Playwright, Editor,

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 17th

Very analytical and organized by nature, those born on this particular day tend to take lead as they can assess any situation better than others. Though these people have great respect for tradition and culture, they have a progressive outlook and support social reform. They are also known for their self-confidence and an indomitable will-power. However, their uncompromising approach to work and life in general may not go down well with other, at times. On the negative side, they can be a little reckless and argumentative also.

The individuals born on this day tend to rely too much on caffeine and other stimulant for energy, which can lead to great health problems. They need to maintain a balanced diet full of nutrition and get enough sleep and exercise. They also need to go for regular dental checkups as they are prone to tooth related problems.

Those born on this day are career-oriented, however; money is never the sole driving force for them. They are good at managing their finances, but at times tend to overspend.

Very disciplined, hardworking and focused by nature, these people do well in armed forces. As they also possess great organizational skills, they also tend to thrive as managers and politicians. Other career options for these Capricorn are fashion, civil service etc.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Romantic life for these Capricorns is often not very smooth as they have high expectations from their partners. Though they are extremely loyal and affectionate towards their partners, they can at times be too demanding and controlling, which may lead to friction. They need to learn to respect their partner’s independence and freedom for a smoother romantic life. As parents, they have a tendency to pamper and overindulge their young ones.

Lucky Colors:  Green, Brown
Lucky Numbers: 8, 9
Lucky Days (of the Month): 8th & 9th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday