Novels are not just considered to be great food for the mind, many people resort to reading in a bid to unwind. Over the past few centuries, many novels have proved the saying ‘pen is mightier than sword’ through their impact. While a few of these played a great role in influencing human society, many others have even sparked off revolutions. Though other forms of media such as radio and television became popular later, many are of the opinion that they haven’t overshadowed the popularity of novels completely. France has a long list of scholars and writers who have penned novels belonging to different genres. Some of the famous novelists from this European nation include Honoré d'Urfé, François Rabelais, Charles Sorel and sieur de Souvigny. ‘The Princess of Cleves’, ‘The Human Comedy’, and ‘Candide’ are few of the path-breaking works of French literature. Other famous novels such as ‘The Hunch Back of Notre Dame’ have also been adapted into movies and went on to become blockbusters. Here is an extensive compilation of biographies of some of the most famous French novelists. Read on and find out everything about their life stories, career, profile, timelines and also a few interesting facts & trivia related to their lives.

21 November 1694
Alexandre DumasAlexandre Dumas
24 July 1802

Jules VerneJules Verne
08 February 1828

Marquis de SadeMarquis de Sade
02 June 1740
Erotic Novelist

Simone de BeauvoirSimone de Beauvoir
09 January 1908

Guy de MaupassantGuy de Maupassant
05 August 1850
Novelist & Short Story Writer
28 January 1873

George SandGeorge Sand
01 July 1804

Honoré de BalzacHonoré de Balzac
20 May 1799
French Novelist and Playwright
Milan KunderaMilan Kundera
01 April 1929

Denis DiderotDenis Diderot
05 October 1713
Jean CocteauJean Cocteau
05 July 1889
Novelist, Poet, Artist & Filmmaker

Marjane Satrapi Marjane Satrapi
22 November 1969
Graphic Novelist

Gustave FlaubertGustave Flaubert
12 December 1821
Novelist, Writer

Romain GaryRomain Gary
21 May 1914

Jean GenetJean Genet
19 December 1910
François RabelaisFrançois Rabelais
04 February 1494

23 January 1783

Anatole FranceAnatole France
16 April 1844

Robert W. ServiceRobert W. Service
16 January 1874
Poet & Writer
Alphonse DaudetAlphonse Daudet
13 May 1840
Novelist, Short story writer, playwright, poet

Jean Patrick ModianoPatrick Modiano
30 July 1945
French Novelist
Alfred de MussetAlfred de Musset
11 December 1810
Dramatist, Poet, Novelist

Alfred de VignyAlfred de Vigny
27 March 1797
Poet, Playwright, Novelist

Andre MalrauxAndre Malraux
03 November 1901
French Novelist
Anna KarinaAnna Karina
22 September 1940
Actor, Singer, Film director, Novelist,

Michel HouellebecqMichel Houellebecq
26 February 1956
Poet, Film director, Songwriter, Essayist,
George SteinerGeorge Steiner
23 April 1929
Philosopher, Novelist, Writer, University teacher,

Georges BatailleGeorges Bataille
10 September 1897
Philosopher, Librarian, Poet, Novelist, Writer,

Betsy DrakeBetsy Drake
11 September 1923
Actor, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter, Stage
Alain BadiouAlain Badiou
17 January 1937
Philosopher, Novelist, Playwright, Editor,

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Marguerite DurasMarguerite Duras
04 April 1914
Writer, Film director, Screenwriter, Publisher,
Louis-Ferdinand CélineLouis-Ferdinand Céline
27 May 1894
French novelist

Arthur de GobineauArthur de Gobineau
14 July 1816
Racial theorist, Philosopher, Writer, Diplomat,

0027 AD

François-René de ChateaubriandFrançois-René de Chateaubriand
04 September 1768
Writer, Politician, Diplomat, Historian, Poet,
Joris-Karl HuysmansJoris-Karl Huysmans
05 February 1848
Writer, Art critic, Novelist
Gaston LerouxGaston Leroux
06 May 1868
Journalist, Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter

Romain RollandRomain Rolland
29 January 1866
Writer, Playwright, Essayist, Historian, Novelist,

Anne WiazemskyAnne Wiazemsky
14 May 1947
Actor, Film director, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Théophile GautierThéophile Gautier
31 August 1811
writer, journalist, playwright, literary critic,
Chrétien de TroyesChrétien de Troyes

Alfred JarryAlfred Jarry
08 September 1873
Playwright, Writer, Poet, Novelist

Albert MemmiAlbert Memmi
15 December 1920

Françoise SaganFrançoise Sagan
21 June 1935
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Marcel PagnolMarcel Pagnol
28 February 1895
Theatre director, Film director, Writer,
Eduard LimonovEduard Limonov
22 February 1943
Writer, Dissident, Politician, Poet, Human rights

Catherine BreillatCatherine Breillat
13 July 1948
Film director, Actor, Writer, Novelist,
Georges PerecGeorges Perec
07 March 1936
Writer, Film director, Screenwriter, Poet,

Pierre BoullePierre Boulle
20 February 1912
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Engineer, Science

Virginie DespentesVirginie Despentes
13 June 1969
Writer, Film director, Novelist, Screenwriter
Louis AragonLouis Aragon
03 October 1897
Writer, Journalist, Politician, Poet, Novelist,

Alain Robbe-GrilletAlain Robbe-Grillet
18 August 1922
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Writer,
Prosper MériméeProsper Mérimée
28 September 1803
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Historian,

François MauriacFrançois Mauriac
11 October 1885
Writer, Journalist, Poet, Novelist, Playwright,

Bernard WerberBernard Werber
18 September 1961
Journalist, Writer, Screenwriter, Science fiction

Alexandre Dumas, filsAlexandre Dumas, fils
27 July 1824

Gao XingjianGao Xingjian
04 January 1940
Writer, Painter, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,
Yasmina RezaYasmina Reza
01 May 1959
Actor, Linguist, Translator, Playwright, Novelist,

Maurice LeblancMaurice Leblanc
11 November 1864
Writer, Novelist, Science fiction writer

Anna KavanAnna Kavan
10 April 1901

Fred VargasFred Vargas
07 June 1957
Writer, Archaeologist, Novelist, Historian
Pierre Choderlos de LaclosPierre Choderlos de Laclos
18 October 1741
Writer, Inventor, Novelist, Officer

Raymond QueneauRaymond Queneau
21 February 1903
Poet, Playwright, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter,
Emmanuelle ArsanEmmanuelle Arsan
19 January 1932
Writer, Actor, Screenwriter, Model

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse KarrJean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr
24 November 1808
Journalist, Writer, Novelist

Robert BrasillachRobert Brasillach
31 March 1909
Writer, Journalist, Film critic, Novelist, Poet,
Blaise CendrarsBlaise Cendrars
01 September 1887
War correspondent, Journalist, Poet, Writer,

Jean GionoJean Giono
30 March 1895
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist
Léon BloyLéon Bloy
11 July 1846
Writer, Poet, Essayist, Journalist, Novelist,

Jean FroissartJean Froissart
1337 AD
chronicler, historian, canon, poet, writer

Monique WittigMonique Wittig
13 July 1935
01 January 1839

Anne DesclosAnne Desclos
23 September 1907
Pierre LotiPierre Loti
14 January 1850
Writer, Q3349700, Novelist, Essayist, Diarist,

Jean RaspailJean Raspail
05 July 1925
Writer, Journalist, Explorer, Conspiracy theorist,

Maryse CondéMaryse Condé
11 February 1937

Maurice DruonMaurice Druon
23 April 1918
Politician, Writer, Screenwriter
Roland ToporRoland Topor
07 January 1938
Painter, Actor, Screenwriter, Writer, Novelist,
Pierre LouÿsPierre Louÿs
10 December 1870

Marc LevyMarc Levy
16 October 1961
Actor, Writer, Film producer, Novelist

Georges BernanosGeorges Bernanos
20 February 1888

Henry de MontherlantHenry de Montherlant
20 April 1895
Maurice BarrèsMaurice Barrès
19 August 1862

Pascal BrucknerPascal Bruckner
15 December 1948
Writer, Novelist, Essayist, Screenwriter

Fernando ArrabalFernando Arrabal
11 August 1932
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor, Playwright,

Raymond RadiguetRaymond Radiguet
18 June 1903

Eugène SueEugène Sue
26 January 1804
Madame de La FayetteMadame de La Fayette
18 March 1634
Writer, Salon-holder, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Pierre LemaitrePierre Lemaitre
19 April 1951
Writer, Screenwriter
Claude SimonClaude Simon
10 October 1913
Writer, Novelist

Pierre Drieu La RochellePierre Drieu La Rochelle
03 January 1893
Madeleine de ScudéryMadeleine de Scudéry
15 November 1607
Pierre de MarivauxPierre de Marivaux
04 February 1688
Playwright, Writer, Journalist, Novelist