Died On July 2nd

Discover the most famous people who died on July 2. The list includes people like Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, James Stewart, Louis Zamperini, Elie Wiesel. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, prime ministers, f1 drivers and diplomats and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Italy and many more countries.

Ernest HemingwayErnest Hemingway
21 July 1899, American
James StewartJames Stewart
20 May 1908, American

Jean-Jacques RousseauJean-Jacques Rousseau
28 June 1712, Swiss, French
Philosopher, Writer, & Composer

14 December 1503, French

Louis ZamperiniLouis Zamperini
26 January 1917, American
Prisoner of War Survivor

Vladimir NabokovVladimir Nabokov
22 April 1899, Swiss, American, Russian
Elie WieselElie Wiesel
30 September 1928, Romanian, American

Lee IacoccaLee Iacocca
15 October 1924, American

Betty GrableBetty Grable
18 December 1916, American
American actress

Robert PeelRobert Peel
05 February 1788, British
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Lee RemickLee Remick
14 December 1935, American

Mario PuzoMario Puzo
15 October 1920, American
Novelist, Screenwriter
Samuel HahnemannSamuel Hahnemann
10 April 1755, German
Founder of Homeopathy

Andrei GromykoAndrei Gromyko
18 July 1909, Russian

Anna Howard ShawAnna Howard Shaw
14 February 1847, American
Leader of the women's suffrage movement in the
Tyeb MehtaTyeb Mehta
25 July 1925, Indian
Indian painter

Edward DunlopEdward Dunlop
12 July 1907, Australian
Prisoner of War
Franklin J SchaffnerFranklin J Schaffner
30 May 1920, American

Fred GwynneFred Gwynne
30 June 1926, American

Caroline AherneCaroline Aherne
24 December 1963, British
Actor, Comedian, Television producer, Television
Porfirio DíazPorfirio Díaz
15 September 1830, Mexican
Mexican general

Andrés EscobarAndrés Escobar
13 March 1967, Colombian
Association football player
Peter KürtenPeter Kürten
26 May 1883, German
Criminal, Serial killer

Michael CiminoMichael Cimino
03 February 1939, American
Film director

Akechi MitsuhideAkechi Mitsuhide
10 March 1528, Japanese

Manuel II of PortugalManuel II of Portugal
15 November 1889, Portuguese
Ferdinand SchörnerFerdinand Schörner
12 June 1892, German
Douglas EngelbartDouglas Engelbart
30 January 1925, American
American engineer

Stephen III of MoldaviaStephen III of Moldavia
1432 AD, Romanian

Dilip SardesaiDilip Sardesai
08 August 1940, Indian

Michael BennettMichael Bennett
08 April 1943, American
choreographer, theatre director, music director
Natasha ShneiderNatasha Shneider
22 May 1956, American
Actor, Musician, Pianist

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Camarón de la IslaCamarón de la Isla
05 December 1950, Spanish
Street artist, Singer

Beverly SillsBeverly Sills
25 May 1929, American
Actor, Singer, Opera singer, Autobiographer,

Georgi DimitrovGeorgi Dimitrov
18 June 1882, Bulgarian, Russian
Bulgarian Politician

Fireball RobertsFireball Roberts
20 January 1929, American
Racecar driver, Racing driver
Thomas HarriotThomas Harriot
1560 AD, British
Mathematician, explorer, astronomer

David PurleyDavid Purley
26 January 1945, British
Formula One driver, Aerobatics, Racecar driver
Rudolf E. KálmánRudolf E. Kálmán
19 May 1930, American
Mathematician, Engineer, University teacher

Jimmy StewartJimmy Stewart
20 May 1908, American

Itamar FrancoItamar Franco
28 June 1930, Brazilian
Politician, Diplomat
Briggs CunninghamBriggs Cunningham
19 January 1907, American
Racecar driver

Vincenzo GalileiVincenzo Galilei
03 April 1520, Italian
composer, musicologist, music theorist, luth
Alam ChannaAlam Channa
1953 AD, Pakistani
Tallest living people

Mikio NaruseMikio Naruse
20 August 1905, Japanese
Film director, Writer, Film producer, Screenwriter

Michel RocardMichel Rocard
23 August 1930, French
Politician, Prime Minister

Matsukata MasayoshiMatsukata Masayoshi
23 March 1835, Japanese
Prime Minister, politician

Sir Robert PeelSir Robert Peel
05 February 1788, British
Frederic E. MohsFrederic E. Mohs
01 March 1910, American

Jan BrzechwaJan Brzechwa
15 August 1898, Polish

John FitchJohn Fitch
21 January 1743, American
inventor, watchmaker, engineer, entrepreneur

Henry I of GermanyHenry I of Germany
0876 AD, German
Ray BrownRay Brown
13 October 1926, American

Andrei A. GromykoAndrei A. Gromyko
18 July 1909, Russian
Spencer Compton, Earl of WilmingtonSpencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington
1673 AD, British