Famous People Who Died At 92

The list of famous people who died at 92 includes Rosa Parks, Ravi Shankar, Harold Macmillan, Barbara Bush, Deng Xiaoping. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, philosophers, actors and artists and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 92 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Rosa ParksRosa Parks
04 February 1913, American
Civil Rights Activist
Deng XiaopingDeng Xiaoping
22 August 1904, Chinese

Lena HorneLena Horne
30 June 1917, American

Ravi ShankarRavi Shankar
07 April 1920, Indian
Musician, composer

Barbara BushBarbara Bush
08 June 1925, American
Former First Lady of the U.S

Harold MacmillanHarold Macmillan
10 February 1894, British
Former British Prime Minister
John DeweyJohn Dewey
20 October 1859, American

Walter CronkiteWalter Cronkite
04 November 1916, American

James CallaghanJames Callaghan
27 March 1912, British

Karl PopperKarl Popper
28 July 1902, British
John ForsytheJohn Forsythe
29 January 1918, American

Claudette ColbertClaudette Colbert
13 September 1903, American
Van JohnsonVan Johnson
25 August 1916, American

Robert ByrdRobert Byrd
20 November 1917, American

I. K. GujralI. K. Gujral
04 December 1919, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India
Newton KnightNewton Knight
10 November 1829, American
Military Leader

Helen HayesHelen Hayes
10 October 1900, American
Charlotte RaeCharlotte Rae
22 April 1926, American

Sun Myung MoonSun Myung Moon
25 February 1920, South Korean
Religious Leader

Alice PaulAlice Paul
11 January 1885, American
Suffragist and Feminist
Ludwig von MisesLudwig von Mises
29 September 1881, Austrian
Economist, Philosopher, Sociologist

Jeannette RankinJeannette Rankin
11 June 1880, American
First Woman Elected to U.S Congress
Mohammed Zahir ShahMohammed Zahir Shah
15 October 1914, Afghan
Former King of Afghanistan

Lola AlbrightLola Albright
20 July 1924, American

Andy RooneyAndy Rooney
14 January 1919, American

Knut HamsunKnut Hamsun
04 August 1859, Norwegian
Eugene Paul Eugene Wigner
17 November 1902, American
Physicist & Mathematician
Nadia BoulangerNadia Boulanger
16 September 1887, French

Barnes WallisBarnes Wallis
26 September 1887, British
Inventor of Bouncing Bomb

Sir Donald BradmanSir Donald Bradman
27 August 1908, Australian
Greatest Batsmen Ever

Wassily LeontiefWassily Leontief
05 August 1906, Russian, American, Russian
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics
Peter CooperPeter Cooper
12 February 1791, American
Industrialist & Inventors

Arthur HillerArthur Hiller
22 November 1923, Canadian
Film Director

Michael KiddMichael Kidd
12 August 1915, American
Choreographer, Ballet Dancer

Anita LoosAnita Loos
26 April 1889, American

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George Abramovich KovalGeorge Koval
25 December 1913, Russian
U.S. Born Soviet Spy
François JacobFrançois Jacob
17 June 1920, French

Abraham FlexnerAbraham Flexner
13 November 1866, American
Julius AxelrodJulius Axelrod
30 May 1912, American

Friedrich von HayekFriedrich von Hayek
08 May 1899, Austrian, German, British

Philip Noel-BakerPhilip Noel-Baker
01 November 1889, British
Herbert C. BrownHerbert C. Brown
22 May 1912, American

William Ellery William Ellery
02 December 1727, American
Edward Donnall ThomasE. Donnall Thomas
15 March 1920, American

Walter Rudolf HessWalter Rudolf Hess
17 March 1881, Swiss

Robert F. Furchgott Robert F. Furchgott
04 June 1916, American

George H. HitchingsGeorge H. Hitchings
18 April 1905, American

Archer John Porter MartinArcher Martin
01 March 1910, British
Jean DaussetJean Dausset
19 October 1916, French

Éamon de ValeraÉamon de Valera
14 October 1882, American
Former President of Ireland

George StephenGeorge Stephen
05 June 1829, Canadian, British, Scottish
Scots-Quebecker Banker, Railway Executive in

George D. SnellGeorge D. Snell
19 December 1903, American
André Michel LwoffAndré Lwoff
08 May 1902, French

Andre WeilAndre Weil
06 May 1906, French
Sir Bernard KatzSir Bernard Katz
26 March 1911, British

Viktor FranklViktor Frankl
26 March 1905, Austrian
Surgeon, Psychotherapist, Psychologist,

Robert MosesRobert Moses
18 December 1888, American
Architect, Politician
Phyllis SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly
15 August 1924, American
Radio personality, Lawyer, Political activist,

Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck
1920 AD, American
Pianist, Songwriter
Paul TibbetsPaul Tibbets
23 February 1915, American
Officer, Aviator

Alger HissAlger Hiss
11 November 1904, American
Jurist, Lawyer, Diplomat

Joe WeiderJoe Weider
29 November 1920, Canadian, American
Functionary, Editor
Martin NiemöllerMartin Niemöller
14 January 1892, German

Willem de KooningWillem de Kooning
24 April 1904, Dutch, American
Artist, Painter, Sculptor, University teacher
Ann SothernAnn Sothern
22 January 1909, American
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Robert K. MertonRobert K. Merton
04 July 1910, American

Bob FellerBob Feller
03 November 1918, American
Baseball Player

Raymond LoewyRaymond Loewy
05 November 1893, French, American
Designer, Automotive designer, Postage stamp
René LacosteRené Lacoste
1904 AD, French
Business Leader, Fashion Designer, Tennis Player
Paul HausserPaul Hausser
07 October 1880, German
Officer, Military personnel

Willard Van Orman QuineWillard Van Orman Quine
25 June 1908, American
Mathematician, Analytic philosopher, Philosopher

Donald BradmanDonald Bradman
27 August 1908, Australian

Kitty WellsKitty Wells
30 August 1919, American
Songwriter, Singer
Thomas SzaszThomas Szasz
15 April 1920, Hungarian, American
Psychiatrist, Scientist, Writer, University

Oleg CassiniOleg Cassini
11 April 1913, French, American, Russian
Costume designer

Ellsworth KellyEllsworth Kelly
31 May 1923, American
Sculptor, Painter, Artist

Betsy DrakeBetsy Drake
11 September 1923, French, American
Actor, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter, Stage

Mother AngelicaMother Angelica
20 April 1923, American
Gustaf V of SwedenGustaf V of Sweden
16 June 1858, Swedish

Ralph H. BaerRalph H. Baer
08 March 1922, German, American
Inventor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Patent inventor
Helen ThomasHelen Thomas
04 August 1920, American
Television Personality, Journalist

Fritz PollardFritz Pollard
27 January 1894, American
American coach

Farley MowatFarley Mowat
12 May 1921, Canadian
Alonzo ChurchAlonzo Church
14 June 1903, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Harold CampingHarold Camping
19 July 1921, American
Radio personality, Civil engineer
Raymond CattellRaymond Cattell
20 March 1905, British, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Carl BallantineCarl Ballantine
27 September 1917, American
Actor, Television actor, Stage magician

29 February 1908, French, Polish
Painter, Artist

Irving PennIrving Penn
16 June 1917, American
Cosima WagnerCosima Wagner
24 December 1837, German
Composer, Writer, Director

Hubert GoughHubert Gough
12 August 1870, British
Military personnel
Agnes MartinAgnes Martin
22 March 1912, Canadian, American

John Edensor LittlewoodJohn Edensor Littlewood
09 June 1885, British
Mathematician, University teacher

Horton FooteHorton Foote
14 March 1916, American
Screenwriter, Playwright, Actor

William StephensonWilliam Stephenson
23 January 1897, Canadian
Tommy FlowersTommy Flowers
22 December 1905, British
Technician, Engineer, Computer scientist