Imogene Coca Biography

Imogene Coca was an American actress who enthralled her audience with her comical acts for seven long decades. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: November 18, 1908

Nationality: American

Famous: Actresses American Women

Died At Age: 92

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Also Known As: Imogene Fernandez de Coca

Born Country: United States

Born in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Famous as: Actress

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Females


Spouse/Ex-: King Donovan (m. 1960), Robert Burton (m. 1935 – his death. 1955)

father: José Fernandez de Coca

mother: Sadie Brady

Died on: June 2, 2001

place of death: Westport, Connecticut, United States

U.S. State: Pennsylvania

Diseases & Disabilities: Alzheimer's

City: Philadelphia

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Imogene Coca was an American actress who enthralled her audience with her comical acts for seven long decades. Born into a family of actors, she started her career as vaudeville performer at the age of fifteen, debuting at the Broadway at seventeen. Very soon, she began appearing in various stage productions. She received her first speaking role at the age of 24 and her first critical success with ‘New Faces of 1934. Concurrently, she starred in her own acts in New York City clubs like Rainbow Room. However, it was not until she was paired with Sid Caesar in the television live shows ‘The Admiral Broadway Revue’ and ‘Your Show of Shows’ that she became popular among the masses and was eventually established as a celebrated comedian. Since then, she had appeared in numerous television shows, starring in many of them. She also acted in thirteen films and appeared in various Broadway productions and regional theatres, undertaking numerous national tours all through her life.

Childhood & Early Life
  • In 1923, Imogene Coca moved to New York City, where she was snuck into a chorus line audition by a performer aunt. Eventually, she won her first role, beginning her career in Jimmy Durante's Silver Slipper Club in New York.
  • In 1925, she debuted at Broadway, participating in the chorus line of ‘When You Smile'. Thereafter, she continued to appear in a variety of musical revues, including 'Bubblin' Over' (1926) and ‘Queen High’ (1928) and in plays like ‘Garrick Gaieties’ (1930) and ‘Shoot the Works’ (1931).
  • In 1932, she had her first speaking role, appearing in place of Patsy Kelly in ‘Flying Colors’ (1932-1933). Thereafter, she continued to appear in various productions like ‘New Faces of 1934’ (1934), ‘Fools Rush in’ (1934-1935), ‘Up to the Stars’ (1935), ‘New Faces of 1936’ (1936) etc.
  • In 1937, she made her film debut, starring as Miss Klutz in ‘Bashful Ballerina’ and as Esmeralda ‘Dime a Dance’. But it took her twelve more years to become a celebrity.
  • In 1949, she was cast opposite Sid Caesar in the live variety show, ‘The Admiral Broadway Revue’, which ran simultaneously on NBC and DuMont from January 28 to June 3, making her immensely popular. It led to her next show, ‘Your Show of Shows’ (1950-1954), again with Sid Caesar.
  • Her success in ‘Your Show of Shows’ enabled her to start her own series, ‘The Imogene Coca Show’ (1954-1955). In 1955, she returned to the Broadway with ‘Janus’ (1955–56) and ‘The Girls in 509’ (1958–59), meanwhile continuing to appear in various television shows, including ‘The George Gobel Show’.
  • In 1963, she returned to the big screen with ‘Promises! Promises!’ and 'Under the Yum Yum Tree'. Equally active on television, she starred in 32 episodes of the NBC situation comedy, ‘Grindl’ (1963-1964) and 18 episodes of ‘It’s About Time’ (1966-1967).
  • In 1960s, she also undertook national tours, appearing in productions like ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ (1960–61), ‘A Thurber Carnival’ (1961–62), ‘Caesar-Coca Revue’ (1961–62), ‘Bells Are Ringing’ (1962), ‘Luv’ (1967), ‘You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running’ (1968–69) and ‘Why I Went Crazy’ (1969).
  • In 1970s, she appeared in numerous television productions, including ‘Love, American Style’ (1970, 1972), ‘Bewitched’ (1971), ‘The Emperor's New Clothes’ (1972) etc. Also in the same decade, she appeared in two films, ‘10 from Your Show of Shows' (1973) and 'Rabbit Test' (1978).
  • Also in 1970s, she went on country wide tours with plays like ‘A Girl Could Get Lucky’ (1970), ‘The Rivals (1972), ‘The Prisoner of Second Avenue’ (1973–74), ‘Plaza Suite ’.( 1976). In 1978-1979, she made her last Broadway appearance, playing Letitia Primrose in ‘On The Twentieth Century’.
  • In 1980s, she appeared in five films; ‘National Lampoon's Vacation’ (1983), ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ (1984), ‘ Papa Was a Preacher’ (1985), ‘Buy & Cell’ (1987) and, 'Her Alibi’ (1989). That apart, she appeared in numerous stage shows and television productions, reprising her role in ‘On The Twentieth Century’ in 1986-1987.
  • In 1991, she reunited with Sid Caesar for ‘Together Again’, touring throughout the country with the stage show. Later in 1994, she appeared with him in ‘Comic Relief VI’, a television production and also in voice role in ‘Garfield and Friends’. Her last film, ‘Hollywood: The Movie’ was released in 1996.
Major Works
  • Imogene Coca is best remembered for her appearance on the television live show, ‘Your Show of Shows’, which ran from February 25, 1950, through June 5, 1954. Starring as Doris Hickenlooper opposite Sid Caesar’s Charlie Hickenlooper, she made her audience laugh with her hilarious acts, often involving martial tribulations.
Family & Personal Life
  • On January 7, 1935, Imogene Coca married Robert Baird Burton, a musician, who arranged music for many of her sketches, remaining married to him until his death on June 17, 1955. The couple did not have any children.
  • On October 17, 1960, she married actor King Donovan, who often performed with her in theaters. They remained married till his death on June 30, 1987. She did not have any children with him either.
  • In her last years, Coca suffered from Alzheimer's disease. On June 2, 2001, she died of natural causes at her home in Westport, Connecticut.


Primetime Emmy Awards
1952 Best Actress Winner

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