Famous People Who Died At 85

The list of famous people who died at 85 includes Hedy Lamarr, Agatha Christie, Shirley Temple, Mary of Teck, V. S. Naipaul. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, actors and poets and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 85 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Shirley TempleShirley Temple
23 April 1928, American
Hedy LamarrHedy Lamarr
09 November 1914, Austrian, American
Actress, Co-inventor of technology for spread

Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie
15 September 1890, British

Tony CurtisTony Curtis
03 June 1925, American
Film actor

Mary of TeckMary of Teck
26 May 1867, British
Former Queen of the United Kingdom

Carl JungCarl Jung
26 July 1875, Swiss
James MadisonJames Madison
16 March 1751, American
4th President of the United States

Karl LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld
10 September 1933, German
Fashion Designer

Lloyd BridgesLloyd Bridges
15 January 1913, American
Film & TV Actor

Joe PaternoJoe Paterno
21 December 1926, American
American Football Player
Grace HopperGrace Hopper
09 December 1906, American
Computer Scientist

Anne MearaAnne Meara
20 September 1929, American
Daniel BooneDaniel Boone
22 October 1734, American

Shelley WintersShelley Winters
18 August 1920, American

Sojourner TruthSojourner Truth
01 December 1797, American
American women's rights activist
Svetlana AlliluyevaSvetlana Alliluyeva
28 February 1926, Russian
Joseph Stalin's Daughter

Ariel SharonAriel Sharon
26 February 1928, Israeli
Prime Minister of Israel
Bettie PageBettie Page
22 April 1923, American

Howard KeelHoward Keel
13 April 1919, American

Jessica TandyJessica Tandy
07 June 1909, British
Robert LoggiaRobert Loggia
03 January 1930, American

Hermann HesseHermann Hesse
02 July 1877, Swiss, German
Annie BesantAnnie Besant
01 October 1847, British
Member of the London School Board

Bhupen HazarikaBhupen Hazarika
08 September 1926, Indian
Musician, Singer, Poet, Filmmaker, Lyricist

Enoch PowellEnoch Powell
16 June 1912, British

Harriet Beecher StoweHarriet Beecher Stowe
14 June 1811, American
American author
Ralph WaiteRalph Waite
22 June 1928, American
Carl RogersCarl Rogers
08 January 1902, American

Lee RadziwillLee Radziwill
03 March 1933, American
Socialite, Actress, Interior Decorator

Erich von MansteinErich von Manstein
24 November 1887, German
Military Leader

Mutsuhiro WatanabeMutsuhiro Watanabe
18 January 1918, Japanese
Imperial Japanese Army Corporal
Zhao ZiyangZhao Ziyang
17 October 1919, Chinese
Former Prime Minister of China

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Howard MorrisHoward Morris
04 September 1919, American
Actor, Director

Don AmecheDon Ameche
31 May 1908, American

Carmine PersicoCarmine Persico
08 August 1933, American
Boss of the Colombo Crime Family

Art CarneyArt Carney
04 November 1918, American
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsRalph Vaughan Williams
12 October 1872, British

V. S. NaipaulV. S. Naipaul
17 August 1932, British
Mary WickesMary Wickes
13 June 1910, American

Thomas CarlyleThomas Carlyle
04 December 1795, Scottish

Ernst HaeckelErnst Haeckel
16 February 1834, German
Biologist, Physician, Philosopher & Artist
V. V. GiriV. V. Giri
10 August 1894, Indian
Fourth President of India

Emilie SchenklEmilie Schenkl
26 December 1910, Austrian
Wife of Subhash Chandra Bose
K. R. NarayananK. R. Narayanan
27 October 1920, Indian
President of India

Desmond LlewelynDesmond Llewelyn
12 September 1914, Welsh

Dorothy McGuireDorothy McGuire
14 June 1916, American

21 February 1929, Mexican

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of RussiaGrand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia
25 March 1875, Russian
Grand Duchess of Russia
Jean-Baptiste LamarckJean-Baptiste Lamarck
01 August 1744, French

Joshua ChamberlainJoshua Chamberlain
08 September 1828, American
Educator & War Hero

Casey StengelCasey Stengel
30 July 1890, American
American baseball manager

Maila NurmiMaila Nurmi
11 December 1922, Finnish, American
Edmond HalleyEdmond Halley
08 November 1656, British

George RaftGeorge Raft
26 September 1895, American
Walter LippmannWalter Lippmann
23 September 1889, American
First to introduce the concept of Cold War

Grace Lee WhitneyGrace Lee Whitney
01 April 1930, American

Dorothea DixDorothea Dix
04 April 1802, American
Social Reformer
Fred PerryFred Perry
18 May 1909, British

Konrad LorenzKonrad Lorenz
07 November 1903, Austrian
Hugo BlackHugo Black
27 February 1886, American
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of

Robert Andrews MillikanRobert Andrews Millikan
22 March 1868, American

H. L. HuntH. L. Hunt
17 February 1889, American
Marjorie MainMarjorie Main
24 February 1890, American

Walter KeaneWalter Keane
07 October 1915, American
Real-Estate Entrepreneur
Charles G. DawesCharles G. Dawes
27 August 1865, American
Vice President of the United States

Joyce BrothersJoyce Brothers
20 October 1927, American
American psychologist

Morihei UeshibaMorihei Ueshiba
14 December 1883, Japanese
Martial Artist

Jamini RoyJamini Roy
11 April 1887, Indian
Indian painter
Henry BessemerHenry Bessemer
19 January 1813, British
Delores TaylorDelores Taylor
27 September 1932, American

Arthur MaletArthur Malet
24 September 1927, British, American

Konstantin KuzakovKonstantin Kuzakov
1911 AD, Russian
Joseph Stalin's Son

Judith Wright Judith Wright
31 May 1915, Australian
Poet, Environmentalist, Campaigner for Aboriginal
Franco ModiglianiFranco Modigliani
10 June 1918, Italian

Walter Houser BrattainWalter Houser Brattain
10 February 1902, American

Melvin Ellis CalvinMelvin Calvin
08 April 1911, American

Selman WaksmanSelman Waksman
22 July 1888, Ukrainian
Discoverer of Streptomycin

Girija Prasad Koirala Girija Prasad Koirala
04 July 1924, Nepalese
Former Prime Minister of Nepal
Daniel Carleton GajdusekDaniel Carleton Gajdusek
09 September 1923, American
Physician and medical researcher

Nicholas Murray ButlerNicholas Murray Butler
02 April 1862, American
Philosopher, Educator
Piero SraffaPiero Sraffa
05 August 1898, Italian
Founder of the Neo-Ricardian School of Economics

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
29 August 1809, American
Writer, Physician

Camilo José CelaCamilo José Cela
11 May 1916, Spanish
Jack Butler YeatsJack Butler Yeats
29 August 1871, Irish, British
Irish artist

Charles Robert Richet Charles Richet
25 August 1850, French
Baruch Samuel BlumbergBaruch Samuel Blumberg
28 July 1925, American
Physician, Geneticist

Carl Ortwin Sauer Carl O. Sauer
24 December 1889, American

Frederick Gowland HopkinsFrederick Gowland Hopkins
20 June 1861, British
English biochemist

Pavel Alekseyevich CherenkovPavel Cherenkov
28 July 1904, Russian
Carl David AndersonCarl David Anderson
03 September 1905, American

Reinhard SeltenReinhard Selten
05 October 1930, Polish
Daniel Bovet Daniel Bovet
23 March 1907, Italian

Karel Appel Karel Appel
25 April 1921, Dutch
Painter, Sculptor, Poet
Kenneth NolandKenneth Noland
10 April 1924, American
Abstract Painter

Bertram BrockhouseBertram Brockhouse
15 July 1918, Canadian
Simon van der MeerSimon van der Meer
24 November 1925, Dutch