Famous People Who Died At 32

The list of famous people who died at 32 includes Bruce Lee, Alexander the Great, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Karen Carpenter, Richard III of England. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, poets, spiritual & religious leaders and soldiers and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 32 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & France and many more countries.

Bruce LeeBruce Lee
27 November 1940, Chinese, American
Actor, Martial Artist
Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great
20 July 0356, Macedonian
Emperor of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon

Srinivasa RamanujanSrinivasa Ramanujan
22 December 1887, Indian

Cass ElliotCass Elliot
19 September 1941, British, American

Karen CarpenterKaren Carpenter
02 March 1950, American

Richard III of EnglandRichard III of England
02 October 1452, British
King of England
John BonhamJohn Bonham
31 May 1948, British
Drummer of Rock Band Led Zeppelin

Keith MoonKeith Moon
23 August 1946, British

Bill HicksBill Hicks
16 December 1961, American

Adi ShankaraAdi Shankara
0788 AD, Indian
Advaita Philosopher
Thurman MunsonThurman Munson
07 June 1947, American
Baseball Player

Sophie GradonSophie Gradon
25 October 1985, British
Mary II of EnglandMary II of England
30 April 1662, British
Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland

Matthew McGroryMatthew McGrory
17 May 1973, American

Saint SebastianSaint Sebastian
0256 AD, French
Rob PilatusRob Pilatus
08 June 1965, German

Florence BallardFlorence Ballard
30 June 1943, American
Natina ReedNatina Reed
28 October 1980, American

Dana HillDana Hill
06 May 1964, American

Edgar the PeacefulEdgar the Peaceful
07 August 0942, British
King of England
Gilles VilleneuveGilles Villeneuve
18 January 1950, Canadian
Racing Driver

Jodi HuisentruitJodi Huisentruit
05 May 1968, American
News Anchor
Hansie CronjeHansie Cronje
25 September 1969, South African

Johnny StompanatoJohnny Stompanato
10 October 1925, American
Bodyguard of Mickey Cohen

0492 BC, Indian

John ReedJohn Reed
22 October 1887, American
Journalist, Poet
General Aung SanGeneral Aung San
13 February 1915, Burmese
Britanny MurphyBritanny Murphy
10 November 1977, American

Jon Pall SigmarssonJon Pall Sigmarsson
28 April 1960, Icelander
Strongman, Bodybuilder

Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy
10 November 1977, American
Film Actress

Todd BeamerTodd Beamer
24 November 1968, American
Brian EpsteinBrian Epstein
19 September 1934, British
Businessperson, Impresario, Talent agent, Talent

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Joan I of NavarreJoan I of Navarre
14 January 1273, French

Bruce McLarenBruce McLaren
30 August 1937, New Zealander
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Mary IIMary II
30 April 1662, British

Jim ClarkJim Clark
04 March 1936, British
Formula One driver, Farmer
Andy IronsAndy Irons
24 July 1978, American

Glenn QuinnGlenn Quinn
28 May 1970, American, Northern Irish
Ira HayesIra Hayes
12 January 1923, American

Saint LawrenceSaint Lawrence
31 December 0225, Spanish
Saint, Deacon

Giuseppe ZangaraGiuseppe Zangara
07 September 1900, American
Davey AllisonDavey Allison
25 February 1961, American
Racing driver

Aung SanAung San
13 February 1915, Burmese
Politician, Military personnel
James WolfeJames Wolfe
02 January 1727, British

Robert EnkeRobert Enke
24 August 1977, German
Association football player

Joseph I, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph I, Holy Roman Emperor
26 July 1678, Austrian, Hungarian

Ned VizziniNed Vizzini
04 April 1981, American
Writer, Novelist

Elizabeth SiddalElizabeth Siddal
25 July 1829, British
Painter, Poet, Art model, Visual artist, Model
Hart CraneHart Crane
21 July 1899, American
Poet, Writer

Muhammad Quli Qutb ShahMuhammad Quli Qutb Shah
1580 AD, Indian

Louis the StammererLouis the Stammerer
01 November 0846, French

Ibn al-KhattabIbn al-Khattab
14 April 1969, Saudi Arabian
Hotaru AkaneHotaru Akane
25 October 1983, Japanese
Adult Film Star, Model, AV idol, Actor, Tarento,

1478 AD, Italian
Forough FarrokhzadForough Farrokhzad
05 January 1935, Iranian
Poet, Film director, Writer

Felix MitchellFelix Mitchell
1954 AD, American
Drug Dealer, Organized Crime

François VillonFrançois Villon
01 April 1431, French
poet, writer
Johanna SällströmJohanna Sällström
30 December 1974, Swedish

02 October 1973, American
musician, rapper, actor, songwriter
Camille DoncieuxCamille Doncieux
15 January 1847, French
painter, model

Hermann BuhlHermann Buhl
21 September 1924, Austrian
Mountaineer, Mountain guide

Johann Ludwig BurckhardtJohann Ludwig Burckhardt
24 November 1784, Swiss
Explorer, Writer, Art historian, Archaeologist
Baldwin I of ConstantinopleBaldwin I of Constantinople
30 June 1172, French
Political leader,

Hōjō TokimuneHōjō Tokimune
05 June 1251, Japanese
Yossef RomanoYossef Romano
15 April 1940, Israeli

Nate SaintNate Saint
30 August 1923, American

04 April 1958, Brazilian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Songwriter,

Attila JózsefAttila József
11 April 1905, Hungarian
Hungarian poet
Jimmy GeorgeJimmy George
08 March 1955, Indian
Volleyball player
Walther SchwiegerWalther Schwieger
07 April 1885

Moshe WeinbergMoshe Weinberg
19 September 1939, Israeli
Amateur wrestler

Noel Godfrey ChavasseNoel Godfrey Chavasse
09 November 1884, British
Military physician, Athletics competitor

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-BalawiHumam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi
25 December 1977, Afghan, Kuwaiti
Jordanian doctor
Hazel Ying LeeHazel Ying Lee
24 August 1912, American

Little TLittle T
31 October 1974, American

Stella YoungStella Young
24 February 1982, Australian

Géza II of HungaryGéza II of Hungary
1130 AD, Hungarian

Leone Sextus TollemacheLeone Sextus Tollemache
10 June 1884, British
Abdul HamidAbdul Hamid
01 July 1933, Indian

Sextus PompeiusSextus Pompeius
0067 BC, Italian
1295 AD, French

Màrius TorresMàrius Torres
30 August 1910, Spanish
Poet, Writer

Randolph Silliman BourneRandolph Silliman Bourne
30 May 1886, American
Wallace Henry ThurmanWallace Henry Thurman
1902 AD
Author, Editor, Literary Critic, Playwright

Ricky Wilson (American Musician)Ricky Wilson (American Musician)
19 March 1953, American