Died On April 20th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 20. The list includes people like Bram Stoker, Benny Hill, Cantinflas, Leon Battista Alberti, Guy Hamilton. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, novelists and philosophers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Japan & France and many more countries.

08 September 1989, Swedish
Musician, DJ
27 December 1970, American
Professional Wrestler

Benny HillBenny Hill
21 January 1924, British

Bram StokerBram Stoker
08 November 1847, Irish
Creator of Dracula

Rubin CarterRubin Carter
06 May 1937, Canadian

12 August 1911, Mexican
Comic Film Actor
Richard ProennekeRichard Proenneke
04 May 1916, American

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of RussiaGrand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia
25 March 1875, Russian
Grand Duchess of Russia

Dennis Cleveland StewartDennis Cleveland Stewart
29 July 1947, American

Leon Battista AlbertiLeon Battista Alberti
18 February 1404, Italian
Architect, Linguist
Guy HamiltonGuy Hamilton
16 September 1922, British
Film Director

Karl Ferdinand BraunKarl Ferdinand Braun
06 June 1850, German
German Physicist & Inventor
George ClintonGeorge Clinton
26 July 1739, American
Fourth Vice President of the U.S.A

Sir Bernard KatzSir Bernard Katz
26 March 1911, British

Peter SteelePeter Steele
04 January 1962, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer
Rick RudeRick Rude
07 December 1958, American
Professional wrestler, Actor

Victoria WoodVictoria Wood
19 May 1953, British
Steve MarriottSteve Marriott
30 January 1947, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Record

Christian X of DenmarkChristian X of Denmark
26 September 1870, Danish

Deanna DurbinDeanna Durbin
04 December 1921, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician, Opera singer, Film actor
Pope Clement VPope Clement V
1264 AD, French

Güyük KhanGüyük Khan
19 March 1206, Mongolian
Khagan of the Mongol Empire
Lucy, Lady Duff-GordonLucy, Lady Duff-Gordon
13 June 1863, British
Costume designer

Paul CelanPaul Celan
23 November 1920, French, Ukrainian

Jean LouisJean Louis
05 October 1907, French, Haitian, American
Artist, Screenwriter, Costume designer

Archibald MacLeishArchibald MacLeish
07 May 1892, American
Librarian, Poet, Playwright, Writer, University
Tim HetheringtonTim Hetherington
05 December 1970, British, American
War correspondent, Photographer, Film director,
Pope AnicetusPope Anicetus
09 December 0092, Syrian

Giuseppe PeanoGiuseppe Peano
27 August 1858, Italian
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher

Daijiro KatoDaijiro Kato
04 July 1976, Japanese
Motorcycle racer

William BurgesWilliam Burges
02 December 1827, British
Neville WranNeville Wran
11 October 1926, Australian

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Hōjō TokimuneHōjō Tokimune
05 June 1251, Japanese

Ivanoe BonomiIvanoe Bonomi
18 October 1873, Italian
Politician, Prime Minister

Eric HarrisEric Harris
09 April 1981, American

Filippino LippiFilippino Lippi
1457 AD, Italian
Magdalena AbakanowiczMagdalena Abakanowicz
20 June 1930, Polish
Sculptor, Textile artist, Athletics competitor,

Mitsumasa YonaiMitsumasa Yonai
02 March 1880, Japanese
Politician,Prime Minister
Malhar Rao HolkarMalhar Rao Holkar
16 March 1693

Alistair MacLeodAlistair MacLeod
20 July 1936, Canadian
Writer, Novelist, University teacher

Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 5th BaronetSir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 5th Baronet
22 July 1862, Scottish
Tul Bahadur PunTul Bahadur Pun
23 March 1923, Nepalese
Military personnel

Milovan ĐilasMilovan Đilas
12 June 1911, Yugoslav, Montenegrins