Famous People Who Died In 1964

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1964. This list includes people like Jawaharlal Nehru, Herbert Hoover, Douglas MacArthur, Sam Cooke, Ian Fleming and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, journalists and novelists who died in 1964. This list includes people from United States, Germany, India & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Jawaharlal NehruJawaharlal Nehru
14 November 1889, Indian
First PM of India & Freedom Fighter
Douglas MacArthurDouglas MacArthur
26 January 1880, American

Sam CookeSam Cooke
22 January 1931, American
Singer and Songwriter

Herbert HooverHerbert Hoover
10 August 1874, American
31st U.S. President

Ian FlemingIan Fleming
28 May 1908, British
Author of James Bond Series

Cole PorterCole Porter
09 June 1891, American
Composer, Songwriter
Rachel CarsonRachel Carson
27 May 1907, American
Marine biologist

Alan LaddAlan Ladd
03 September 1913, American

Peter LorrePeter Lorre
26 June 1904, American

Consuelo VanderbiltConsuelo Vanderbilt
02 March 1877, American
Harpo MarxHarpo Marx
23 November 1888, American

Guru DuttGuru Dutt
09 July 1925, Indian
Actor, Producer, Director, Choreographer
Gracie AllenGracie Allen
26 July 1895, American

Mary Pinchot MeyerMary Pinchot Meyer
14 October 1920, American
Painter & Journalist

Andrew GoodmanAndrew Goodman
23 November 1943, American
Civil Rights Acrivist
Brendan BehanBrendan Behan
09 February 1923, Irish
Irish poet

Khawaja NazimuddinKhawaja Nazimuddin
19 July 1894, Pakistani
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Leó SzilárdLeó Szilárd
11 February 1898, American

Alfred BlalockAlfred Blalock
05 April 1899, American

James FranckJames Franck
26 August 1882, German
Victor Francis HessVictor Francis Hess
24 June 1883, American
Discoverer of Cosmic Rays

Anna Julia CooperAnna Julia Cooper
10 August 1858, American
Author, Educator
Nancy AstorNancy Astor
19 May 1879, British
First Woman MP in the House of Commons

J.B.S. HaldaneJ.B.S. Haldane
05 November 1892, British

Sergiusz PiaseckiSergiusz Piasecki
01 April 1901, Polish

Emilio AguinaldoEmilio Aguinaldo
22 March 1869, Filipino
Politician, Autobiographer
Jim ReevesJim Reeves
20 August 1923, American
Singer, Songwriter
Paul of GreecePaul of Greece
14 December 1901, Greek

Norbert WienerNorbert Wiener
26 November 1894, American
Mathematician, Autobiographer, University teacher,

James ChaneyJames Chaney
30 May 1943, American
civil rights advocate

J. B. S. HaldaneJ. B. S. Haldane
05 November 1892, Indian, British
Biologist, Geneticist, University teacher
Paul von Lettow-VorbeckPaul von Lettow-Vorbeck
20 March 1870, German
Politician, Writer, Officer

Michael SchwernerMichael Schwerner
06 November 1939, American
Social Reformer

Karl PolanyiKarl Polanyi
25 October 1886, Hungarian
Economist, Anthropologist, Economic historian,

Eric Edgar CookeEric Edgar Cooke
25 February 1931, Australian
Serial killer

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Gerrit RietveldGerrit Rietveld
24 June 1888, Dutch
Dutch designer
29 April 1891, Indian

Jimmie DoddJimmie Dodd
28 March 1910, American
Plaek PhibunsongkhramPlaek Phibunsongkhram
14 July 1897, Thai
Politician, Military personnel

Maithili Sharan GuptMaithili Sharan Gupt
03 August 1886, Indian
Linguist, Poet, Politician, Translator

Giorgio MorandiGiorgio Morandi
20 July 1890, Italian
Painter, Teacher, Soldier, Etcher, University
Fireball RobertsFireball Roberts
20 January 1929, American
Racecar driver, Racing driver

Joseph SchildkrautJoseph Schildkraut
22 March 1896, Austrian, American
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor
Palmiro TogliattiPalmiro Togliatti
26 March 1893, Italian

Anna J. CooperAnna J. Cooper
10 August 1858, American
Historian, Writer

Guy BanisterGuy Banister
07 March 1900, American
private investigator

Otto GrotewohlOtto Grotewohl
11 March 1894

31 December 1897, Australian, American
Costume designer
Alvin C. YorkAlvin C. York
1887 AD
Warrior, Military Leader

Heinz JostHeinz Jost
09 July 1904, German
Politician, Lawyer

Gerhard DomagkGerhard Domagk
30 October 1895, German, Polish
Biochemist, Physician, University teacher

Alexander ArchipenkoAlexander Archipenko
30 May 1887, American
Sculptor, Painter, Artist
Frans Eemil SillanpääFrans Eemil Sillanpää
16 September 1888, Finnish
Finnish writer

Samuil MarshakSamuil Marshak
03 November 1887, Russian
writer, Poet
Alexander MeiklejohnAlexander Meiklejohn
01 February 1872, American

Hans von Euler-ChelpinHans von Euler-Chelpin
15 February 1873, German, Swedish

Clarence Budington KellandClarence Budington Kelland
11 July 1881, American
Writer, Journalist, Novelist
Jigme Palden DorjiJigme Palden Dorji
1919 AD, Bhutanese
Politician,Prime Minister

Paul Emil von Lettow-VorbeckPaul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck
20 March 1870, German
Stuart DavisStuart Davis
07 December 1892, American

Carl van VechtenCarl van Vechten
17 June 1880, American
Writer, photographer

Robert N. LeeRobert N. Lee
12 May 1890, American
E.J. PrattE.J. Pratt
1882 AD, Canadian

Brendan Francis BehanBrendan Francis Behan
09 January 1923, Irish
Alma Mahler Gropius WerfelAlma Mahler Gropius Werfel
31 August 1879, Austrian

John Thomas FlynnJohn Thomas Flynn
25 October 1882, American

Gōtarō MikamiGōtarō Mikami
15 November 1869, Japanese
Physician, Journalist

Păstorel TeodoreanuPăstorel Teodoreanu
30 July 1894, Romanian
Linguist, Lawyer