Many people believe that everybody is talented or rather blessed with some ability. However, not everybody hogs the limelight at a young age. Many famous personalities we know today are late bloomers, who became celebrities in their 20s and 30s. And then there are a few incredibly talented ones who stunned the world at a tender age. The words which best describe these talented kids are ‘child prodigies’. Hollywood actors Haley Joel Osment and MaCaulay Culkin are two famous child prodigies from the glorious 90’s who became heartthrobs after their stellar performances in the blockbusters ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Home Alone’ respectively. Apart from actors, there are several other kids who became world renowned celebrities for various other reasons. During recent times, Priyanshi Somani, Gregory R Smith and Aelita Andre have been in the news for their talent, which has taken the world completely by surprise. Priyanshi Somani, from India, has been hailed as the ‘human calculator’. She won the ‘Mental Calculation World Cup’ held in 2010 and has even earned a place in the ‘Limca Book Of Records’ and ‘Guinness Book Of World Records’ books for her outstanding accomplishments. Gregory R Smith won a Nobel Prize for Peace at the tender age of 12, making him one of the youngest recipients of the award. You would be surprised to know that Smith could remember chapters of books when he was barely 14 months old. Here are a few child prodigies who astonished the world with their remarkable abilities.
Macaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin
26 August 1980, American
Christian BaleChristian Bale
30 January 1974, British

Anna FarisAnna Faris
29 November 1976, American

Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz
26 May 1964, American

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932, British, American

Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne
27 September 1984, Canadian, French
Ice CubeIce Cube
15 June 1969, American

Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl
24 November 1978, American
Actress, Film Producer

Usain BoltUsain Bolt
21 August 1986, Jamaican
Olympic athlete
Ringo StarrRingo Starr
07 July 1940, British

Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony
29 May 1984, American
Julian LennonJulian Lennon
08 April 1963, British

Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna
21 March 1960, Brazilian
Formula One Driver

Mickey RooneyMickey Rooney
23 September 1920, American

Shirley MacLaineShirley MacLaine
24 April 1934, American

Brian MayBrian May
19 July 1947, British
Mike MyersMike Myers
25 May 1963, Canadian

Ada LovelaceAda Lovelace
10 December 1815, British
Countess of Lovelace

Ashlee SimpsonAshlee Simpson
03 October 1984, American

Frédéric ChopinFrédéric Chopin
01 March 1810, Polish
Ashley OlsenAshley Olsen
13 June 1986, American
Fashion Designer

Christina Milian Christina Milian
26 September 1981, American
Mario LopezMario Lopez
10 October 1973, American
American television host

Flavor FlavFlavor Flav
16 March 1959, American

Dudley MooreDudley Moore
19 April 1935, British
Barry BondsBarry Bonds
24 July 1964, American
American baseball player

Hank AaronHank Aaron
05 February 1934, American
Barry SandersBarry Sanders
16 July 1968, American
American football running back

Alan MinterAlan Minter
17 August 1951, British
Professional Boxer

Kenny GKenny G
05 June 1956, American
Beatrix PotterBeatrix Potter
28 July 1866, British

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Pete MaravichPete Maravich
22 June 1947, American
Basketball Player
Charles M. Schulz Charles M. Schulz
26 November 1922, American

Kelly SlaterKelly Slater
11 February 1972, American

Brian McKnightBrian McKnight
05 June 1969, American

Alexander von HumboldtAlexander von Humboldt
14 September 1769, German
Keith SweatKeith Sweat
22 July 1961, American
Frank IeroFrank Iero
31 October 1981, American

Lara FabianLara Fabian
09 January 1970, Belgian

27 October 1978, British

Robert M. PirsigRobert M. Pirsig
06 September 1928, American
Writer, Philosopher
Jean-François ChampollionJean-François Champollion
23 December 1790, French

John Stewart BellJohn Stewart Bell
28 June 1928, Northern Irish

Virginia SatirVirginia Satir
26 June 1916, American
American author

Wernher Von BraunWernher Von Braun
23 March 1912, German, Polish, American

Albrecht von HallerAlbrecht von Haller
16 October 1708, Swiss
Hannah WhelanHannah Whelan
01 July 1992, British

Justin Randall TimberlakeJustin Randall Timberlake
31 January 1981, American
American singer-songwriter
Andre WeilAndre Weil
06 May 1906, French

Josef HofmannJosef Hofmann
20 January 1876, Polish, American

Edwin LandseerEdwin Landseer
07 March 1802, British
Rudolf SerkinRudolf Serkin
28 March 1903, Czech, American

Carl ReineckeCarl Reinecke
23 June 1824, German
Alicia de LarrochaAlicia de Larrocha
23 May 1923, Spanish

Sebastian Ziani de FerrantiSebastian Ziani de Ferranti
09 April 1864, British
Electrical engineer

Krisztina EgerszegiKrisztina Egerszegi
16 August 1974, Hungarian

William SteinbergWilliam Steinberg
01 August 1899, German

Ferdinand HillerFerdinand Hiller
24 October 1811, German
Giovanni BononciniGiovanni Bononcini
18 July 1670, Italian

Alexander TcherepninAlexander Tcherepnin
21 January 1899, Russian

Anne BrownAnne Brown
09 August 1912, Norwegian, American

Juan SorianoJuan Soriano
18 August 1920, Mexican
Painter and sculptor
Cyril Meir ScottCyril Meir Scott
27 September 1879, British