Famous People Born In 1874

Discover the most famous people born in 1874. The list includes people like Lucy Maud Montgomery, Winston Churchill, Harry Houdini, Herbert Hoover, Robert Frost and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include poets, novelists, political leaders and composers born in 1874. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill
30th November, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Harry HoudiniHarry Houdini
24th March, Hungarian

Herbert HooverHerbert Hoover
10th August, American
31st U.S. President

Robert FrostRobert Frost
26th March, American

Gertrude SteinGertrude Stein
3rd February, American
American novelist

Guglielmo MarconiGuglielmo Marconi
25th April, Italian
John D. Rockefeller Jr.John D. Rockefeller Jr.
29th January, American
Philanthropist & Businessman

Arnold SchoenbergArnold Schoenberg
13th September, Austrian

Lucy Maud MontgomeryLucy Maud Montgomery
30th November, Canadian

Chaim WeizmannChaim Weizmann
27th November, British
Former President of Israel
Charles IvesCharles Ives
20th October, American

Robert W. ServiceRobert W. Service
16th January, Canadian, French, British
Poet & Writer
Henry TraversHenry Travers
5th March, British

Carl Bosch Carl Bosch
27th August, German
Chemist & Engineer

Antanas SmetonaAntanas Smetona
10th August, Lithuanian
Former President of Lithuania
Sir Ernest ShackletonSir Ernest Shackleton
15th February, British
Antarctic explorer

Johannes StarkJohannes Stark
15th April, German
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
William MaughamWilliam Maugham
25th January, British
Novelist & Playwright

Joseph ErlangerJoseph Erlanger
5th January, American

August KroghAugust Krogh
15th November, Danish
Joaquín Torres GarcíaJoaquín Torres García
28th July, Uruguayan

Einar JónssonEinar Jónsson
11th May, Icelander
Icelandic sculptor
Gilbert K. ChestertonGilbert K. Chesterton
29th May, British

Gustavus Theodore von HolstGustavus Theodore von Holst
21st September, British

G. K. ChestertonG. K. Chesterton
29th May, British
Journalist, Poet, Novelist, Autobiographer,

W. Somerset MaughamW. Somerset Maugham
25th January, French, British
Playwright, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter
Howard CarterHoward Carter
9th May, British
British archaeologist
Gustav HolstGustav Holst
21st September, British

Edward ThorndikeEdward Thorndike
31st August, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Nicholas RoerichNicholas Roerich
9th October, Russian
Philosopher, Painter, Choreographer, Writer,

Lewis HineLewis Hine
26th September, American
Sociologist, Photographer, Artist
Talaat PashaTalaat Pasha
10th April, Turkish

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J. C. LeyendeckerJ. C. Leyendecker
23rd March, American
Illustrator, Painter, Artist

Oswald ChambersOswald Chambers
24th July, British
Author, Theologian

Ernst CassirerErnst Cassirer
28th July, Polish, Swedish
Philosopher, University teacher

Bert WilliamsBert Williams
12th November, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Stage actor
Gustave WhiteheadGustave Whitehead
1st January, German, American
Aerospace engineer, Engineer

Charles A. BeardCharles A. Beard
27th November, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University
Vsevolod MeyerholdVsevolod Meyerhold
28th January, Russian
actor, theatre director, playwright

Max SchelerMax Scheler
22nd August, German
Philosopher, Anthropologist, University teacher,

Elsa von Freytag-LoringhovenElsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
12th July, German
Sculptor, Writer, Painter, Model, Poet, Artist
Hugo von HofmannsthalHugo von Hofmannsthal
1st February, Austrian
Novelist, Librettist, Poet, Playwright, Writer,

Abbas II of EgyptAbbas II of Egypt
14th July, Egyptian
Arthur MeighenArthur Meighen
16th June, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Amy LowellAmy Lowell
9th February, American
Poet, Writer, Socialite

Reynaldo HahnReynaldo Hahn
9th August, French, Venezuelan
Conductor, Composer, Choreographer, Music critic,

Daniel François MalanDaniel François Malan
22nd May, South African
Minister, Politician

Reginald JohnstonReginald Johnston
21st May, Scottish
Politician, Diplomat, Teacher
Romaine BrooksRomaine Brooks
1st May, Italian, American
Painter, Sculptor

14th May, French
Actor, Singer, Stage actor

Luigi EinaudiLuigi Einaudi
24th March, Italian

Auguste PerretAuguste Perret
12th February, French
Konstantin PätsKonstantin Päts
23rd February, Estonian

Eugen FischerEugen Fischer
5th July, German
Anthropologist, Physician, Racial hygienist,
Henri GuisanHenri Guisan
21st October, Swiss

Serge KoussevitzkySerge Koussevitzky
26th July
Composer, Conductor, Musician

Lina CavalieriLina Cavalieri
25th December
Singer, Actor, Opera singer
Aleksandr KolchakAleksandr Kolchak
16th October, Russian

Mary GardenMary Garden
20th February, American
Singer, Opera singer, Actor
Shahaji IIShahaji II
26th June, Indian

Alice Duer MillerAlice Duer Miller
28th July, American
Poet, Author, Screenwriter, Writer

Egas MonizEgas Moniz
29th November, Portuguese
William Somerset MaughamWilliam Somerset Maugham
25th January, British

Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr.Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr.
1st October, American
Bernhard HoetgerBernhard Hoetger
4th May, German
Painter, Sculptor, Architect

Lou HooverLou Hoover
30th November
U.S. First Lady, Philanthropist

Karl KrausKarl Kraus
28th April, Austrian, Czech
writer, poet, journalist, essayist

Robert ServiceRobert Service
16th January, British
Writer, Poet, Novelist
Apirana NgataApirana Ngata
3rd July, New Zealander
E.L. ThorndikeE.L. Thorndike
30th November
Academic, Psychologist

W. L. Mackenzie KingW. L. Mackenzie King
17th December, Canadian
Prime Minister,politician

Thomas John Watson, Sr.Thomas John Watson, Sr.
17th February, American

Oswald J. ChambersOswald J. Chambers
24th July, Welsh