Find out more about the greatest Pakistanis, including Kumail Nanjiani, Malala Yousafzai, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Imran Khan and Muhammad Iqbal.

Come to think of Pakistan and your mind will be swamped with images of nefarious crimes, political instability, Talibanism, corrupt elites and terrorism. But beyond all the hostile headlines and bad press, there exists another Pakistan — a country that boasts of unparalleled geographic beauty, mind-boggling architectural glories, unbelievable archaic bazaars and heart-warming people. That is right! Pakistanis beat many nationalities when it comes to their warm hospitality. But that is not the only good thing about India’s next-door neighbor. Besides being home to the highest mountain range, largest deep sea port, highest paved international road, highest polo ground, and largest irrigation system, Pakistan is the first Islamic nation to attain nuclear power. A minefield of inexhaustible talent and unlimited resources, Pakistan has given the world some exemplary figures like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Malala Yousafzai, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Wasim Akram, Imran Khan and many other unsung heroes who have contributed to promote a pro-Pakistani image to the world. It is because of their individual efforts that today Pakistan is appreciated, however little. Let us draw inspiration from the lives of famous Pakistanis through their timeline, trivia and interesting facts covered in their biographies here.
Imran KhanImran Khan
(22nd PM of Pakistan)

05 October 1952

Malala YousafzaiMalala Yousafzai
(Youngest Nobel Laureate)

12 July 1997

Muhammad Ali JinnahMuhammad Ali Jinnah

25 December 1876

Nawaz SharifNawaz Sharif
(Prime Minister of Pakistan)

25 December 1949

Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto

21 June 1953

Kumail NanjianiKumail Nanjiani
(Comedian, Actor)

21 February 1978

Pervez MusharrafPervez Musharraf

11 August 1943

Muhammad IqbalMuhammad Iqbal
(Poet & Philosopher)

09 November 1877

Zulfikar Ali BhuttoZulfikar Ali Bhutto

05 January 1928

Asif Ali ZardariAsif Ali Zardari
(Former President of Pakistan)

26 July 1955

Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanNusrat Fateh Ali Khan
(Qawwal and Ghazal Singer)

13 October 1948

Saba QamarSaba Qamar

05 April 1984

Khalid Sheikh MohammedKhalid Sheikh Mohammed

01 March 1964

Liaquat Ali KhanLiaquat Ali Khan
(First Prime Minister of Pakistan)

01 October 1895

Noor JehanNoor Jehan
(Singer and Actress)

21 September 1926

Abdul Sattar EdhiAbdul Sattar Edhi

01 January 1928

Fatima JinnahFatima Jinnah
(Sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

31 July 1893

Mehdi HassanMehdi Hassan
(Ghazal Singer)

18 July 1927

Abdus SalamAbdus Salam
(Theoretical Physicist)

29 January 1926

Abida ParveenAbida Parveen
(Ghazal Singer)

1954 AD

Iskander MirzaIskander Mirza
(Former President of Pakistan)

15 November 1899

Khan Abdul Ghaffar KhanKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(Political and Spiritual Leader)

06 February 1890

Shaukat AzizShaukat Aziz
(Former Prime Minister of Pakistan)

06 March 1949

Khawaja NazimuddinKhawaja Nazimuddin
(Former Prime Minister of Pakistan)

19 July 1894

Iqbal MasihIqbal Masih
(Children's Rights Activist)

1983 AD

Shaheen AfridiShaheen Afridi

06 April 2000

Ziauddin YousafzaiZiauddin Yousafzai
(Education Activist, Diplomat)

1969 AD

Altaf HussainAltaf Hussain

17 September 1953

Bushra ManekaBushra Maneka
(Imran Khan's Wife)

06 August 1968

Muhammad Ali BograMuhammad Ali Bogra
(Former Prime Minister of Pakistan)

19 October 1909

Mohammad AliMohammad Ali

19 April 1931

Shahveer JafryShahveer Jafry

26 November 1993


Raj KapoorRaj Kapoor
(Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor)

14 December 1924

Maryam NawazMaryam Nawaz

28 October 1973

Atif AslamAtif Aslam

12 March 1983

Saadat Hasan MantoSaadat Hasan Manto
(Screenwriter, Journalist, Writer)

11 May 1912

Mahira KhanMahira Khan

21 December 1984

Bilawal Bhutto ZardariBilawal Bhutto Zardari

21 September 1988

Wasim AkramWasim Akram

03 June 1966

Mamnoon HussainMamnoon Hussain
(Politician, Entrepreneur)

23 December 1940

Shahid AfridiShahid Afridi

01 March 1980

Yash ChopraYash Chopra
(Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Artist)

27 September 1932

Muhammad Zia-ul-HaqMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq
(Politician, Officer)

12 August 1924

Farhan SaeedFarhan Saeed
(Singer, Songwriter)

14 September 1984

Ali ZafarAli Zafar

18 May 1980

Ajmal KasabAjmal Kasab

13 July 1987

Prince Aly KhanPrince Aly Khan
(Diplomat, Jockey, Socialite)

13 June 1911

The Great GamaThe Great Gama
(Amateur wrestler)

22 May 1878

Nadia AliNadia Ali

03 August 1980

Ramzi YousefRamzi Yousef

20 May 1967

Shah Mehmood QureshiShah Mehmood Qureshi

22 June 1956

Imran AbbasImran Abbas

25 March 1978

Hina Rabbani KharHina Rabbani Khar
(Diplomat, Politician, Entrepreneur, Economist)

19 November 1977

Aafia SiddiquiAafia Siddiqui

02 March 1972

Hafiz Muhammad SaeedHafiz Muhammad Saeed
(Politician, Terrorist)

10 March 1950

Yahya KhanYahya Khan

04 February 1917

Humayun SaeedHumayun Saeed
(Actor, Model)

27 July 1971

Shoaib AkhtarShoaib Akhtar
(Cricketer, Autobiographer)

13 August 1975

Abdul Qadeer KhanAbdul Qadeer Khan
(Physicist, Engineer, Scientist, Metallurgist, Theoretical physicist)

01 April 1936

Ayeza KhanAyeza Khan
Veena MalikVeena Malik
(Model, Actor)

26 February 1984


03 March 1970

Sanam SaeedSanam Saeed

Attaullah Khan EsakhelviAttaullah Khan Esakhelvi

19 August 1951

Sanam BalochSanam Baloch

Aamir Liaquat HussainAamir Liaquat Hussain

05 July 1971

Javed MiandadJaved Miandad

12 June 1957

Javed SheikhJaved Sheikh
(Actor, Film director, Film producer)

08 October 1954

Tehmina DurraniTehmina Durrani

Mohsin KhanMohsin Khan
(Actor, Cricketer)

15 March 1955

Somy AliSomy Ali
(Journalist, Actor, Model)

25 March 1976

Meesha ShafiMeesha Shafi
(Actor, Singer, Model)

01 December 1981

Waqar YounisWaqar Younis

16 November 1971

Yousaf Raza GillaniYousaf Raza Gillani
(Journalist, Politician)

09 June 1952