Often blanched by political instability, turbulent history and continuous hostility and conflicts with India, Pakistan has more to itself than what the world sees. The country is home to world’s largest mosque, tallest cliff, unlimited natural resources, greatest irrigation system and biggest mountain face. That apart, topographically, it boasts of rich cultural heritage and fascinating natural beauty. Ever since its independence, Pakistan has been suffering from political instability but in such extreme circumstances, there have been leaders who have helped Pakistan become one amongst the developing nations of the world. And any discussion regarding Pakistani leader cannot start without the mention of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Some other eminent Pakistani leaders who helped the country gain prominence in the world platform include Liaqat Ali Khan, Khawaja Nazimuddin, Ayub Khan, Asif Ali Zardari, Pervez Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto or current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. At various junctures, these Pakistani leaders helped the country not just surface from its problems but steep high up, politically, socially, economically and militarily. Also, it was under the leadership of these elite leaders that Pakistan became a strong nation and developed close international ties with leading countries of the world. Know more about the life and works of famous Pakistani leaders with this section.
Imran KhanImran Khan
05 October 1952
22nd PM of Pakistan
Muhammad Ali JinnahMuhammad Ali Jinnah
25 December 1876
Founder of Pakistan

Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto
21 June 1953

Nawaz SharifNawaz Sharif
25 December 1949
Prime Minister of Pakistan

Zulfikar Ali BhuttoZulfikar Ali Bhutto
05 January 1928

Pervez MusharrafPervez Musharraf
11 August 1943
Liaquat Ali KhanLiaquat Ali Khan
01 October 1895
First Prime Minister of Pakistan

Asif Ali ZardariAsif Ali Zardari
26 July 1955
Former President of Pakistan

Fatima JinnahFatima Jinnah
31 July 1893
Sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Abdul Sattar EdhiAbdul Sattar Edhi
01 January 1928
Iskander MirzaIskander Mirza
15 November 1899
Former President of Pakistan

Khawaja NazimuddinKhawaja Nazimuddin
19 July 1894
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Khan Abdul Ghaffar KhanKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
06 February 1890
Political and Spiritual Leader

Shaukat AzizShaukat Aziz
06 March 1949
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Altaf HussainAltaf Hussain
17 September 1953
Muhammad Ali BograMuhammad Ali Bogra
19 October 1909
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Muhammad Zia-ul-HaqMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq
12 August 1924
Politician, Officer
Maryam NawazMaryam Nawaz
28 October 1973

Prince Aly KhanPrince Aly Khan
13 June 1911
Diplomat, Jockey, Socialite

Bilawal Bhutto ZardariBilawal Bhutto Zardari
21 September 1988
Hina Rabbani KharHina Rabbani Khar
19 November 1977
Diplomat, Politician, Entrepreneur, Economist

Humayun SaeedHumayun Saeed
27 July 1971
Actor, Model
Yahya KhanYahya Khan
04 February 1917

Israr AhmedIsrar Ahmed
26 April 1932
Philosopher, Theologian, University teacher

Huseyn Shaheed SuhrawardyHuseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy
08 September 1892

Ashfaq Parvez KayaniAshfaq Parvez Kayani
20 April 1952
Jogendra Nath MandalJogendra Nath Mandal
29 January 1904
Hafiz Muhammad SaeedHafiz Muhammad Saeed
10 March 1950
Politician, Terrorist

Murtaza BhuttoMurtaza Bhutto
18 September 1954

Yousaf Raza GillaniYousaf Raza Gillani
09 June 1952
Journalist, Politician

Mamnoon HussainMamnoon Hussain
23 December 1940
Politician, Entrepreneur
Tikka KhanTikka Khan
07 July 1915

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Akbar BugtiAkbar Bugti
12 July 1927

Shah Mehmood QureshiShah Mehmood Qureshi
22 June 1956

Choudhry Rahmat AliChoudhry Rahmat Ali
16 November 1897

Malik Ghulam MuhammadMalik Ghulam Muhammad
20 April 1895
Financier, Politician
Salmaan TaseerSalmaan Taseer
31 May 1944
politician, businessperson, entrepreneur,

Aamir Liaquat HussainAamir Liaquat Hussain
05 July 1971
Marvi MemonMarvi Memon
21 August 1972

Ghulam Ishaq KhanGhulam Ishaq Khan
20 January 1915
Politician, Financier

Shahnawaz BhuttoShahnawaz Bhutto
21 November 1958
Asma JahangirAsma Jahangir
27 January 1952
Human rights activist, Lawyer

Ishaq DarIshaq Dar
13 May 1950
Economist, Financier, Politician
Shah Nawaz BhuttoShah Nawaz Bhutto
1888 AD

Muhammad Mian SoomroMuhammad Mian Soomro
19 August 1950
politician,Prime Minister

Ghulam Mustafa KharGhulam Mustafa Khar
1937 AD

Muhammad Zafarullah KhanMuhammad Zafarullah Khan
06 February 1893
Politician, Diplomat, Judge, Lawyer

Amir Abdullah Khan NiaziAmir Abdullah Khan Niazi
1915 AD
military personnel
Farooq LeghariFarooq Leghari
29 May 1940
Diplomat, Politician

Muhammad Rafiq TararMuhammad Rafiq Tarar
02 November 1929

Wasim SajjadWasim Sajjad
30 March 1941
Politician, Lawyer

Khawaja Muhammad AsifKhawaja Muhammad Asif
09 August 1949
Politician, Banker
Baitullah MehsudBaitullah Mehsud
1974 AD

Khurshid Mahmud KasuriKhurshid Mahmud Kasuri
19 June 1941
diplomat, politician, lawyer
Fazal Ilahi ChaudhryFazal Ilahi Chaudhry
01 January 1904
President, Political

Kalsoom Nawaz SharifKalsoom Nawaz Sharif
1950 AD
Pakistani Politician

Syed Mustafa KamalSyed Mustafa Kamal
27 December 1971
Ayub KhanAyub Khan
14 May 1907
Former President of Pakistan

Mubarak Ali GilaniMubarak Ali Gilani
Ameen FaheemAmeen Faheem
04 August 1939

Nisar Ali KhanNisar Ali Khan
31 July 1954

Abdul Aziz GhaziAbdul Aziz Ghazi
1960 AD
Shaikh Rasheed AhmadShaikh Rasheed Ahmad
06 November 1950