Those born on June 27th fall under the astrological sun sign of Cancer. They are mostly influenced by the Moon but are also ruled by the planet Mars. This combination typically means that they have strong yet unassuming personalities. The fact that they are ruled by these two particular planets means that they are quite unique, and have a tendency to be creative with a wicked sense of humor. While people born on this date are empathetic, they are not always insightful as to their own limitations and weaknesses. While they are non-judgmental, they can also be overbearing. Their awareness of their own importance can come across as egotistical.

Khloé KardashianKhloé Kardashian
35, American
Television Personality
Tobey MaguireTobey Maguire
44, American

Helen KellerHelen Keller
87, American
Writer, Member of Socialist Party of America,
Sam ClaflinSam Claflin
33, British

22, American

Lauren JaureguiLauren Jauregui
23, American
Drake BellDrake Bell
33, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter

Nico RosbergNico Rosberg
34, German
Formula One Racing Driver
Ross PerotRoss Perot
89, American
Independent U.S. Presidential Candidate

Emma GoldmanEmma Goldman
70, American
Charles IX of FranceCharles IX of France
23, French
King of France

Courtney FordCourtney Ford
41, American
Lorrie MorganLorrie Morgan
60, American
Country Singer
Tom SteyerTom Steyer
62, American

Alanna MastersonAlanna Masterson
31, American
Madylin SweetenMadylin Sweeten
28, American

Xi MingzeXi Mingze
27, Chinese
Daughter of Xi Jinping
Chandler RiggsChandler Riggs
20, American

Prajakta KoliPrajakta Koli
26, Indian

John McIntireJohn McIntire
83, American
Jo FrostJo Frost
48, British
Nanny, Reality TV Personality

Bob KeeshanBob Keeshan
76, American
Actor, TV Producer
Andrea RussettAndrea Russett
24, American
Actress & YouTuber

Charles Stewart ParnellCharles Stewart Parnell
45, British
Leader of the Irish Home Rule League
J.J. AbramsJ.J. Abrams
53, American
American film director

John MonashJohn Monash
66, Australian
Civil engineer
Alan CorenAlan Coren
69, British
Ollanta HumalaOllanta Humala
57, Peruvian
President of Peru

29, British
English YouTuber

Lucille CliftonLucille Clifton
73, American
American poet
Sistine Rose StalloneSistine Rose Stallone
21, American
Sylvester Stallone's Daughter

Kem SokhaKem Sokha
66, Cambodian
Cambodian Politician

Martinus J. G. VeltmanMartinus J. G. Veltman
88, Dutch
Theoretical Physicist
Mitchell HopeMitchell Hope
25, Australian

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Jessamyn StanleyJessamyn Stanley
32, American
Yoga Instructor
Charles IXCharles IX
23, French
King of France

15, Japanese
Dale SteynDale Steyn
36, South African

Kevin PietersenKevin Pietersen
39, South African
Isabelle AdjaniIsabelle Adjani
64, French
Film actor, Stage actor, Singer
Vera WangVera Wang
70, American
Designer, Figure skater, Fashion designer

Peter TobinPeter Tobin
73, British
Serial killer
Louis XII of FranceLouis XII of France
52, French

P. T. UshaP. T. Usha
55, Indian
Athletics competitor
Ted HaggardTed Haggard
63, American
Pastor, Priest, Preacher

Emma LahanaEmma Lahana
35, New Zealander
Actor, Film actor

Landry FieldsLandry Fields
31, American
Basketball player
Meera SyalMeera Syal
58, British
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Film producer,

Svetlana KuznetsovaSvetlana Kuznetsova
34, Russian
Tennis player
Michael BallMichael Ball
57, British
actor, singer

Nitin MukeshNitin Mukesh
69, Indian
José Luis ChilavertJosé Luis Chilavert
54, Paraguayan

José HolebasJosé Holebas
35, Greek
Association football player
Mary McAleeseMary McAleese
68, Irish
President ,Lawyer , Journalist, Politician
Lafcadio HearnLafcadio Hearn
54, Greek, Irish, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, University

Paul Laurence DunbarPaul Laurence Dunbar
33, American
Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Poet
Ziaul Faruq ApurbaZiaul Faruq Apurba
38, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi model

36, Russian
Charles BronfmanCharles Bronfman
88, Canadian

Fabrizio MiccoliFabrizio Miccoli
40, Italian
Association football player

Will JenningsWill Jennings
75, American
Gaston BachelardGaston Bachelard
78, French
Philosopher, Poet, Writer, University teacher

Axel Rudi PellAxel Rudi Pell
59, German
Musician, Guitarist
Augustus De MorganAugustus De Morgan
64, Indian, British
British mathematician

Gökhan InlerGökhan Inler
35, Swiss, Turkish
Association football player
Grace Lee BoggsGrace Lee Boggs
100, American
Writer, Civil rights advocate, Non-fiction writer

Manuel II PalaiologosManuel II Palaiologos
75, Turkish
Philip GustonPhilip Guston
66, American
Annie KhalidAnnie Khalid
33, Pakistani
Model, singer

Rahul Dev BurmanRahul Dev Burman
54, Indian
Ladislaus I of HungaryLadislaus I of Hungary
49, Hungarian, Polish

Lisa GermanoLisa Germano
61, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Songwriter
Michael DummettMichael Dummett
86, British
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher

John EalesJohn Eales
49, Australian
Entrepreneur, Rugby union player

LaShawn MerrittLaShawn Merritt
33, American
American track and field athlete
Rubén CastroRubén Castro
38, Spanish
Association football player

Hugo CampagnaroHugo Campagnaro
39, Argentinian
Association football player
Hans SpemannHans Spemann
72, German

John GallagherJohn Gallagher
35, American
Film actor, Television actor, Musician, Musical
39, Portuguese
association football player

Tony Leung Chiu WaiTony Leung Chiu Wai
57, Chinese
41, German
Simon Sebag-MontefioreSimon Sebag-Montefiore
54, British

Raúl GonzálezRaúl González
42, Spanish
Aigars KalvītisAigars Kalvītis
53, Latvian
Chairman of the Management Board of the Latvijas

James HookJames Hook
34, British
rugby union player
M. Carl HolmanM. Carl Holman
69, American

Matthew David LewisMatthew David Lewis
30, British
William Paul LutherWilliam Paul Luther
74, American

Krzysztof KieślowskiKrzysztof Kieślowski
54, Polish
Polish film director
Rareș SoporanRareș Soporan
35, Romanian
Association football player

Shōzō SakuraiShōzō Sakurai
96, Japanese
Military personnel
Vera Ellen WangVera Ellen Wang
70, British, American

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 27th

People born on June 27 possess the grace and strong presence that is attributed to Cancers. As Mars is a strong ruling factor for those with this birthday, they tend to be extremely intuitive with a giving nature and calm temperament. While they are cautious, they may also act impulsively and are at times volatile and oversensitive. People born on this day are inclined towards creative fields, such as music or the arts. They are graceful, gentle, keen observers and idealistic.

Those born on June 27 make health and fitness a high priority. However, they still love consuming both fine foods and drinks. In addition to standard fitness activities, they enjoy structured group sports as well. They like to look and feel trim and this commitment to fitness allows them to be able to eat without much restriction. Due to an inability to handle stress, these people might be prone to stomach problems and headaches.

Cancers born on June 27 understand that in order to enjoy life, there needs to be some form of financial stability. They actively avoid going into debt. Due to their generous nature they can end up overspending on loved ones.

These Cancers are hardworking and efficient. They can be both practical and idealistic when it comes to their careers. While a position that is financially rewarding is desired, it must also provide emotional fulfillment. If they have to choose, practicality will always win.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Being so heavily influenced by the Moon makes them exceptionally warm, giving and loving. They are devoted to loved ones and enjoy being around their family. Many will choose to not have children. But if they do have children, they are extremely loving while also teaching their children the value of independence. Those with this birthday can be sensitive in relationships and may have the tendency to overreact. One thing that can make finding a mate difficult is that they can have expectations that are too high.

Lucky Colors: Cream, Red, Maroon
Lucky Numbers: 6, 9
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 6