Famous People Who Died At 67

The list of famous people who died at 67 includes George Washington, Leonardo da Vinci, Josef Mengele, Jenny Lind, Hunter S. Thompson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, emperors & kings and spiritual & religious leaders and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 67 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Italy and many more countries.

Catherine the GreatCatherine the Great
02 May 1729, Russian
Empress of Russia
George WashingtonGeorge Washington
22 February 1732, American
First U.S. President

Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci
15 April 1452, Italian

Josef MengeleJosef Mengele
16 March 1911, German
War Criminal

Ava GardnerAva Gardner
24 December 1922, American

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28 December 1856, American
Father of the League of Nations
George I of Great BritainGeorge I of Great Britain
28 May 1660, German
King of Britain

Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson
18 July 1937, American
Journalist and Author

Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman
29 August 1915, Swedish

Glenn FreyGlenn Frey
06 November 1948, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Adam SmithAdam Smith
16 June 1723, Scottish
Economist and Philosopher

16 May 1919, American
Johnnie CochranJohnnie Cochran
02 October 1937, American

James II Of England James II of England
14 October 1633, British
King of England

Charles Edward StuartCharles Edward Stuart
31 December 1720, British
Military Leader
Spencer TracySpencer Tracy
05 April 1900, American
American actor

George IV of the United KingdomGeorge IV of the United Kingdom
12 August 1762, British
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Henry I of EnglandHenry I of England
1068 AD, British
King of England

Anton LaVeyAnton LaVey
11 April 1930, American

Joe FrazierJoe Frazier
12 January 1944, American
Benjamin HarrisonBenjamin Harrison
20 August 1833, American
23rd President of the United States

Sugar Ray RobinsonSugar Ray Robinson
03 May 1921, American
Former Welterweight and Middleweight Boxing
Robert HookeRobert Hooke
28 July 1635, British

Jim KellyJim Kelly
05 May 1946, American

Jenny LindJenny Lind
06 October 1820, Swedish
Opera Singer

Otto SkorzenyOtto Skorzeny
12 June 1908, Austrian, Spanish
Military Officer
George I of GreeceGeorge I of Greece
24 December 1845, Greek
King of Greece
Peter JenningsPeter Jennings
29 July 1938, Canadian, American

Walter Thomas HustonWalter Huston
05 April 1883, American

Claude AkinsClaude Akins
25 May 1926, American

Jay SilverheelsJay Silverheels
26 May 1912, Canadian
Lucy Maud MontgomeryLucy Maud Montgomery
30 November 1874, Canadian

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Alfred AdlerAlfred Adler
07 February 1870, Austrian

Edward SaidEdward Said
01 November 1935, American

E. E. CummingsE. E. Cummings
14 October 1894, American

Forrest TuckerForrest Tucker
12 February 1919, American
Jerry BrudosJerry Brudos
31 January 1939, American
Serial Killer

Saud of Saudi ArabiaSaud of Saudi Arabia
15 January 1902, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia
Bat MastersonBat Masterson
26 November 1853, Canadian, American
Journalist, Army Scout

Paul GleasonPaul Gleason
04 May 1939, American

Canaan BananaCanaan Banana
05 March 1936, Zimbabwean
Former President of Zimbabwe
Richard MulliganRichard Mulligan
13 November 1932, American

Primo LeviPrimo Levi
31 July 1919, Italian
Writer, Chemist
George BerkeleyGeorge Berkeley
12 March 1685, Irish, British

Owain GlyndŵrOwain Glyndŵr
1349 AD, Welsh

Colleen DewhurstColleen Dewhurst
03 June 1924, Canadian

Angry GrandpaAngry Grandpa
16 October 1950, American

George StephensonGeorge Stephenson
09 June 1781, British
Father of Railways
Patrick TroughtonPatrick Troughton
25 March 1920, British

John NapierJohn Napier
01 February 1550, Scottish
Inventor of Logarithms

Mary MacKillopMary MacKillop
15 January 1842, Australian

Sib HashianSib Hashian
17 August 1949, American
Meshach TaylorMeshach Taylor
11 April 1947, American

Horatio AlgerHoratio Alger
13 January 1832, American
American writer
Larry HovisLarry Hovis
20 February 1936, American

Benjamin RushBenjamin Rush
04 January 1746, American

Isidor StrausIsidor Straus
06 February 1845, American
Anne HaneyAnne Haney
04 March 1934, American

Louis SullivanLouis Sullivan
03 September 1856, American
Pioneering Architect
Raisa GorbachevaRaisa Gorbacheva
05 January 1932, Russian
First Lady of U.S.S.R

William R. KingWilliam R. King
07 April 1786, American
Shortest Serving Vice President of the U.S.A

Ronald ColmanRonald Colman
09 February 1891, British
Louis BonaparteLouis Bonaparte
02 September 1778, French, Italian
King of Holland from 1806 to 1810

Augustin-Louis CauchyAugustin-Louis Cauchy
21 August 1789, French
Ralph BuncheRalph Bunche
07 August 1904, American
American Political Scientist and Diplomat

Mahmoud DarwishMahmoud Darwish
13 March 1941, Palestinian

Gabriela MistralGabriela Mistral
07 April 1889, Chilean
Chilean poet

Jean-Martin CharcotJean-Martin Charcot
29 November 1825, French
James Weldon JohnsonJames Weldon Johnson
17 June 1871, American
Alan Jay LernerAlan Jay Lerner
31 August 1918, American
American lyricist

Willem EinthovenWillem Einthoven
21 May 1860, Dutch
Inventor of the first practical ECG

Kumar GandharvaKumar Gandharva
08 April 1924, Indian
Hindustani classical singer

Sigrid UndsetSigrid Undset
20 May 1882, Norwegian
Nobel Laureate in Literature
Saint Teresa of AvilaSaint Teresa of Avila
28 March 1515, Spanish

William A. WheelerWilliam A. Wheeler
30 June 1819, American
19th Vice President of the U.S.A

Karl Ferdinand BraunKarl Ferdinand Braun
06 June 1850, German
German Physicist & Inventor

Adam MalikAdam Malik
22 July 1917, Indonesian
Former Vice President of Indonesia

Norman HaworthNorman Haworth
19 March 1883, British
Otto Fritz MeyerhofOtto Fritz Meyerhof
12 April 1884, German
Physician and Biochemist

Paul CezannePaul Cezanne
19 January 1839, French
French artist
Charles Glover BarklaCharles Glover Barkla
07 June 1877, British

James B. Sumner James B. Sumner
19 November 1887, American

Alexandre Auguste Ledru-RollinAlexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin
02 February 1807, French
French Politician
Francisco MorenoFrancisco Moreno
31 May 1852, Argentinian
Naturalist, Explorer, Anthropologist, Geographer

Barbara Grizzuti HarrisonBarbara Grizzuti Harrison
14 September 1934, American
Author, Journalist
Kate GleasonKate Gleason
25 November 1865, American
Mechanical Engineer

Hella WuolijokiHella Wuolijoki
22 July 1886, Finnish

Sarah ChurchillSarah Churchill
07 October 1914, British

Louis RenaultLouis Renault
12 February 1877, French
Founder of Renault
Cesar FranckCesar Franck
10 December 1822, French
Composer, pianist, organist and music teacher

Ludvig PuuseppLudvig Puusepp
1875 AD, Estonian
Estonian surgeon,researcher and the world's first
John CottonJohn Cotton
04 December 1585, British, American
Theologian & Preacher

Rodney R. PorterRodney R. Porter
08 October 1917, British
Fred C KochFred C Koch
23 September 1900, American
Chemical Engineer, Entrepreneur

Sushma SwarajSushma Swaraj
14 February 1952, Indian
Saint PeterSaint Peter
0001 AD, Syrian