Died On April 30th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 30. The list includes people like Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Inger Stevens, Muddy Waters, Bessie Coleman. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, chemists, actresses and political leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
20 April 1889, Austrian, German
Nazi Leader, German Dictator and Chancellor of
Eva BraunEva Braun
06 February 1912, German

Muddy WatersMuddy Waters
04 April 1913, American

Agnes MooreheadAgnes Moorehead
06 December 1900, American

Inger Stevens Inger Stevens
18 October 1934, American

Édouard ManetÉdouard Manet
23 January 1832, French
Bessie ColemanBessie Coleman
26 January 1892, American

Alben W. BarkleyAlben W. Barkley
24 November 1877, American
35th Vice President of the U.S

Lester BangsLester Bangs
13 December 1948, American
American music critic

A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman
26 March 1859, British
Nizar QabbaniNizar Qabbani
21 March 1923, Syrian

Sir Harold W. KrotoSir Harold W. Kroto
07 October 1939, British
Sergio LeoneSergio Leone
03 January 1929, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor,

Mahmud of GhazniMahmud of Ghazni
02 November 0971, Afghan, Persian

Ben E. KingBen E. King
28 September 1938, American
Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter,
Tom PostonTom Poston
17 October 1921, American

Casey JonesCasey Jones
14 March 1863, American
railroad engineer
Gia ScalaGia Scala
03 March 1934, British, American

Roland RatzenbergerRoland Ratzenberger
04 July 1960, Austrian
Formula One driver

Benzion NetanyahuBenzion Netanyahu
25 March 1910, Israeli
Historian, Educationist, Writer, University
Evelyn MaseEvelyn Mase
18 May 1922, South African

George BalanchineGeorge Balanchine
22 January 1904, Russian, American
Sigismund III VasaSigismund III Vasa
20 June 1566, Polish, Swedish

Pramoedya Ananta ToerPramoedya Ananta Toer
06 February 1925, Indonesian
Novelist, Writer, Essayist

Archduke Charles, Duke of TeschenArchduke Charles, Duke of Teschen
05 September 1771, Austrian, Italian
Officer, Military personnel

María Elena VelascoMaría Elena Velasco
17 December 1940, Mexican
Actor, Screenwriter, Television actor, Film actor
Daniel BerriganDaniel Berrigan
09 May 1921, American
Peace activist, Theologian, Writer, University
Robert FitzRoyRobert FitzRoy
05 July 1805, British

03 November 0039, Ancient Roman

Paul PoiretPaul Poiret
20 April 1879, French
Grand couturier

Grégory LemarchalGrégory Lemarchal
13 May 1983, French
Johann Tserclaes, Count of TillyJohann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly
31 January 1559, German

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Ernesto SabatoErnesto Sabato
24 June 1911, Argentinian, Spanish
Physicist, Writer

Wilhelm Ritter von ThomaWilhelm Ritter von Thoma
11 September 1891, German
Military personnel

Marisol EscobarMarisol Escobar
22 May 1930, American, Venezuelan
Sculptor, Painter

Otto JespersenOtto Jespersen
16 July 1860, Danish
Danish linguist
Harry KrotoHarry Kroto
07 October 1939, British
Chemist, University teacher

Charles Howard HintonCharles Howard Hinton
1853 AD, British
Mathematician, writer, science fiction writer
Dmitry PozharskyDmitry Pozharsky
17 October 1577, Russian

Anna de NoaillesAnna de Noailles
15 November 1876, French
Writer, Salon-holder, Poet, Model

Marcus Annaeus LucanusMarcus Annaeus Lucanus
0039 AD, Spanish
Roman poet
Alfred Edward HousmanAlfred Edward Housman
26 March 1859, British

James MontgomeryJames Montgomery
04 November 1771, British