Famous People Who Died In 1991

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1991. This list includes people like Freddie Mercury, Rajiv Gandhi, Michael Landon, Dr. Seuss, Miles Davis and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include actresses, composers, political leaders and novelists who died in 1991. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Russia and many more countries.

Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury
05 September 1946, British
Rajiv GandhiRajiv Gandhi
20 August 1944, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India

Michael LandonMichael Landon
31 October 1936, American

Dr. SeussDr. Seuss
02 March 1904, American
Writer, Cartoonist

Miles DavisMiles Davis
26 May 1926, American
Jazz Trumpeter

Danny ThomasDanny Thomas
06 January 1912, American
Richard SpeckRichard Speck
06 December 1941, American

Cassandra HarrisCassandra Harris
15 December 1948, Australian, American

Gene RoddenberryGene Roddenberry
19 August 1921, American

Steve ClarkSteve Clark
23 April 1960, British
Gene TierneyGene Tierney
19 November 1920, American

Klaus BarbieKlaus Barbie
25 October 1913, German
Nazi Leader
Serge GainsbourgSerge Gainsbourg
02 April 1928, French

Nancy KulpNancy Kulp
28 August 1921, American

Jean ArthurJean Arthur
17 October 1900, American
Bert ConvyBert Convy
23 July 1933, American

Lee RemickLee Remick
14 December 1935, American
John McIntireJohn McIntire
27 June 1907, American

Frank CapraFrank Capra
18 May 1897, Italian, American
Film Director

Ralph BellamyRalph Bellamy
17 June 1904, American
Margot FonteynMargot Fonteyn
18 May 1919, British

Martha GrahamMartha Graham
11 May 1894, American
Modern dancer and choreographer
Colleen DewhurstColleen Dewhurst
03 June 1924, Canadian

Sir David LeanDavid Lean
25 March 1908, British
Film Director, Producer & Screenwater

Vasily ZaytsevVasily Zaytsev
23 March 1915, Russian

Aldo RayAldo Ray
25 September 1926, American
James RooseveltJames Roosevelt
23 December 1907, American
United States Congressman, US Military Officer,
James FranciscusJames Franciscus
31 January 1934, American

John BardeenJohn Bardeen
23 May 1908, American
Nobel Laureate in Physics

Isaac Bashevis SingerIsaac Bashevis Singer
21 November 1902, Polish, American

Paul BrownPaul Brown
07 September 1908, American
American Football Coach
Victor ChangVictor Chang
21 November 1936, Australian

Berenice AbbottBerenice Abbott
17 July 1898, American
American photographer

Edwin H. LandEdwin H. Land
07 May 1909, American

Robert MotherwellRobert Motherwell
24 January 1915, American
Abstract Painter

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Gustáv HusákGustáv Husák
10 January 1913, Slovak
Slovak Politician
Salvatore Edoardo LuriaSalvador Luria
13 August 1912, Italian

Aaron SiskindAaron Siskind
04 December 1903, American
Carl David AndersonCarl David Anderson
03 September 1905, American

Edwin Mattison McMillanEdwin McMillan
18 September 1907, American

Alfonso García RoblesAlfonso García Robles
20 March 1911, Mexican
Ragnar GranitRagnar Granit
30 October 1900, Finnish, Swedish

Henry Graham GreeneHenry Graham Greene
02 October 1904, British
Sir Arthur LewisSir Arthur Lewis
23 January 1915, Saint Lucian

Stanley GetzStanley Getz
02 February 1927, American

George Joseph StiglerGeorge Joseph Stigler
17 January 1911, American

Jerzy KosińskiJerzy Kosiński
14 June 1933, American

Gene Tierney Gene Tierney
19 November 1920, American
Sir Richard StoneSir Richard Stone
30 August 1913, British

Redd FoxxRedd Foxx
09 December 1922, American
Television actor, Actor

David RuffinDavid Ruffin
18 January 1941, American

Fred MacMurrayFred MacMurray
30 August 1908, American
American actor
Kevin Peter HallKevin Peter Hall
09 May 1955, American

Steve MarriottSteve Marriott
30 January 1947, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Record
Eric CarrEric Carr
12 July 1950, American
Drummer, Musician

Olav V of NorwayOlav V of Norway
02 July 1903, Norwegian
Former King of Norway

Stan GetzStan Getz
02 February 1927, American
Saxophonist, Jazz musician
Jiang QingJiang Qing
19 March 1914, Chinese

Tony RichardsonTony Richardson
05 June 1928, British
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor
Robert MaxwellRobert Maxwell
10 June 1923, British
Politician, Entrepreneur, Writer, Publisher,

Tennessee Ernie FordTennessee Ernie Ford
13 February 1919, American
Singer, Television presenter, Actor, Songwriter

Howard AshmanHoward Ashman
17 May 1950, American
Composer, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Songwriter, Film
Gene ClarkGene Clark
17 November 1944, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer

Yves MontandYves Montand
13 October 1921, French, Italian
Film actor, Actor, Chansonnier, Singer,
Tom of FinlandTom of Finland
08 May 1920, Finnish
Painter, Illustrator

Dottie WestDottie West
1932 AD
Songwriter, Singer

Leo DurocherLeo Durocher
27 July 1905, American
writer, Baseball Player

Lazar KaganovichLazar Kaganovich
22 November 1893, Ukrainian, Russian
Carmine CoppolaCarmine Coppola
11 June 1910, American
composer, conductor, film score composer
Peggy AshcroftPeggy Ashcroft
22 December 1907, British

Leo FenderLeo Fender
10 August 1909, American
American inventor

Henri LefebvreHenri Lefebvre
16 June 1901, French
Philosopher, Politician, Sociologist, University

James IrwinJames Irwin
17 March 1930, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Joachim KrollJoachim Kroll
17 April 1933, German
Criminal, Serial killer

Cool Papa BellCool Papa Bell
17 May 1903
Baseball Player

Mimi SmithMimi Smith
24 April 1903, British
Nurse, Housewife, Secretary

23 May 1946, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor

Martin HannettMartin Hannett
31 May 1948, British
Record producer, Composer
Northrop FryeNorthrop Frye
14 July 1912, Canadian
Writer, Philosopher, Educationist, Cleric, Poet,

Marcel LefebvreMarcel Lefebvre
29 November 1905, French
Theologian, Catholic priest
Diana TurbayDiana Turbay
09 March 1950, Colombian

Red GrangeRed Grange
13 June 1903
actor, American football player

Arno BrekerArno Breker
19 July 1900, German
Architect, Sculptor, Politician, University
Poon LimPoon Lim
08 March 1918, Chinese, American

George StiglerGeorge Stigler
17 January 1911, American
Max FrischMax Frisch
15 May 1911, Swiss
Writer, Architect, Playwright, Novelist, Diarist,

Donald HoustonDonald Houston
06 November 1923, British

Alex NorthAlex North
04 December 1910, American

Sylvia FineSylvia Fine
29 August 1913, American
Actor, Film producer, Composer, Lyricist,
Vince TaylorVince Taylor
14 July 1939, British
Singer, Songwriter

Jack PurcellJack Purcell
24 December 1903, Canadian
Stockbroker, Badminton player
Rufino TamayoRufino Tamayo
26 August 1899, Mexican

Lino BrockaLino Brocka
03 April 1939, Filipino
film director, screenwriter, actor

Ivan KozhedubIvan Kozhedub
08 June 1920
Aviator, Military personnel

Ole BeichOle Beich
1955 AD, Danish
bassist, guitarist
William Wesley PetersWilliam Wesley Peters
12 June 1912, American
Engineer, Architect