Famous People Who Died In 1967

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1967. This list includes people like Che Guevara, Jayne Mansfield, Vivien Leigh, Otis Redding, Jack Ruby and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, poets and military leaders who died in 1967. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

Che GuevaraChe Guevara
14 June 1928, Argentinian
Jayne MansfieldJayne Mansfield
19 April 1933, American

Vivien LeighVivien Leigh
05 November 1913, British

J. Robert OppenheimerJ. Robert Oppenheimer
22 April 1904, American

Jack RubyJack Ruby
25 March 1911, American
Nightclub Operator

Otis ReddingOtis Redding
09 September 1941, American
Spencer TracySpencer Tracy
05 April 1900, American
American actor

John ColtraneJohn Coltrane
23 September 1926, American
Saxophonist, Composer

Langston HughesLangston Hughes
01 February 1902, American
Poet, Novelist, Playwright, & Columnist

07 February 1906, Chinese
Last Emperor of China
Woody GuthrieWoody Guthrie
14 July 1912, American
American singer-songwriter

Clement AttleeClement Attlee
03 January 1883, British
Former British Prime Minister
Gus GrissomGus Grissom
03 April 1926, American

Harold HoltHarold Holt
05 August 1908, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

George Lincoln RockwellGeorge Lincoln Rockwell
09 March 1918, American
Evelyn NesbitEvelyn Nesbit
25 December 1884, American

Konrad AdenauerKonrad Adenauer
05 January 1876, German
Former Chancellor of Germany
Edward HopperEdward Hopper
22 July 1882, American

Ilse Koch Ilse Koch
22 September 1906, German
Nazi Concentration Camp Overseer

Claude RainsClaude Rains
10 November 1889, British
Siegfried SassoonSiegfried Sassoon
08 September 1886, British

Carl SandburgCarl Sandburg
06 January 1878, American
Writer & Editor
Fatima JinnahFatima Jinnah
31 July 1893, Pakistani
Sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

John Nance GarnerJohn Nance Garner
22 November 1868, American
32nd Vice President of the United States

Paul MuniPaul Muni
22 September 1895, American

Carson McCullersCarson McCullers
19 February 1917, American
American novelist
David UnaiponDavid Unaipon
28 September 1872, Australian
Françoise DorléacFrançoise Dorléac
21 March 1942, French

John CockcroftJohn Cockcroft
27 May 1897, British

Hermann Joseph MullerHermann Joseph Muller
21 December 1890, American

Ad ReinhardtAd Reinhardt
24 December 1913, American
Abstract Painter
Norman AngellNorman Angell
26 December 1872, British
British Journalist & Author

Rene MagritteRene Magritte
21 November 1898, Belgian

Bruce Fairchild BartonBruce Fairchild Barton
05 August 1886, American
American author

Richard KuhnRichard Kuhn
03 December 1900, German

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A. J. MusteA. J. Muste
08 January 1885, American
Clergyman & Political Activist
Janet Lane-ClayponJanet Lane-Claypon
03 February 1877, British

Barbara Lee PaytonBarbara Lee Payton
16 November 1927, American
Albert John LuthuliAlbert John Luthuli
04 June 1898, South African
President of African National Congress (ANC)

Zoltan KodalyZoltan Kodaly
16 December 1882, Hungarian

Vladimir KomarovVladimir Komarov
16 March 1927, Russian
Dorothy ParkerDorothy Parker
22 August 1893, American
columnist, poet, screenwriter, writer

Brian EpsteinBrian Epstein
19 September 1934, British
Businessperson, Impresario, Talent agent, Talent
Mohammad MosaddeghMohammad Mosaddegh
16 June 1882, Iranian
Iranian Politician

Basil RathboneBasil Rathbone
13 June 1892, British, South African

Harald QuandtHarald Quandt
01 November 1921, German
Entrepreneur, Aviator

Francis OuimetFrancis Ouimet
08 May 1893, American

Roger B. ChaffeeRoger B. Chaffee
15 February 1935, American
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut
Primo CarneraPrimo Carnera
26 October 1906, Italian
Boxer, Actor, Professional wrestler

Billy StrayhornBilly Strayhorn
29 November 1915, American
Pianist, Composer, Jazz musician

Donald CampbellDonald Campbell
23 March 1921, British
Racecar driver

Henry J. KaiserHenry J. Kaiser
09 May 1882, American
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Tommy LuccheseTommy Lucchese
01 December 1899, Italian, American

Alice B. ToklasAlice B. Toklas
30 April 1877, American
Writer, Autobiographer, Memoirist
Gordon AllportGordon Allport
11 November 1897, American
Psychologist, Academic, University teacher,

Joe OrtonJoe Orton
01 January 1933, British
Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer

Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VIIOsman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII
06 April 1886
Shigeru YoshidaShigeru Yoshida
22 September 1878, Japanese
Politician, Diplomat

Henry LuceHenry Luce
03 April 1898, American
Journalist, Publisher
Radhabinod PalRadhabinod Pal
27 January 1886, Indian
Judge, University teacher

Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron TedderArthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder
11 July 1890, British
Politician, Military personnel

C. K. NayuduC. K. Nayudu
31 October 1895, Indian
Georges VanierGeorges Vanier
23 April 1888, Canadian
Diplomat, Military personnel

15 February 1898, Italian
Lorenzo BandiniLorenzo Bandini
21 December 1935, Italian
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Forough FarrokhzadForough Farrokhzad
05 January 1935, Iranian
Poet, Film director, Writer

Albert LutuliAlbert Lutuli
1898 AD, South African, Zimbabwean
politician, autobiographer

Tom SimpsonTom Simpson
30 November 1937, British
Sport cyclist
Holland SmithHolland Smith
20 April 1882, American
Johannes IttenJohannes Itten
11 November 1888, Swiss
Painter, Writer

Sydney BarnesSydney Barnes
19 April 1873, British

Rodion MalinovskyRodion Malinovsky
10 November 1898, Ukrainian, Russian
politician, officer, writer

Stanley BruceStanley Bruce
15 April 1883, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer
Andy ClydeAndy Clyde
25 March 1892, British
Stage actor, Film actor

Ilya EhrenburgIlya Ehrenburg
27 January 1891, Ukrainian, Russian
Soviet writer

Adrien ArcandAdrien Arcand
03 October 1899, Canadian
Journalist, Politician

Vincent MasseyVincent Massey
20 February 1887, Canadian

Kurt SchneiderKurt Schneider
07 January 1887, German
Military physician, Psychologist, Psychiatrist,
Günther BlumentrittGünther Blumentritt
10 February 1892, German

Charles DarrowCharles Darrow
10 August 1889, American
Inventor, Publisher, Patent inventor
Walter KruegerWalter Krueger
26 January 1881, American
Military personnel

Sig RumanSig Ruman
11 October 1884, German, American

Frank DeSimoneFrank DeSimone
17 July 1909, American
Jean ToomerJean Toomer
26 December 1894, American
American poet

Burhan Asaf BelgeBurhan Asaf Belge
1899 AD, Turkish
Antonio MorenoAntonio Moreno
26 September 1887, Spanish, American
Actor, Film director, Film actor

Humberto de Alencar Castelo BrancoHumberto de Alencar Castelo Branco
20 September 1900, Brazilian
politician, military personnel

Anton WalbrookAnton Walbrook
19 November 1896, Austrian

Alphonse JuinAlphonse Juin
16 December 1888, French
Officer, Military personnel
Louis WashkanskyLouis Washkansky
1913 AD, Polish, South African
World's first human-to-human heart transplant

Eugen FischerEugen Fischer
05 July 1874, German
Anthropologist, Physician, Racial hygienist,
Pierre JeanneretPierre Jeanneret
22 March 1896, Swiss
Swiss architect

Mary GardenMary Garden
20 February 1874, American
Singer, Opera singer, Actor

Tudor ArgheziTudor Arghezi
21 May 1880, Romanian
poet, writer, journalist, children's writer

Ossip ZadkineOssip Zadkine
04 July 1890, French
Cyril Norman HinshelwoodCyril Norman Hinshelwood
19 June 1897, British