Famous People Who Died In 1961

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1961. This list includes people like Ernest Hemingway, Carl Jung, Gary Cooper, Ty Cobb, Erwin Schrödinger and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, journalists, artists and novelists who died in 1961. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Switzerland and many more countries.

Ernest HemingwayErnest Hemingway
21 July 1899, American
Carl JungCarl Jung
26 July 1875, Swiss

Gary CooperGary Cooper
07 May 1901, American
American film actor

Ty CobbTy Cobb
18 December 1886, American
American Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder

Erwin SchrödingerErwin Schrödinger
12 August 1887, Austrian

Patrice LumumbaPatrice Lumumba
02 July 1925, Congolese
Political leader
Dag HammarskjöldDag Hammarskjöld
29 July 1905, Swedish
Second Secretary-General of the United Nations

Jeff ChandlerJeff Chandler
15 December 1918, American

Marion DaviesMarion Davies
03 January 1897, American

Sam RayburnSam Rayburn
06 January 1882, American
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Chico MarxChico Marx
22 March 1887, American
American comedian

James ThurberJames Thurber
08 December 1894, American
Cartoonist, Author, Journalist & Playwright
Learned HandLearned Hand
27 January 1872, American
Former United States Judge and Judicial

Govind Ballabh PantGovind Ballabh Pant
10 September 1887, Indian
Freedom Fighter

Percy GraingerPercy Grainger
08 July 1882, Australian, American
Musician, Composer, arranger and pianist
Lee de ForestLee de Forest
26 August 1873, American
Father of Radio

Ruth ChattertonRuth Chatterton
24 December 1892, American
Percy Williams BridgmanPercy Williams Bridgman
21 April 1882, American

Emily Greene BalchEmily Greene Balch
08 January 1867, American
Social Activist

Jules BordetJules Bordet
13 June 1870, Belgian
Microbiologist and Immunologist
Cuno AmietCuno Amiet
28 March 1868, Swiss
Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor

Rafael TrujilloRafael Trujillo
24 October 1891, Dominican
Eero SaarinenEero Saarinen
20 August 1910, Finnish, American
Architect, Designer

Dashiell HammettDashiell Hammett
27 May 1894, American
American author

Anna May WongAnna May Wong
03 January 1905, American
Film actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Esperanza BaurEsperanza Baur
1924 AD, Mexican
Paul GuilfoylePaul Guilfoyle
14 July 1902, American
George FormbyGeorge Formby
26 May 1904, British
Actor, Comedian, Film producer, Musician

Maurice Merleau-PontyMaurice Merleau-Ponty
14 March 1908, French
Philosopher, Professor

Kurt MeyerKurt Meyer
23 December 1910, German

Louis-Ferdinand CélineLouis-Ferdinand Céline
27 May 1894, French
French novelist
Vanessa BellVanessa Bell
30 May 1879, British

Grandma MosesGrandma Moses
07 September 1860, American
Painter, Illustrator

Mohammed V of MoroccoMohammed V of Morocco
10 August 1909, Moroccan
Sultan of Morocco

Adnan MenderesAdnan Menderes
1899 AD, Turkish
politician, diplomat

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Maya DerenMaya Deren
29 April 1917, Russian
Augustus JohnAugustus John
04 January 1878, British
Painter, Etcher

Masanobu TsujiMasanobu Tsuji
11 October 1900, Japanese
politician, military personnel
George S. KaufmanGeorge S. Kaufman
16 November 1889, American
Theatre director, Screenwriter, Journalist,

Alastair DennistonAlastair Denniston
01 December 1881, British
Field hockey player, Cryptographer, Mathematician

Moss HartMoss Hart
24 October 1904, American
Screenwriter, Playwright, Writer
Frederick McKinley JonesFrederick McKinley Jones
17 May 1893, American

Josef PrillerJosef Priller
27 July 1915, German
Aviator, Fighter pilot
Dorothy ThompsonDorothy Thompson
09 July 1893, American
Journalist, Writer

Earle PageEarle Page
08 August 1880, Australian

Blaise CendrarsBlaise Cendrars
01 September 1887, Swiss, French
War correspondent, Journalist, Poet, Writer,

Luigi EinaudiLuigi Einaudi
24 March 1874, Italian

Sumner WellesSumner Welles
14 October 1892, American
Diplomat, Non-fiction writer
Otto LoewiOtto Loewi
03 June 1873, German, American

Zog of AlbaniaZog of Albania
08 October 1895, Albanian

Arnold GesellArnold Gesell
21 June 1880, American
Psychologist, University teacher, Physician

B. Carroll ReeceB. Carroll Reece
22 December 1889, American
Sir Thomas BeechamSir Thomas Beecham
29 April 1879, British

Jessie FausetJessie Fauset
1882 AD
Author, Editor, Poet, Educator, Journalist
Frederick JonesFrederick Jones
17 May 1893, American
American inventor

George Simon KaufmanGeorge Simon Kaufman
16 November 1889, American

Louis-Ferdinand-Auguste DestouchesLouis-Ferdinand-Auguste Destouches
27 May 1894, French