Famous People Born In 1938

Discover the most famous people born in 1938. The list includes people like John Eleuthère du Pont, Jon Voight, Natalie Wood, Kenny Rogers, Ted Turner and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, lawyers, composers and journalists born in 1938. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & France and many more countries.

Natalie WoodNatalie Wood
20th July, American
Jon VoightJon Voight
29th December, American

Tommy ChongTommy Chong
24th May, Canadian, American
Comedian, Actor

Christopher LloydChristopher Lloyd
22nd October, American

Rudolf NureyevRudolf Nureyev
17th March, Austrian
Ballet Dancer & Choreographer

Kenny RogersKenny Rogers
21st August, American
Ted TurnerTed Turner
19th November, American

John DeanJohn Dean
14th October, American

Waheeda RehmanWaheeda Rehman
3rd February, Indian

Gordon LightfootGordon Lightfoot
17th November, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
Elliott GouldElliott Gould
29th August, American

Brian DennehyBrian Dennehy
9th July, American
Oliver ReedOliver Reed
13th February, British

Phil KnightPhil Knight
24th February, American
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.

Alan DershowitzAlan Dershowitz
1st September, American
Etta JamesEtta James
25th January, American

Dawn WellsDawn Wells
18th October, American
Bill WithersBill Withers
4th July, American
American singer-songwriter

Kofi AnnanKofi Annan
8th April, Ghanaian
Former UN Secretary General

Connie StevensConnie Stevens
8th August, American
Film actress
Claudia CardinaleClaudia Cardinale
15th April, Tunisian
Film Actress

Connie FrancisConnie Francis
12th December, American
Jerry BrownJerry Brown
7th April, American
34th and 39th Governor of California

Fela KutiFela Kuti
15th October, Nigerian

Frank LangellaFrank Langella
1st January, American

16th October, German, Spanish
Beatrix of the NetherlandsBeatrix of the Netherlands
31st January, Dutch
Former Queen of the Netherlands
Anthony SpilotroAnthony Spilotro
19th May, American

Marilyn MiglinMarilyn Miglin
30th November, Czech, American

James Harris SimonsJames Harris Simons
30th November, American
Mathematicians & Hedge Fund Manager

Richard BeymerRichard Beymer
20th February, American
Jean SebergJean Seberg
13th November, American

Ronny CoxRonny Cox
23rd July, American

Janet RenoJanet Reno
21st July, American
78th Attorney General of the United States

Rod LaverRod Laver
9th August, Australian
Tennis player

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Alberto FujimoriAlberto Fujimori
28th July, Peruvian
Former President of Peru
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
29th October, Liberian
Africa’s First Elected Female Head of State

Peter JenningsPeter Jennings
29th July, Canadian, American
Stella StevensStella Stevens
1st October, American

Paula PrentissPaula Prentiss
4th March, American

Madge SinclairMadge Sinclair
28th April, Jamaican, American
Rich LittleRich Little
26th November, Canadian, American
American-Canadian impressionist

Dieter DenglerDieter Dengler
22nd May, American
Ralph BakshiRalph Bakshi
29th October, Israeli
Director of Animated Films

Bernard MadoffBernard Madoff
29th April, American
Stockbroker, Fraudster

Joyce Carol OatesJoyce Carol Oates
16th June, American

Edda GöringEdda Göring
2nd June, German
Daughter of Hermann Göring

Bob EubanksBob Eubanks
8th January, American
TV Host
Juan Carlos I of SpainJuan Carlos I
5th January, Spanish
Former King of Spain (1975-2014)

Richard BenjaminRichard Benjamin
22nd May, American

Jaswant SinghJaswant Singh
3rd January, Indian

Oleg GordievskyOleg Gordievsky
10th October, Russian
Secret Agent
Birju MaharajBirju Maharaj
4th February, Indian
Kathak Dancer

Hariprasad ChaurasiaHariprasad Chaurasia
1st July, Indian
Indian Classical Flautist
DupontJohn Eleuthère du Pont
22nd November, American

A. Bartlett GiamattiA. Bartlett Giamatti
4th April, American
Academician, Scholar, Commissioner of Major League

Lynn MargulisLynn Margulis
5th March, American
Alan CorenAlan Coren
27th June, British

Caryl ChurchillCaryl Churchill
3rd September, British
Dramatist, Women's Rights Activist
Alan VegaAlan Vega
23rd June, American

David BaltimoreDavid Baltimore
7th March, American

Mel Ignatow Mel Ignatow
26th March, American
Anatoly SlivkoAnatoly Slivko
28th December, Russian
Serial Killer

Betty CuthbertBetty Cuthbert
20th April, Australian
Charles SimicCharles Simic
9th May, American

Abu Bakar BashirAbu Bakar Bashir
17th August, Indonesian

Pandit Shivkumar SharmaPandit Shivkumar Sharma
13th January, Indian
Santoor Player

Robert HughesRobert Hughes
28th July, Australian
Art Critic, Writer
Girish KarnadGirish Karnad
19th May, Indian
Linguist, Author, Film director, Actor,
Diana RiggDiana Rigg
20th July, British

Jerry WestJerry West
28th May, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Sherman HemsleySherman Hemsley
1st February, American
American actor

Terence StampTerence Stamp
22nd July, British
Derek JacobiDerek Jacobi
22nd October, British

Oscar RobertsonOscar Robertson
24th November, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Juan Carlos I of SpainJuan Carlos I of Spain
5th January, Spanish, Italian

David IrvingDavid Irving
24th March, British
Essayist, Journalist, Historian, Writer,

Janet GuthrieJanet Guthrie
7th March, American
racecar driver
Shashi KapoorShashi Kapoor
18th March, Indian
Actor, Film director, Film producer

Romy SchneiderRomy Schneider
23rd September, Austrian, French
Film actor, Stage actor
Farah PahlaviFarah Pahlavi
14th October, Iranian

Sonny BargerSonny Barger
8th October, American

Stephen BreyerStephen Breyer
15th August, American
Jurist, Judge, Lawyer, University teacher
Wolfman JackWolfman Jack
21st January, American
Radio personality, Disc jockey

Terry WoganTerry Wogan
3rd August, Irish, British
Radio personality, Television presenter, Q22343421
Paul VerhoevenPaul Verhoeven
18th July, Dutch
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

Eddie CochranEddie Cochran
3rd October, American
guitarist,singer, singer-songwriter, composer

Gary GygaxGary Gygax
27th July, American
Writer, Novelist, Publisher, Game designer

Pat BuchananPat Buchanan
2nd November
columnist, journalist, writer, politician
S. JanakiS. Janaki
23rd April, Indian
Actor, Singer

Liv UllmannLiv Ullmann
16th December, Japanese, Norwegian
Donald KnuthDonald Knuth
10th January, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Historian of

Leon PanettaLeon Panetta
28th June, American
Former White House Chief of Staff

Ben E. KingBen E. King
28th September, American
Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter,

Adrian CronauerAdrian Cronauer
8th September, American
Lawyer, Radio personality
Judy BlumeJudy Blume
12th February, American
writer, novelist, children's writer