Famous People Born In 1901

Discover the most famous people born in 1901. The list includes people like Walt Disney, Louis Armstrong, Hirohito, Clark Gable, Werner Heisenberg and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, philosophers and directors born in 1901. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Walt DisneyWalt Disney
5th December, American
Clark GableClark Gable
1st February, American

29th April, Japanese
Former Emperor of Japan

Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong
4th August, American

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia
18th June, Russian
Daughter of Tsar Nicholas II

Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich
27th December, German, French
Actress & Singer
Werner HeisenbergWerner Heisenberg
5th December, German

Gary CooperGary Cooper
7th May, American
American film actor

Fulgencio BatistaFulgencio Batista
16th January, Cuban
Former President of Cuba

Rudolf HössRudolf Höss
25th November, German
Nazi War Criminal
6th June, Indonesian
President of Indonesia

Dutch SchultzDutch Schultz
6th August, American
Witold Pilecki Witold Pilecki
13th May, Polish
Nazi-era Polish Army Officer

Linus PaulingLinus Pauling
28th February, American
Chemist, Biochemist

Enrico FermiEnrico Fermi
29th September, Italian, American
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Jacques LacanJacques Lacan
13th April, French
Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist

Ed SullivanEd Sullivan
28th September, American
Television Personality
Magda GoebbelsMagda Goebbels
11th November, German
Joseph Goebbels' Wife

Margaret MeadMargaret Mead
16th December, American
Cultural Anthropologist

Leopold III of BelgiumLeopold III of Belgium
3rd November, Belgian
King of Belgium
Ngo Dinh DiemNgo Dinh Diem
3rd January, Vietnamese
President of Vietnam

Lee Hoi-chuenLee Hoi-chuen
4th February, Chinese
Opera Singer, Actor
Zeppo MarxZeppo Marx
25th February, American

Mildred HarrisMildred Harris
29th November, American

Nadezhda AlliluyevaNadezhda Alliluyeva
22nd September, Russian
Joseph Stalin’s Wife

Paul FixPaul Fix
13th March, American
Alberto GiacomettiAlberto Giacometti
10th October, Swiss
Stella AdlerStella Adler
10th February, American
American Actress & Acting Teacher

Itzhak SternItzhak Stern
25th January, Israeli, Polish
Holocaust Survivor

Louis KahnLouis Kahn
20th February, American

Barbara CartlandBarbara Cartland
9th July, British
Art RooneyArt Rooney
27th January, American
NFL Team Founder, Owner

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Willie SuttonWillie Sutton
30th June, American
Bank Robber

Simon KuznetsSimon Kuznets
30th April, American

Ernest LawrenceErnest Lawrence
8th August, American

C. L. R. JamesC. L. R. James
4th January, Trinidadian, British
Journalist, Writer, Historian, Theorist, Socialist
Mark OliphantMark Oliphant
8th October, Australian

Syama Prasad MookerjeeSyama Prasad Mookerjee
6th July, Indian
Indian Politician
Salvatore Quasimodo Salvatore Quasimodo
20th August, Italian
Author & Poet

Charles BrentonCharles Brenton Huggins
22nd September, Canadian, American
Physician & Surgeon

Vincent du VigneaudVincent du Vigneaud
18th May, American
Andre MalrauxAndre Malraux
3rd November, French
French Novelist

Uuno KailasUuno Kailas
29th March, Finnish
Sergiusz PiaseckiSergiusz Piasecki
1st April, Polish

Alfred NewmanAlfred Newman
17th March, American
American composer

Adolf DasslerAdolf Dassler
3rd November, German
entrepreneur, politician

Lee StrasbergLee Strasberg
17th November, American
Film actor, Theatre director, Film director, Stage

Paul of GreecePaul of Greece
14th December, Greek
Melvyn DouglasMelvyn Douglas
5th April, American

Ub IwerksUb Iwerks
24th March, American

V. ShantaramV. Shantaram
18th November, Indian
Film director, Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter,

Ed BegleyEd Begley
25th March, American
Hendrik VerwoerdHendrik Verwoerd
8th September, South African
Politician, University teacher, Faculty

Princess Märtha of SwedenPrincess Märtha of Sweden
28th March, Norwegian
Vittorio De SicaVittorio De Sica
7th July, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film

Henning von TresckowHenning von Tresckow
10th January, German

Andrey VlasovAndrey Vlasov
14th September, Russian
Robert BressonRobert Bresson
25th September, French
Film director

Henri LefebvreHenri Lefebvre
16th June, French
Philosopher, Politician, Sociologist, University
Jascha HeifetzJascha Heifetz
2nd February, Lithuanian, American
Music educator, Violinist

Whittaker ChambersWhittaker Chambers
1st April, American

Maxwell D. TaylorMaxwell D. Taylor
26th August, American
Diplomat, Military personnel
Michael OakeshottMichael Oakeshott
11th December, British
Philosopher, Political scientist, University

Frank BucklesFrank Buckles
1st February, American
Military personnel
Milton H. EricksonMilton H. Erickson
5th December, American
Psychotherapist, Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist,

John C. StennisJohn C. Stennis
3rd August, American

Hans KammlerHans Kammler
26th August, German
architect, engineer

Zhang XueliangZhang Xueliang
3rd June, American
Adolph RuppAdolph Rupp
2nd September, German, American
Basketball coach
William S. PaleyWilliam S. Paley
28th September, American

Gheorghe Gheorghiu-DejGheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej
8th November, Romanian
Politician, Diplomat

Carl BarksCarl Barks
27th March, American
Screenwriter, Writer, Painter, Farmer, Journalist

Nelson EddyNelson Eddy
29th June, American
Joaquín RodrigoJoaquín Rodrigo
22nd November, Spanish
Composer, Choreographer, Pianist, Educationist,

Walter HallsteinWalter Hallstein
17th November, German
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher

Alfred TarskiAlfred Tarski
14th January, Polish, American
Mathematician, Philosopher

Jean DubuffetJean Dubuffet
31st July, French
Painter, Sculptor, Visual artist, Writer

Harry PartchHarry Partch
24th June, American
Adelaide HallAdelaide Hall
20th October, American
Singer, Artist, Jazz musician, Actor, Stage actor

Ludwig von BertalanffyLudwig von Bertalanffy
19th September, Austrian, Canadian
Biologist, University teacher
Sam SpiegelSam Spiegel
11th November, Austrian, Polish, American
Film producer

Roy UrquhartRoy Urquhart
28th November, British

Norman HartnellNorman Hartnell
12th June, British
Fashion designer
Claude ChoulesClaude Choules
3rd March, British

Frederick LoeweFrederick Loewe
10th June, Austrian, American
Miklós NyiszliMiklós Nyiszli
17th June, Hungarian, Romanian
Physician, Writer

Roy WilkinsRoy Wilkins
30th August, American

Florence GreenFlorence Green
19th February, British

Eric VoegelinEric Voegelin
3rd January, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, University
Gerald FinziGerald Finzi
14th July, British
Composer, Music educator

Pancho BarnesPancho Barnes
22nd July, American
Rudolf CaracciolaRudolf Caracciola
30th January, Swiss, German
Racecar driver, Motorcycle racer

John GuntherJohn Gunther
30th August, American
Charles Stark DraperCharles Stark Draper
2nd October, American

Stuart SymingtonStuart Symington
26th June, American
Consuelo de Saint ExupéryConsuelo de Saint Exupéry
10th April, Salvadoran
Writer, Journalist, Painter, Sculptor