Famous People Born In 1884

Discover the most famous people born in 1884. The list includes people like Harry S. Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amedeo Modigliani, Isoroku Yamamoto, Rajendra Prasad and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, psychologists and soldiers born in 1884. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & France and many more countries.

Frank HamerFrank Hamer
17th March, American
Police Officer
Harry S. TrumanHarry S. Truman
8th May, American
33rd President of the United States

Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
11th October, American
Wife of American President Franklin Delano

Isoroku YamamotoIsoroku Yamamoto
4th April, Japanese
Japanese Naval Officer Who Conceived The Pearl

Hideki TojoHideki Tojo
30th December, Japanese
27th Prime Minister of Japan

Rajendra PrasadRajendra Prasad
3rd December, Indian
Former President of India
Evelyn NesbitEvelyn Nesbit
25th December, American

Amedeo ModiglianiAmedeo Modigliani
12th July, Italian
Painter & Sculptor

Alice Roosevelt LongworthAlice Roosevelt Longworth
12th February, American

Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and GothaCharles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
19th July, German, British
Hermann RorschachHermann Rorschach
8th November, Swiss
Swiss psychiatrist

Norman ThomasNorman Thomas
20th November, American
Peter DebyePeter Debye
24th March, American
American-Dutch chemist

Vincent AuriolVincent Auriol
27th August, French
Former President of France

Otto Fritz MeyerhofOtto Fritz Meyerhof
12th April, German
Physician and Biochemist
Alma GluckAlma Gluck
11th May, American

Friedrich Karl Rudolf Bergius Friedrich Bergius
11th October, German
Franz HalderFranz Halder
30th June, German
Soldier, Writer, Diarist

Billie BurkeBillie Burke
7th August, American

Louis B. MayerLouis B. Mayer
12th July, Belarusian, Ukrainian, American
Film Producer
Anton DrexlerAnton Drexler
13th June, German

Elizabeth ArdenElizabeth Arden
30th November, Canadian
Business Leader, Entrepreneur
Walter DurantyWalter Duranty
25th May, British

İsmet İnönüİsmet İnönü
24th September, Turkish

Sophie TuckerSophie Tucker
13th January, Ukrainian, American, Russian

Edvard BenešEdvard Beneš
28th May, Czech
Lecturer, Politician, Association football player
Emil JanningsEmil Jannings
23rd July, Swiss, German
Édouard DaladierÉdouard Daladier
18th June, French

Claude AuchinleckClaude Auchinleck
21st June, British

Walther von ReichenauWalther von Reichenau
8th October, German

Hugo GernsbackHugo Gernsback
16th August, Luxembourgian, American
Krishna Raja Wadiyar IVKrishna Raja Wadiyar IV
4th June

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Carl Friedrich GoerdelerCarl Friedrich Goerdeler
31st July, German
Politician, Jurist

Otto RankOtto Rank
22nd April, Austrian

Theodor HeussTheodor Heuss
31st January, German
Politician, University teacher, Journalist

Edward SapirEdward Sapir
26th January, Polish, American
Anthropologist, Linguist, Sociolinguist,
Auguste PiccardAuguste Piccard
28th January, Swiss
Physicist, Explorer, Balloonist, Privatdozent,

Max BrodMax Brod
27th May, Czech, Israeli
Linguist, Composer, Pianist, Novelist, Translator,
Arthur RansomeArthur Ransome
18th January, British

Yevgeny ZamyatinYevgeny Zamyatin
1st February, French

Gaston BachelardGaston Bachelard
27th June, French
Philosopher, Poet, Writer, University teacher
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann
12th February, German
Painter, Sculptor, Draftsperson, Printmaker,

Tommy GaglianoTommy Gagliano
30th November, American
American mobster
Rudolf BultmannRudolf Bultmann
20th August, German
Theologian, University teacher

Sara TeasdaleSara Teasdale
8th August, American
Poet, Writer

Oscar MicheauxOscar Micheaux
2nd January, American
American author

Alexander BustamanteAlexander Bustamante
24th February, Jamaican

Yitzhak Ben-ZviYitzhak Ben-Zvi
24th November, Israeli, Ukrainian
Politician, Historian, Writer
Hugo SchmeisserHugo Schmeisser
24th September, German
Inventor, Engineer

Charles White WhittleseyCharles White Whittlesey
20th January, American
Lawyer, Military personnel

Clark L. HullClark L. Hull
24th May, American

C. W. W. KannangaraC. W. W. Kannangara
13th October, Sri Lankan
Diplomat, Politician
Sig RumanSig Ruman
11th October, German, American

Lion FeuchtwangerLion Feuchtwanger
7th July, German
Writer, Playwright, Translator, Journalist
Harry FergusonHarry Ferguson
4th November, British
Aerospace engineer, Engineer

Étienne GilsonÉtienne Gilson
13th June, French
Philosopher, Historian, Politician, Professor,

Solomon LefschetzSolomon Lefschetz
3rd September, American
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher
Rómulo GallegosRómulo Gallegos
2nd August, Venezuelan

Alexandra TolstayaAlexandra Tolstaya
18th June, Russian
Andrei BubnovAndrei Bubnov
22nd March, Russian

Noel Godfrey ChavasseNoel Godfrey Chavasse
9th November, British
Military physician, Athletics competitor

Florence Ellinwood AllenFlorence Ellinwood Allen
23rd March, American
Lawyer, Judge
Alexander WileyAlexander Wiley
26th May, American
Politician, Lawyer

Roger Nash BaldwinRoger Nash Baldwin
21st January, American
Sociologist, Trade unionist
Karl Schmidt-RottluffKarl Schmidt-Rottluff
1st December, German
Sculptor, Painter, University teacher, Graphic

Jean PiccardJean Piccard
28th January, Swiss, American
American-Swiss chemist

Leone Sextus TollemacheLeone Sextus Tollemache
10th June, British

Tanzan IshibashiTanzan Ishibashi
25th September, Japanese
Prime Minister,politician,journalist
Helene DeutschHelene Deutsch
9th October, Polish, American
Psychologist, Psychiatrist
Bert KalmarBert Kalmar
10th February, American
Lyricist, Songwriter, Screenwriter

Theodor SvedbergTheodor Svedberg
30th August, Swedish

Georges DuhamelGeorges Duhamel
30th June, French
writer, poet, physician, novelist

Anna WickhamAnna Wickham
30th November, British
Harry LewHarry Lew
4th January, American
Basketball player

Alexander BeliaevAlexander Beliaev
16th March, Russian

Albert WolffAlbert Wolff
19th January, Dutch
conductor, Choir director, Composer, Pianist

Phyllis Forbes DennisPhyllis Forbes Dennis
31st May, British

William Jacob Will CuppyWilliam Jacob Will Cuppy
23rd August, American