Famous People Born In 1843

Discover the most famous people born in 1843. The list includes people like William McKinley, Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, Henry James, Robert Koch, Edvard Grieg and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include artists, political leaders, novelists and presidents born in 1843. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany and many more countries.

William McKinleyWilliam McKinley
29th January, American
President of the U.S.A
Princess Alice of the United KingdomPrincess Alice of the United Kingdom
25th April, British
Princess of the United Kingdom

Robert Todd LincolnRobert Todd Lincoln
1st August, American
Politician, Son of Abraham Lincoln

Henry JamesHenry James
15th April, American

Virgil EarpVirgil Earp
18th July, American
Police Officer

Edvard GriegEdvard Grieg
15th June, Norwegian
Pianist and music composer
Robert KochRobert Koch
11th December, German

Frank JamesFrank James
10th January, American

Camillo GolgiCamillo Golgi
7th July, Italian
Physician, Pathologist, Biologist

Bertha von SuttnerBertha von Suttner
9th June, Austrian
Pacifist, First Woman to Receive the Nobel Peace
Emily Warren RoeblingEmily Warren Roebling
23rd September, American
Lady Who Guided The Construction of the Brooklyn

Henry FauldsHenry Faulds
1st June, British
Frederick VIII of DenmarkFrederick VIII of Denmark
3rd June, Danish

Gertrude JekyllGertrude Jekyll
29th November, British
Horticulturist, Painter, Gardener, Non-fiction

Benito Pérez GaldósBenito Pérez Galdós
10th May, Spanish
Spanish novelist
William Henry JacksonWilliam Henry Jackson
4th April, American
Painter, Photographer, Explorer, Artist,

Georg von HertlingGeorg von Hertling
31st August, German
Luke FildesLuke Fildes
3rd October, British
Painter, Caricaturist, Illustrator

Eugene de BlaasEugene de Blaas
24th July

Colmar Freiherr von der GoltzColmar Freiherr von der Goltz
12th August, German
Writer, Military historian, Soldier
Charles Albert GobatCharles Albert Gobat
21st May, Swiss
Swiss lawyer

Russell Herman ConwellRussell Herman Conwell
15th February, American