For those Taurus born on the 6th day of May, the ruling planet of Venus brings out the strength of the love planet in their personalities. Searching for worldly success and a perfect relationship is the driving force behind these individuals as they make their way through life. This strength of Venus is seen in the harmony and ability for sympathy that is strong in this individual. As the planet of Venus stands in double ruling status for this day, love will seem to be in the air for these people. Artistic love of beauty will bring their personality full swing as they seek love and happiness from the rest of the world.

Naomi ScottNaomi Scott
26, British
George ClooneyGeorge Clooney
58, American

Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud
83, Austrian
Neurologist, Psychiatrist

Adrianne PalickiAdrianne Palicki
36, American

Orson WellesOrson Welles
70, American
Actor and Director

Tony BlairTony Blair
66, British
Prime Minister of Britain
Meek MillMeek Mill
32, American
Hip-hop Artist

Bob SegerBob Seger
74, American
American singer-songwriter

Chris PaulChris Paul
34, American
Basketball Player

Motilal NehruMotilal Nehru
69, Indian
Political Leader
Trent OlsenTrent Olsen
35, American

Rubin CarterRubin Carter
76, Canadian
Willie MaysWillie Mays
88, American
Former Professional Baseball Star

Gabourey SidibeGabourey Sidibe
36, American

Julianne PhillipsJulianne Phillips
59, American
Model & Actress
Milton William CooperMilton William Cooper
58, American

Dana HillDana Hill
32, American
Emily Alyn LindEmily Alyn Lind
19, American

Stewart GrangerStewart Granger
80, British

Jason WittenJason Witten
37, American
American Football Tight End
Ranz KyleRanz Kyle
22, Filipino
Dancer, YouTuber

Moon Geun-youngMoon Geun-young
32, South Korean
Dianne BuswellDianne Buswell
30, Australian

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-WindsorArchie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
30, British
Son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Jaime WinstoneJaime Winstone
34, British

Anne ParillaudAnne Parillaud
59, French
Leslie HopeLeslie Hope
54, Canadian
Adriana CaselottiAdriana Caselotti
80, American
Voice Actor

Robert PearyRobert Peary
63, American

Tiera SkovbyeTiera Skovbye
24, Canadian

Beneil DariushBeneil Dariush
30, Iranian, American
Mixed Martial Artist
Maximilien de RobespierreMaximilien de Robespierre
36, French
Influential Figure of the French Revolution

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Durrani PopalDurrani Popal
30, American
Reality TV Star

Sadie SandlerSadie Sandler
13, American
Star Kid, Actor

François Auguste Victor GrignardVictor Grignard
64, French

27, South Korean
Singer & Actor
Nessa DiabNessa Diab
38, American
Radio & Television Personality

Sofia JamoraSofia Jamora
22, American
Instagram Model
Sophia Rose TurinoSophia Rose Turino
14, American

Asha ZapfAsha Zapf
16, American
Instagram Star

Andre WeilAndre Weil
92, French
Casey ChanCasey Chan
31, American

Cherry SeabornCherry Seaborn
27, British
Ed Sheeran’s Fiancée, Field Hockey Player
20, American

Tyler PhillipsTyler Phillips
17, American
TikTok Star

Trinity Rose LikinsTrinity Rose Likins
13, Canadian

Dani AlvesDani Alves
36, Brazilian

Maximilien RobespierreMaximilien Robespierre
36, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist, Revolutionary
Dominic HollandDominic Holland
52, British

Graeme SounessGraeme Souness
66, British
Association football player, Association football

Dries MertensDries Mertens
32, Belgian
Association football player

Rudolph ValentinoRudolph Valentino
31, American
Lars MikkelsenLars Mikkelsen
55, Danish

Roma DowneyRoma Downey
59, British, American
Tom BergeronTom Bergeron
64, American
Television presenter, Presenter, Writer

Bresha WebbBresha Webb
35, American

62, Albanian
Military commander
Patricia Kennedy LawfordPatricia Kennedy Lawford
82, American

Frans TimmermansFrans Timmermans
Politician, Diplomat
Gina RileyGina Riley
58, Australian

Lynn WhitfieldLynn Whitfield
66, American

Maître GimsMaître Gims
Rapper, Singer
Samuel DoeSamuel Doe
39, Liberian
Military personnel

Martha NussbaumMartha Nussbaum
72, American
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher
Chris ShiflettChris Shiflett
48, American

Alan DaleAlan Dale
72, New Zealander

Martin BrodeurMartin Brodeur
47, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Nanna Bryndís HilmarsdóttirNanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
30, Icelander
Musician, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Sasheer ZamataSasheer Zamata
33, American
James TurrellJames Turrell
76, American

Gregg HenryGregg Henry
67, American

Tyler HynesTyler Hynes
33, Canadian

Jonathan BushJonathan Bush
88, American
Raymond BaileyRaymond Bailey
75, American

Tom HunterTom Hunter
58, British

Richard ShelbyRichard Shelby
85, American

Davey JohnstoneDavey Johnstone
68, British
Singer, Banjoist, Mandolinist, Guitarist,

Tim WonnacottTim Wonnacott
66, British
television presenter
Pippa HaywoodPippa Haywood
58, British

Jean-Michel CousteauJean-Michel Cousteau
81, French
Marko PjacaMarko Pjaca
24, Croatian
Croatian footballer

Geneva CarrGeneva Carr
48, American

William D. LeahyWilliam D. Leahy
84, American
Officer, Diplomat
Judith HillJudith Hill
35, American

Ernst Ludwig KirchnerErnst Ludwig Kirchner
58, German
Painter, Sculptor
Andreas BaaderAndreas Baader
34, German

Amadeo GianniniAmadeo Giannini
79, American
Banker, Entrepreneur

Jeffery DeaverJeffery Deaver
69, American

Dominika CibulkováDominika Cibulková
30, Slovak
Slovak tennis player
Henry II, Holy Roman EmperorHenry II, Holy Roman Emperor
51, German

Kerry EllisKerry Ellis
40, British
Actor, Singer
Gaston LerouxGaston Leroux
58, French
Journalist, Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter

Nick LittlemoreNick Littlemore
41, Australian
Singer, Record producer, Musician, Composer
Ricardo OliveiraRicardo Oliveira
39, Brazilian
Association football player

André MassénaAndré Masséna
58, French
French military commander
Roger Tuivasa-SheckRoger Tuivasa-Sheck
26, New Zealander
rugby league player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 6

Charm is in full swing for this Taurus individuals and their easy going overly cooperative personality. Warmness in heart is vibrant as they follow the rule of Venus which plays a dominant role in their intuitive levels of feelings and brings their charm to the surface. Curiosity toward the rest of the world will take Taurus individuals to places that others will not dare to tread as they seek the yin to their yang. Extremely outgoing, these individual will literally charm the world with their spell of enthusiasm and sheer sex appeal making them the life of the party.

The one flaw to the strong outgoing Taurus individuals born on May 6th will come in the form of their tendency to display certain deficiencies when it comes to their nutritional health and well-being. A strong love of food and an overly healthy appetite is one part of their life that will need to be watched and kept under control. Mentally they will experience a relationship between food and their state of mind which can cause overeating. But it will also work in their favor as certain foods can help boost their concentration levels and state of their moods.

Financial stability for the most part is something May 6 natives can keep under control. However, there will be moments in their life that the deep underlying frivolous nature will rear its ugly head making life a little more difficult. Control will be the key to keeping those finances well under the limit for their budget.

When considering job opportunities this Taurus will lean farther from the more conventional side of employment. Their innate knowledge of the best career options are always within their thoughts, but the drive to be financially secure will push them in directions that could allow them to keep that vital control over their finances.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
May 6th will give these Taurus individuals the typical nature of the bull and bring out the true stubbornness of their soul. While their ability to have patience in situations others would fail will also go well with the depth of emotional consciousness they can possess. Love can bring out their guarded nature as they have a tendency to tread lightly when matters of the heart are considered. But once they have met that person who meets their expectations and can give balance to that inner fear, loyalty will exude from deep within their soul to make them the perfect companion, friend, or lover to anyone who can prove worthy.

Lucky Colors: White, Cream, Rose and Pink
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Saturday and Wednesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 3, 4, 9, 15 and 24