People born on June 14 come under the sun sign of Gemini. It is the sign of the twins Castor and Pollux, and hence Geminis usually make great partners. People born on June 14 are made for a high pace lifestyle. They love to travel and try to be everywhere at once. June 14 natives are fast thinkers with lots of ideas, yet they also have the duality to know when they are overly expressing their ideas. Every year the Sun is almost, always at the same place on June 14, the people born on this day are natural lovers of the Sun.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump
73, American
45th U.S. President
Che GuevaraChe Guevara
39, Argentinian

Boy GeorgeBoy George
58, British

Lucy HaleLucy Hale
30, American

Daryl SabaraDaryl Sabara
27, American

Steffi GrafSteffi Graf
50, German
Tennis player
Lynda LopezLynda Lopez
48, American

Yasmine BleethYasmine Bleeth
51, American

Ryan McCartanRyan McCartan
26, American
Traylor HowardTraylor Howard
53, American

Sam WanamakerSam Wanamaker
74, American
Harriet Beecher StoweHarriet Beecher Stowe
85, American
American author

Will PattonWill Patton
65, American

Faizon LoveFaizon Love
51, Cuban, American
Actor, Comedian

Sutan AmrullSutan Amrull
45, American
Make-up Artist, Television Personality, Drag

Kumar Manglam BirlaKumar Mangalam Birla
52, Indian
Chairman of Aditya Birla Group
Dorothy McGuireDorothy McGuire
85, American

King DiamondKing Diamond
63, Danish
Heavy Metal Musician

Mona SimpsonMona Simpson
62, American

Kara KillmerKara Killmer
31, American
Ahmed Raza Khan BarelviAhmed Raza Khan Barelvi
65, Indian
Islamic Scholar, Reformer

Chou Tzu-yuChou Tzu-yu
20, Taiwanese
Karl LandsteinerKarl Landsteiner
75, American

Jerzy KosińskiJerzy Kosiński
57, American

Jesy NelsonJesy Nelson
28, British
Robert M. La Follette, Sr.Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
70, American

Katya Elise HenryKatya Elise Henry
25, American
Fitness Model, Instagram Star
JianHao TanJianHao Tan
26, Singaporean

26, American

Taylor HatalaTaylor Hatala
16, Canadian
Bryce Maximus JamesBryce Maximus James
12, American
LeBron James' Son

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Charles Augustin De CoulombCharles Augustin De Coulomb
70, French
French physicist
Sir James W. BlackSir James W. Black
85, British, Scottish

Metin HaraMetin Hara
37, Turkish
Author, Spiritual Healer, Adriana Lima’s

Rowan Douglas WilliamsRowan Douglas Williams
69, British

16, Canadian
Louis GarrelLouis Garrel
36, French
Actor, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Film
Jay RoachJay Roach
62, American

41, American
singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer

Alan CarrAlan Carr
43, British
Actor, Comedian, Film actor, Screenwriter

Marla GibbsMarla Gibbs
88, American
Lang LangLang Lang
37, Chinese
Chinese pianist

Joe ArpaioJoe Arpaio
87, American

MC RenMC Ren
50, American
Musician, Actor, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter

Raj ThackerayRaj Thackeray
51, Indian

Sullivan StapletonSullivan Stapleton
42, Australian
Paul O'GradyPaul O'Grady
64, British

Burl IvesBurl Ives
85, American
American singer
Gene BarryGene Barry
90, American

Diablo CodyDiablo Cody
41, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director,

Lina HeydrichLina Heydrich
74, German
Torrance CoombsTorrance Coombs
36, Canadian, American

Jacques TorresJacques Torres
60, Algerian
Gary LightbodyGary Lightbody
43, Irish, British

Harry TurtledoveHarry Turtledove
70, American

Marcus MillerMarcus Miller
60, American
Bassist, Composer, Clarinetist, Jazz musician,

Kostas ManolasKostas Manolas
28, Greek
Association football player

38, Brazilian
Association football player
Val ValentinoVal Valentino
63, American
Actor, Stage magician, Singer

Bruce BowenBruce Bowen
48, American
Basketball player

Margaret Bourke-WhiteMargaret Bourke-White
67, American
Photographer, War photographer, Photojournalist,

Charles-Augustin de CoulombCharles-Augustin de Coulomb
70, French
Judith KerrJudith Kerr
96, British
Writer, Illustrator, Autobiographer, Children's

Robert Louis-DreyfusRobert Louis-Dreyfus
63, Swiss, French
Maxi JazzMaxi Jazz
62, British
Musician, Rapper & Singer-Songwriter

Chris DeGarmoChris DeGarmo
56, American
Musician, Guitarist

André CarrilloAndré Carrillo
28, Peruvian
Peruvian footballer
Alonzo ChurchAlonzo Church
92, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Cameron RussellCameron Russell
32, American
Alois AlzheimerAlois Alzheimer
51, German
Psychiatrist, Neuropathologist

Gianna NanniniGianna Nannini
63, Italian
singer-songwriter, musician, singer, songwriter,

Eric HeidenEric Heiden
61, American
Pritam ChakrabortyPritam Chakraborty
48, Indian

Ahmad ZahirAhmad Zahir
33, Afghan
Paul BoatengPaul Boateng
68, British

Fernando WoodFernando Wood
68, American

Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of LuxembourgMarie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
29, Luxembourgian
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

Taishi NakagawaTaishi Nakagawa
21, Japanese
Japanese actor
Steve HunterSteve Hunter
71, American
Musician, Guitarist
Massimo OddoMassimo Oddo
43, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Yamagata AritomoYamagata Aritomo
83, Japanese
Politician, Military personnel

Alexander SokurovAlexander Sokurov
68, Russian
Film director, Screenwriter, Writer

John Edgar WidemanJohn Edgar Wideman
78, American
Kevin RocheKevin Roche
97, Irish, American

Guy SigsworthGuy Sigsworth
59, British
composer, record producer, music executive,

83, Armenian

Ferdinand II, Archduke of AustriaFerdinand II, Archduke of Austria
65, Austrian
Coin collecting

Kathleen RaineKathleen Raine
95, British
Percy HobartPercy Hobart
71, British
Military Engineer

Nilakantha SomayajiNilakantha Somayaji
99, Indian
mathematician, astronomer, astrologer
José Carlos MariáteguiJosé Carlos Mariátegui
35, Peruvian

Arthur EricksonArthur Erickson
84, Canadian
Architect, University teacher
Tami ChynnTami Chynn
35, Jamaican
Wafa SultanWafa Sultan
61, Syrian
psychiatrist, writer, psychologist

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 14

People born on June 14 are the ones, usually with the best idea, even if it seems like it wouldn't work. They have a knack for solving problems and always come up with a fun way to accomplish whatever task they are doing. Fun is of the utmost importance for them, without it things are meaningless for them. With a hunger for knowledge and unmatched curiosity, June 14 people are always thinking up something interesting, making them very entertaining individuals to be around. They are also impulsive and whimsical, often causing them to go after what they desire for, without thinking if it is realistic or not.

With a personality that likes to be busy and always wants to be on-the-go, a person born on June 14 would benefit greatly from practicing yoga. Breathing exercises will help them clear their mind and focus on what they truly want among their cluttered whims. With an on-the-go type of life, a Gemini should make a conscious effort to watch what they eat. They have a tendency to choose the most convenient meal instead of a healthier option. June 14 people should take extra care to make sure that vegetables are part of their daily diets.

Highly creative, all Geminis are great entrepreneurs. They always think of creative ways to make money. However, people born on June 14 need to watch out for get-rich-quick schemes. Their impulsiveness makes them vulnerable targets for scammers.

People born on June 14 have incredible potential for leadership, ready to be tapped into. Geminis born on June 14 are the ones that people want to follow. They are charming and know how to work a crowd perfectly—a benefit of being great public speakers. These traits make them best suited for careers in politics, business, journalism, and public relations.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on June 14 are not always best suited for commitment, due to the fact that they often do not know what they want. They have a tendency to find themselves deeply caring for more than one person at a time. They like to flirt around, but do not always know when they are doing so. They always make for a fun date due to their natural playfulness. These people are in touch with their youth and relate well to their children. They make learning fun and game filled. Growing up, June 14 people may not relate to parents or teachers, often seeing them as too strict and serious.

Lucky colors: Aqua, Bright Yellow, Baby Pink, Indigo
Lucky numbers: 8, 24
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 12, 17, 30