People born on February 6 fall under the zodiac sign Aquarius. These people are huge dreamers and are potentially multi-talented. They are usually underestimated in what they can overcome and how much self-confidence and inner strength they have. They tend to have a simple dream of having that perfect partner for life along with success in the work place. These people tend to be of artistic nature and would prefer a career in arts. They are quick-witted and are known for their great personality.

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
93, American
40th U.S. President
Bob MarleyBob Marley
36, Jamaican

Anne, Queen of Great BritainAnne, Queen of Great Britain
49, British
Queen of Britan

Babe RuthBabe Ruth
53, American

Axl RoseAxl Rose
57, American

Eva BraunEva Braun
33, German
Alice EveAlice Eve
37, British

Aaron BurrAaron Burr
80, American
3rd Vice President of United States

Nora FatehiNora Fatehi
27, Canadian

Rick AstleyRick Astley
53, British
Zsa Zsa GaborZsa Zsa Gabor
53, Hungarian, American
Socialite, Actress

Rip TornRip Torn
88, American
Natalie ColeNatalie Cole
65, American

Charlie HeatonCharlie Heaton
25, British

Mike FarrellMike Farrell
80, American
Crystal ReedCrystal Reed
34, American

Dane DeHaanDane DeHaan
33, American
Khalil Rountree Jr.Khalil Rountree Jr.
29, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Dominic SherwoodDominic Sherwood
29, British
Actor, Model

John FranzeseJohn Franzese
29, Italian
Crime Boss
Josh StewartJosh Stewart
42, American

Kathy NajimyKathy Najimy
62, American
Mamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren
88, American

Amy RobachAmy Robach
46, American
Journalist, TV Anchor

Michael PollanMichael Pollan
64, American
Author, Journalist, Activist

12, American
Youtube Star
Adam WeishauptAdam Weishaupt
82, German
Carlos MarcelloCarlos Marcello
83, American
Boss of New Orleans crime family

J. E. B. StuartJ. E. B. Stuart
31, American
Military Leader

Neri OxmanNeri Oxman
43, American

Rickey ThompsonRickey Thompson
23, American
Youtube Star
Isidor StrausIsidor Straus
67, American

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Aviva MongilloAviva Mongillo
21, Canadian

Khan Abdul Ghaffar KhanKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
97, Pakistani
Political and Spiritual Leader

Christopher Paul NeilChristopher Paul Neil
44, Canadian
Convicted Child Molester

Tinashe KachingweTinashe Kachingwe
26, American
Bianca HeinickeBianca Heinicke
26, German

William P. MurphyWilliam P. Murphy
95, American
Ryan SwazeRyan Swaze
26, Canadian
Youtube Star

Dalton RapattoniDalton Rapattoni
23, American

Rachel MarieRachel Marie
20, American
YouTube Star
Ric CharlesworthRic Charlesworth
67, Australian
Sports Consultant, Field Hockey Player

Diana TaylorDiana Taylor
64, American
Michael Bloomberg's Partner
Reed DemingReed Deming
20, American
Pop Singer

Steven SupticSteven Suptic
26, American

Bradlee WannemacherBradlee Wannemacher
28, American
Youtube Star

David BoydDavid Boyd
31, Danish

Homer James Jigme GereHomer James Jigme Gere
19, American
Richard Gere's Son
Kaylina Eileen GarciaKaylina Eileen Garcia
18, American
Instagram Star

Allison HolkerAllison Holker
31, American
Actor, Dancer

Mark FuhrmanMark Fuhrman
67, American

Kris HumphriesKris Humphries
34, American
Basketball player
Thurl RavenscroftThurl Ravenscroft
91, American
Singer, Dub actor, Opera singer, Actor

Angad BediAngad Bedi
36, Indian
Anna DiopAnna Diop
31, Senegalese, American

François TruffautFrançois Truffaut
52, French
Film director, Screenwriter, Film actor, Film

Kevin WhatelyKevin Whately
68, British
S. SreesanthS. Sreesanth
36, Indian

Ben LawsonBen Lawson
39, Australian
Darren BravoDarren Bravo
30, Trinidadian

David HayterDavid Hayter
50, Canadian, American
Actor, Voice actor, Screenwriter, Television

Matthew CarnahanMatthew Carnahan
58, American
Darren BentDarren Bent
35, British
Association football player

Leon GoretzkaLeon Goretzka
24, German
Association football player
Tim SherwoodTim Sherwood
50, British
Association football player, Association football

Kevin TrudeauKevin Trudeau
56, American

Calum BestCalum Best
38, American

Ramon NovarroRamon Novarro
69, Spanish, Mexican, American
Louis BuchalterLouis Buchalter
47, American
Timothy M. DolanTimothy M. Dolan
69, American
Theologian, University teacher, Catholic priest

Thomas C. DurantThomas C. Durant
65, American

Charles WheatstoneCharles Wheatstone
73, British
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer,

Dewi SukarnoDewi Sukarno
79, Indonesian
Camilo CienfuegosCamilo Cienfuegos
27, Cuban
Armed force officer

Jamie WhincupJamie Whincup
36, Australian
Racecar driver

Alice GreczynAlice Greczyn
33, American

Andrey ZvyagintsevAndrey Zvyagintsev
55, Russian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

Constance KentConstance Kent
100, British
Mustafa IIMustafa II
39, Turkish, Kosovar

Fred TruemanFred Trueman
75, British
Brad HoggBrad Hogg
48, Australian

Scott GuthrieScott Guthrie
44, American
Programmer, Computer scientist

Vitaly MinakovVitaly Minakov
34, Russian
Mixed Martial Artist
Beatrice CenciBeatrice Cenci
22, Romanian

Henry LiddellHenry Liddell
86, British
Aleksandar KataiAleksandar Katai
28, Serbian
Serbian footballer

John Maynard SmithJohn Maynard Smith
84, British

Mary LeakeyMary Leakey
83, British
Academic, Anthropologist

Daniel YerginDaniel Yergin
72, American
Historian, Economist, Writer
Pramoedya Ananta ToerPramoedya Ananta Toer
81, Indonesian
Novelist, Writer, Essayist

Claudio ArrauClaudio Arrau
88, Chilean, American
Sarah BradySarah Brady
73, American

Muhammad Zafarullah KhanMuhammad Zafarullah Khan
92, Indian, Pakistani
Politician, Diplomat, Judge, Lawyer
Haskell WexlerHaskell Wexler
93, American
Cinematographer, Film director, Screenwriter

Ricky BarnesRicky Barnes
38, American
American golfer
John Brown GordonJohn Brown Gordon
71, American

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 6

February 6 natives tend to be inventive and fun loving. They have several traits inherent to Aquarians, such as, intelligence, honesty, and humanitarianism. People born on this day usually tend to be a little more open minded than others that share the same sign. They are usually charming and have an extremely dry personality. They are known as social butterflies and love to interact with different types of people. Their emotions can sway from up to down all the time but they are usually passionate about everything in their life.

People born on February 6 are likely to have some health issues. Usually these issues are more mental than physical. Whether they are in a good mood or a bad mood it will always show in their appearance. People of this sign really enjoy cooking themselves nice healthy meals. Because of this they tend to live a moderately healthy living. They also tend to love being in the outdoors. They normally do not require much exercise to stay in shape but their outdoor endeavors should be enough if they choose to do so.

Because they find it generally easy to organize and improvise, financial problems are rarely an issue. They have very good money handling skills. They are usually pretty frugal with spending habits but they aren’t stingy.

One thing that sets apart people born on this day from others is their intent of working. They enjoy working where they have a chance of utilizing their intelligence. They will choose jobs, which are compatible with their qualification. They generally have an entrepreneurial mindset and are more interested in self-employment.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
These people tend to be very romantic and can be overly sentimental in relationships. They do believe in true love and become very enthused when dealing with matters of heart. They are adventurous lovers and can become overly protective once they are in love. As parents, they view themselves as the head authority. They have very high standards for their children.

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