Rickey Thompson Bio

(American YouTube Star)

Birthday: February 6, 1996 (Aquarius)

Born In: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Rickey Thompson is a social media star who gained popularity for his vine videos that he posts on his YouTube channel. His comical way of talking and exceptional comic timing helped him rack up more than 2.5 million subscribers to his Vine account before it was discontinued. He has more than 1.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos are usually loud, vibrant, and full of energy. Some of his notable videos are ‘I Pooped my Pants,’ ‘Would You Rather Challenge,’ ‘Slang Words with Rickey,’ ‘Cooking with Rickey,’ and ‘Embarrassing Moments.’ He has taken up many popular challenges, such as ‘Whisper Challenge,’ ‘Makeup Challenge’ and ‘What is in my Hand’ among many other challenges. Rickey has also starred in a web series titled ‘Foursome.’ The web series was aired on Awesomeness TV. He has performed at many events as well. He is quite popular on Instagram with over 5.3 million followers.

Quick Facts

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males


siblings: Karson Thompson

Born Country: United States

Height: 6'0" (183 cm), 6'0" Males

U.S. State: North Carolina

City: Raleigh, North Carolina

YouTube Success

Rickey Thompson started his journey on social media by uploading photos and videos on Instagram. He used to post his pictures and video clips on his account. His comedy videos soon caught the attention of his fans who requested him to post vine videos on YouTube. Rickey was happy to oblige and created his YouTube channel in August 2013.

The first video that he uploaded was a tag video in which he answered the questions posed by his fans. He then posted a video on things that he hates. Caterpillars topped his hate list, which came across as a surprise to many. He then explained the reason behind his hatred towards caterpillars.

When Rickey was a kid, he accidentally grabbed a tree branch that had a butterfly nest on it. Unfortunately, the entire nest fell on his head and the next moment, he found several caterpillars crawling all over his body. But the worst part was a few caterpillars got inside his mouth. He was disgusted by the incident and that’s why he hates caterpillars so much.

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Rickey also hates milk and its byproducts as he suffers from lactose intolerance. He has had many embarrassing moments as a kid and many of them are related to his hatred towards milk. In one of his videos, he spoke about his immense love for Beyonce and Katy Perry. He loves them so much that he wants to get married to both of them!

Rickey took up the makeup challenge, along with his friend Maggie Lindemann. In the video, they were seen applying make-up on each other’s face. They also took up the ‘clothes swap challenge.’ He then posted a video on weird and annoying make-up trends, which according to him should be stopped. His facial expressions made the entire video hilarious. Rickey is a master in displaying various emotions that are actually funny to watch.

He then posted a series of vlogs that showcased his awesome trip to Disneyland. The video, ‘I’m Out and I’m Proud,’ was the most difficult video for him to shoot. In the video, he spoke about being gay. He also said that he is proud of being one. Rickey is very organized and is a hygiene freak.

He owns a huge collection of Katy Perry and Beyonce posters that adorn the walls of his room. He refers his room as his mini paradise. He posted a separate video to display his closet. Rickey also shared his experience of going under the knife and also told his fans how confident he felt after the surgery. Rickey loves visiting salons and spas. In one of his videos, he was seen getting his hair colored. His fans were happy with his new look and also appreciated him.

Rickey’s hilarious screen presence earned him the opportunity to star in a web series titled ‘Foursome.’ In the web series, he played the character of Dakota Green. The series was aired on Awesomeness TV. He has also given many public performances, including stand-up comedies at various events like Virtuoso Fest and Digi Fest New York.

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Personal Life
Rickey Thompson was born on February 6, 1996, in North Carolina, USA. He has a younger sister named Karson. He presently lives in Los Angeles.
During his school days, Rickey had many female friends but he never felt attracted towards them, and that was when he realized about his sexual preference. It took him many years to accept the fact and to discuss his sexuality with others.
Rickey loves chicken and claims that he can eat chicken for the rest of his life. He likes to spend long hours in the shower and bathes thrice a day! He thinks that his body odor can enhance air pollution and that it is one of the reasons for bathing thrice a day.
Rickey is obsessed with his looks and calls himself a ‘Chocolate God.’ He greets his fans by saying the phrase, ‘What’s Good.’ ‘Swag Money’ is his favorite catchphrase as he believes that one should have swag in order to earn money. His sister, Karson, has appeared in a few of his videos in which they are often seen fighting with each other.
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