Died On March 25th

Discover the most famous people who died on March 25. The list includes people like Claude Debussy, Roland Barthes, Ida B. Wells, Edward Steichen, Novalis. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, guitarists, artists and philosophers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Claude DebussyClaude Debussy
22 August 1862, French
Faisal of Saudi ArabiaFaisal of Saudi Arabia
14 April 1906, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia

Ida B. WellsIda B. Wells
16 July 1862, American

Mona Shourie KapoorMona Shourie Kapoor
03 February 1964, Indian
Wife of Boney Kapoor

Roland BarthesRoland Barthes
12 November 1915, French
French Literary Theorist & Philosopher

Dan SealsDan Seals
08 February 1948, American
Viola LiuzzoViola Liuzzo
11 April 1925, American
Civil Rights Activist

02 May 1772, German
Philosopher & Poet

Edward Steichen Edward Steichen
27 March 1879, American

Caroline Jones ChisholmCaroline Chisholm
30 May 1808, British
Immigrant Welfare Activist
Edward BatesEdward Bates
04 September 1793, American

Robert JoffreyRobert Joffrey
24 December 1930, American
Co-founder of Joffrey Ballet
James Wright James Wright
13 December 1927, American

Buck OwensBuck Owens
12 August 1929, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer

Wong Fei-hungWong Fei-hung
09 July 1847, Chinese
Physician, Acupuncturist
Earl NightingaleEarl Nightingale
12 March 1921, American
Motivational speaker, Author, Actor, Writer, Radio

Milton H. EricksonMilton H. Erickson
05 December 1901, American
Psychotherapist, Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist,
Josef AlbersJosef Albers
19 March 1888, German, American
Painter, Artist, University teacher

Nicholas HawksmoorNicholas Hawksmoor
1661 AD, British

Marcel LefebvreMarcel Lefebvre
29 November 1905, French
Theologian, Catholic priest
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy
03 June 1877, French

Oscar MicheauxOscar Micheaux
02 January 1884, American
American author
Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount WolseleyGarnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley
04 June 1833, British
Politician, Diplomat, Military personnel

Johannes IttenJohannes Itten
11 November 1888, Swiss
Painter, Writer

John Hope FranklinJohn Hope Franklin
02 January 1915, American
Historian, University teacher, Author, Professor,

Afonso II of PortugalAfonso II of Portugal
23 April 1185, Portuguese
Joe SchermieJoe Schermie
12 February 1946, American
Jacques CallotJacques Callot
1592 AD, French
engraver, painter, etcher, graphic artist,

Frédéric MistralFrédéric Mistral
08 September 1830, French
Writer, lexicographer,Poet

Anna SewardAnna Seward
12 December 1747, British
Writer, Poet, Literary critic

Antonio TabucchiAntonio Tabucchi
24 September 1943, Portuguese
Bernard MeltzerBernard Meltzer
02 May 1916, American
Radio personality

James BraidJames Braid
19 June 1795, Scottish
hypnotist, physician, hypnotherapist

Andranik MarkaryanAndranik Markaryan
12 June 1949, Armenian
Prime Minister