Died On April 10th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 10. The list includes people like Emiliano Zapata, Morarji Desai, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Khalil Gibran, Michael Curtiz. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, philosophers, poets and composers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Poland and many more countries.

Morarji DesaiMorarji Desai
29 February 1896, Indian
Politician, Prime Minister of India
Emiliano ZapataEmiliano Zapata
08 August 1879, Mexican
Mexican Political figure

Khalil GibranKhalil Gibran
06 January 1883, Lebanese

Larry Linville Larry Linville
29 September 1939, American

Shomu MukherjeeShomu Mukherjee
19 June 1943, Indian
Film Director & Producer

Linda DarnellLinda Darnell
16 October 1923, American
Pierre Teilhard de ChardinPierre Teilhard de Chardin
01 May 1881, French
Philosopher & Jesuit Priest

Marjorie MainMarjorie Main
24 February 1890, American

Michael CurtizMichael Curtiz
24 December 1886, American
Film Director

Birbal SahniBirbal Sahni
1891 AD, Indian
Joseph Louis LagrangeJoseph Louis Lagrange
25 January 1736, French, Italian
Mathematician and Astronomer

Alexander Turney StewartAlexander Turney Stewart
12 October 1803, American
Henry Van DykeHenry Van Dyke
10 November 1852, American

Manuel GonzalezManuel González Flores
18 June 1833, Mexican
31st President of Mexico

Auguste LumièreAuguste Lumière
19 October 1862, French
Inventor of cinematograph
Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell
22 September 1920, British

Kevin Peter HallKevin Peter Hall
09 May 1955, American
Natalie SchaferNatalie Schafer
05 November 1900, American

Evelyn WaughEvelyn Waugh
28 October 1903, British
War correspondent, Novelist, Writer,

Chris HaniChris Hani
28 June 1942, South African
Joseph-Louis LagrangeJoseph-Louis Lagrange
25 January 1736, French, Italian
Mathematician, Astronomer, Physicist, Politician,

Diane ChambersDiane Chambers
17 February 1951, Venezuelan
Nino RotaNino Rota
03 December 1911, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Teacher, Pianist, Actor,

Howard MarksHoward Marks
13 August 1945, British, Welsh

Richie BenaudRichie Benaud
06 October 1930, Australian
Cricketer, Journalist

Pope Gregory XIIIPope Gregory XIII
07 January 1502, Italian
Algernon Charles SwinburneAlgernon Charles Swinburne
05 April 1837, British
Poet, Writer
Martin HannettMartin Hannett
31 May 1948, British
Record producer, Composer

Chen YunChen Yun
13 June 1905

Louis the StammererLouis the Stammerer
01 November 0846, French

Frederick I of DenmarkFrederick I of Denmark
07 October 1471, Danish
Walker EvansWalker Evans
03 November 1903, American
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist

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Jean Vander PylJean Vander Pyl
11 October 1919, American
American actress

Howard ThurmanHoward Thurman
18 November 1899, American
Writer, Philosopher, Educator, Theologian

Constance KentConstance Kent
06 February 1844, British

Harley EarlHarley Earl
22 November 1893, American
Designer, Automotive designer
Nyree Dawn PorterNyree Dawn Porter
22 January 1936, New Zealander

Jin YouzhiJin Youzhi
17 August 1918, Chinese
Günter GuillaumeGünter Guillaume
01 February 1927, German
Intelligence officer

Yumjaagiin TsedenbalYumjaagiin Tsedenbal
17 September 1916, Mongolian
Political leader

Jim FlahertyJim Flaherty
30 December 1949, Canadian
Lawyer, Politician
Rabah BitatRabah Bitat
19 December 1925, Algerian

Ryszard KaczorowskiRyszard Kaczorowski
26 November 1919, Polish
Statesman, Politician
Richard HoggartRichard Hoggart
24 September 1918, British
Sociologist, University teacher

Peter D. MitchellPeter D. Mitchell
29 September 1920, British
Biochemist, Chemist, University teacher

Teilhard de ChardinTeilhard de Chardin
01 May 1881, French

Rose Francine RogombéRose Francine Rogombé
20 September 1942, French
Gabonese Politician

Sławomir SkrzypekSławomir Skrzypek
10 May 1963, Polish
Economist, Banker
Robert EdwardsRobert Edwards
27 September 1925, British

William BrewsterWilliam Brewster
1566 AD, British

Moshe DavisMoshe Davis
12 January 1916, American

George GaponGeorge Gapon
17 February 1870, Ukrainian, Russian
Russian priest
Arthur Evelyn St. John WaughArthur Evelyn St. John Waugh
28 October 1903, British

Michael Anthony DorrisMichael Anthony Dorris
30 January 1945, American
Fevzi ÇakmakFevzi Çakmak
12 January 1876, Turkish
Politician, Military personnel

Lech KaczyńskiLech Kaczyński
18 June 1949, Polish, Russian
Former President of Poland

Maria KaczyńskaMaria Kaczyńska
21 August 1942, Belarusian, Polish
First Lady of Poland
Mikalojus Konstantinas ČiurlionisMikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
22 September 1875, Lithuanian, Russian

Samuel Burl  KinisonSamuel Burl Kinison
08 December 1953, American