Famous People Who Died In 1992

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1992. This list includes people like Isaac Asimov, Marlene Dietrich, Satyajit Ray, Sam Walton, Benny Hill and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, journalists and directors who died in 1992. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Italy & Germany and many more countries.

Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
02 January 1920, American
Writer, Professor
Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich
27 December 1901, German, French
Actress & Singer

Chuck ConnorsChuck Connors
10 April 1921, American

Sam WaltonSam Walton
29 March 1918, American

Satyajit RaySatyajit Ray
02 May 1921, Indian
Indian filmmaker

Benny HillBenny Hill
21 January 1924, British
Grace HopperGrace Hopper
09 December 1906, American
Computer Scientist

Dick YorkDick York
04 September 1928, American

Cleavon LittleCleavon Little
01 June 1939, American

Eddie KendricksEddie Kendricks
17 December 1939, American
Jose Ferrer José Ferrer
08 January 1912, Puerto Rican
Actor, Director

John CageJohn Cage
05 September 1912, American
Composer, Writer
Lawrence WelkLawrence Welk
11 March 1903, American

Dana AndrewsDana Andrews
01 January 1909, American

Denholm ElliottDenholm Elliott
31 May 1922, Spanish, British
Menachem BeginMenachem Begin
16 August 1913, Israeli
Former Prime Minister of Israel

Audre LordeAudre Lorde
18 February 1934, American
Alex HaleyAlex Haley
11 August 1921, American

Willy BrandtWilly Brandt
18 December 1913, German
Former Chancellor of Germany

Shirley BoothShirley Booth
30 August 1898, American
Sandy DennisSandy Dennis
27 April 1937, American

Robert BerdellaRobert Berdella
31 January 1949, American
Serial Killer
Mikhail TalMikhail Tal
09 November 1936, Latvian
Chess Player

John DehnerJohn Dehner
23 November 1915, American

Barbara McClintockBarbara McClintock
16 June 1902, American

Stella AdlerStella Adler
10 February 1901, American
American Actress & Acting Teacher
Angela CarterAngela Carter
07 May 1940, British
David BohmDavid Bohm
20 December 1917, American

Allan BloomAllan Bloom
14 September 1930, American

John Eliot Sturges John Sturges
03 January 1910, American
Film Director

Kumar GandharvaKumar Gandharva
08 April 1924, Indian
Hindustani classical singer
Elizabeth DavidElizabeth David
26 December 1913, British
British writer

Friedrich von HayekFriedrich von Hayek
08 May 1899, Austrian, German, British

Daniel Bovet Daniel Bovet
23 March 1907, Italian

John GatesJohn Gates
1913 AD, American
American Communist

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Paul Martin, SrPaul Martin, Sr
23 June 1903, Canadian
Father of Medicare.
Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell
22 September 1920, British

Alexander DubcekAlexander Dubcek
27 November 1921, Czech, Slovak
Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins
04 April 1932, American
Film actor, Film director, Singer, Screenwriter,

Robert ReedRobert Reed
1932 AD, American
actor, stage actor, television actor, film actor

Tony AccardoTony Accardo
28 April 1906, American
Jeff PorcaroJeff Porcaro
01 April 1954, American
Drummer, Jazz musician

Roger MillerRoger Miller
02 January 1936, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Musician,
Sterling HollowaySterling Holloway
04 January 1905, American
Voice actor, Film actor, Stage actor, Television

Albert KingAlbert King
25 April 1923, American
Singer-songwriter, Basketball player, Musician,

Mary WellsMary Wells
13 May 1943, American
Singer, musician

Hal RoachHal Roach
14 January 1892, American
Film producer, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Giovanni FalconeGiovanni Falcone
18 May 1939, Italian
Magistrate, Judge, Lawyer
Jack DunphyJack Dunphy
22 August 1914, American
Author, Dancer, Playwright

Hanns ScharffHanns Scharff
16 December 1907, German
Visual artist, Air force officer

John Jacob Astor VIJohn Jacob Astor VI
14 August 1912, American

Tina ChowTina Chow
18 April 1950, American
Willie DixonWillie Dixon
01 July 1915, American
Singer-songwriter, Jazz musician, Record producer

Judith AndersonJudith Anderson
10 February 1897, Australian
stage actor, film actor
Dee MurrayDee Murray
03 April 1946, British
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Joe ShusterJoe Shuster
10 July 1914, American
Comics artist, Designer, Screenwriter

Roy AcuffRoy Acuff
1903 AD
Aribert HeimAribert Heim
28 June 1914, Austrian, German
Military physician, Ice hockey player, Torturer,

Mark GoodsonMark Goodson
14 January 1915, American
television producer
Mohammad HidayatullahMohammad Hidayatullah
17 December 1905, Indian
Lawyer, Academician, Vice President

Vernon HowardVernon Howard
16 March 1918, American
Author, Writer

George MurphyGeorge Murphy
04 July 1902, American
Former American senator
Denny HulmeDenny Hulme
18 June 1936, New Zealander
Formula One driver, Racecar driver

Emilio PucciEmilio Pucci
20 November 1914, Italian
Theodore Miller EdisonTheodore Miller Edison
10 July 1898, American

David WojnarowiczDavid Wojnarowicz
14 September 1954, American
Photographer, Painter, Writer

25 June 1928, Belgian
Comics artist, Screenwriter, Cartoonist

Cesare DanovaCesare Danova
01 March 1926, Italian
Actor, Television actor
H. L. A. HartH. L. A. Hart
18 July 1907, British
Jurist, University teacher, Philosopher
Li XiannianLi Xiannian
23 June 1909, Chinese

Robert MuldoonRobert Muldoon
25 September 1921, New Zealander

Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of RussiaGrand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia
30 August 1917, French
Art collector

Paolo BorsellinoPaolo Borsellino
19 January 1940, Italian
Félix GuattariFélix Guattari
30 April 1930, French
Psychiatrist, Philosopher, Psychanalyst,

Joan MitchellJoan Mitchell
12 February 1925, American

Sidney NolanSidney Nolan
22 April 1917, Australian

Camarón de la IslaCamarón de la Isla
05 December 1950, Spanish
Street artist, Singer

Leonard CheshireLeonard Cheshire
07 September 1917, British
Aviator, Military personnel
Lella LombardiLella Lombardi
26 March 1941, Italian
Racecar driver

Ernst HappelErnst Happel
29 November 1925, Austrian
Association football player, Association football
Samuel ReshevskySamuel Reshevsky
26 November 1911, Polish
Chess player, Journalist

César ManriqueCésar Manrique
24 April 1919, Spanish
Painter, Architect, Sculptor

Wanda RutkiewiczWanda Rutkiewicz
04 February 1943, Polish
Explorer, Sportsperson, Q20683322, Mountaineer
Brett WhiteleyBrett Whiteley
07 April 1939, Australian

Red BarberRed Barber
17 February 1908, American
Sports commentator
John SiricaJohn Sirica
19 March 1904, American
Lawyer, Judge

William ShawnWilliam Shawn
31 August 1907, American

Arpad EloArpad Elo
25 August 1903, American
Chess player, Physicist, Scientist, University

Michel BergerMichel Berger
28 November 1947, French
Singer-songwriter, Music executive, Composer,
Allen NewellAllen Newell
19 March 1927, American
Psychologist, Computer scientist, Mathematician,

Lisa FonssagrivesLisa Fonssagrives
17 May 1911, Swedish
Petra KellyPetra Kelly
29 November 1947, German

Dai VernonDai Vernon
11 June 1894, Canadian, American
Stage magician

Jo Ann RobinsonJo Ann Robinson
17 April 1912, American
Civil Rights Activist

Georges DelerueGeorges Delerue
12 March 1925, French
Composer, Film score composer
William GainesWilliam Gaines
01 March 1922, American
Photographer, Screenwriter