Astrologically, Jupiter is said to cast its dominant influence on the probability of the personality traits of Sagittarian individuals. However, the actual date in which December 2nd people are born is ruled by lunar planet Moon. Thus, the two celestial bodies together form the dominating influence on the uniqueness and individuality of those with this birthdate. Endearing and emotional, December 2nd individuals have strong personality traits and characteristic. They are blessed with innovative imagination and intelligent thinking. Honest and loyal, these people are candid, forgiving and dependable. However, these people are prone to laziness and moodiness and may display bouts of anxiety and stress.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears
37, American
Pop Singer
Lucy LiuLucy Liu
50, American

Charlie PuthCharlie Puth
27, American

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers
35, American
American football quarterback

Monica SelesMonica Seles
45, American
Tennis Players

Maria CallasMaria Callas
53, Greek
One of the most famous opera singers of the 20th
Neelima AzeemNeelima Azeem
60, Indian

Nelly FurtadoNelly Furtado
40, Canadian

Daniela RuahDaniela Ruah
35, Portuguese, American

Steven BauerSteven Bauer
62, American
Yang Hyun-sukYang Hyun-suk
49, South Korean
Music Executive & Rapper

Shiva AyyaduraiShiva Ayyadurai
55, Indian
Inventor of Email
Pedro II of BrazilPedro II of Brazil
66, Brazilian, French
Former Emperor of Brazil

Annalise BassoAnnalise Basso
20, American

Soyou (Kang Ji-hyun) Soyou
26, South Korean
Gary BeckerGary Becker
83, American

Gabbi GarciaGabbi Garcia
20, Filipino
Juice WRLDJuice WRLD
20, American

Meshulam RiklisMeshulam Riklis
95, Israeli

Toni MahfudToni Mahfud
24, German
Instagram Star
Ian StapletonIan Stapleton
30, American
YouTuber, Gamer

Evie ClairEvie Clair
15, American
Musical Artist
Teairra MariTeairra Mari
31, American

William Ellery William Ellery
92, American

Amber MontanaAmber Montana
20, American

Julie Harris Julie Harris
87, American
Hope MarieHope Marie
13, American
YouTube Star
George Richards MinotGeorge Richards Minot
64, American
Medical Researcher

Gianni VersaceGianni Versace
50, Italian
Entrepreneur, Designer

Action BronsonAction Bronson
35, American
Chef, Rapper

Tanya PlibersekTanya Plibersek
49, Australian
Jana KramerJana Kramer
35, American
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Songwriter

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Boman IraniBoman Irani
59, Indian

Alfred EnochAlfred Enoch
30, British

Georges SeuratGeorges Seurat
31, French
Painter, draughtsperson

Matteo DarmianMatteo Darmian
29, Italian
Association football player
Brendan CoyleBrendan Coyle
55, Irish, British

Jason CollinsJason Collins
40, American
Basketball player
Harry ReidHarry Reid
79, American
politician, lawyer

Paul WatsonPaul Watson
68, Canadian
Sailor, Environmentalist, Admiral

Alexander HaigAlexander Haig
85, American
Diplomat, Politician, Military personnel,
Steve RubellSteve Rubell
45, American

Dan ButlerDan Butler
64, American
Actor, Television actor
Rick SavageRick Savage
58, British
Bassist, Association football player, Guitarist

Chris WolstenholmeChris Wolstenholme
40, British
English musician

Sim BhullarSim Bhullar
26, Canadian
Basketball player

George SaundersGeorge Saunders
59, American

Otto DixOtto Dix
77, German
Painter, Esperantist, University teacher
Cassie SteeleCassie Steele
29, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician

Craig GroeschelCraig Groeschel
51, American

Antonín PanenkaAntonín Panenka
70, Czech
Association football player

Mary SlessorMary Slessor
66, British
Francesco ToldoFrancesco Toldo
47, Italian
Association football player

Nick CheungNick Cheung
Actor, Film director
Yvonne CatterfeldYvonne Catterfeld
39, German
Actor, Voice actor, Singer, Songwriter

Marais ViljoenMarais Viljoen
91, South African

Jim CuddyJim Cuddy
63, Canadian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Musician,
Ibrahim RugovaIbrahim Rugova
61, Kosovar
Political leader

Masaaki HatsumiMasaaki Hatsumi
87, Japanese
John Ajvide LindqvistJohn Ajvide Lindqvist
50, Swedish
Writer, Screenwriter

Adolph GreenAdolph Green
87, American
Screenwriter, Songwriter, Librettist, Lyricist

Joe MimranJoe Mimran
66, Canadian, Moroccan
Canadian designer
Andrew GowerAndrew Gower
40, British

William BurgesWilliam Burges
53, British
Charles StuddCharles Studd
70, British
Cricketer, Author, Missionary

K. V. KamathK. V. Kamath
71, Indian
entrepreneur, banker

Tarcisio BertoneTarcisio Bertone
84, Italian
Catholic priest, Diplomat, University teacher

Lualhati BautistaLualhati Bautista
73, Filipino
Roger HollisRoger Hollis
67, British
Kostas StafylidisKostas Stafylidis
25, Greek
Association football player

Karim RekikKarim Rekik
Association football player

Jay HaasJay Haas
65, American

Penelope TreePenelope Tree
69, American
Guy BourdinGuy Bourdin
62, French

Tzipi HotovelyTzipi Hotovely
40, Israeli
Journalist, Politician, Writer, Lawyer

Rachel MarsdenRachel Marsden
44, Canadian

Benjamin Mako HillBenjamin Mako Hill
38, American
Assistant professor, Engineer, Non-fiction writer

Peter Carl GoldmarkPeter Carl Goldmark
71, Hungarian, American
Engineer, Physicist
Richard TolRichard Tol
Economist, University teacher

Georges-Pierre SeuratGeorges-Pierre Seurat
31, French
French painter
George MinotGeorge Minot
64, American
Medical doctor

Dianne Kohler BarnardDianne Kohler Barnard
63, South African
Politician, Journalist

Henry StarrHenry Starr
47, American
Brandon KnightBrandon Knight
27, American
basketball player

Abdul RazzaqAbdul Razzaq
39, Pakistani
Nick WilliamsNick Williams
35, New Zealander
rugby union player

Joel WardJoel Ward
38, Canadian
ice hockey player

Tarcisio Cardinal BertoneTarcisio Cardinal Bertone
84, Italian
Cardinal, Vatican diplomat

Adolfo Aguilar ZinserAdolfo Aguilar Zinser
55, Mexican
Hovhannes BaghramianHovhannes Baghramian
84, Azerbaijani, Russian, Russian
Military commander

Jiří DopitaJiří Dopita
50, Czech
Ice hockey player

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 2

The personality traits of Sagittarians born on the second day of December include friendliness, open mind and a warm heart. They are honest and fair in their dealings and dislike any form of deceive. Emotionally susceptible, these people are incredibly loving and loyal towards others with an inert desire to make everyone around feel comfortable and happy. Additional qualities of these individuals include a cheerful mannerism, charming temperament, natural inquisitiveness, independent attitude, futuristic optimism and a fairly tolerant and forgiving nature. What’s more, these people are talented and skilled people with a fondness for beauty, music and art. They use this talent to hide themselves from the emotional pressures and demands.

The goodness of physical health of individuals born on December 2nd is dependent on the emotional well-being and their psychological healthiness.  As such, more than diet, it is exercise and meditation techniques that would help dispel the negative emotions of these people and thus lead to sound health. December 2nd individuals benefit from positive thinking and optimism. Taking tension or being stressed would only cause further problems and dilemmas for these individuals. By thinking of a positive conclusion about the same would not only help solve the problem and come up with a convincing outcome, it would also lessen the anxiety and stress, thus leading to good health.

Financial condition of individuals born on December 2nd is mostly stable. These people are dedicated to work and hence mostly do not face problem earning money. However, it is the spending habit that these people need to keep in control. Since December 2nd individuals have the habit of doing everything in a big way, they rarely give price tag a second thought. It is this habit that these people need to take care of. Saving for the future should also be practiced by December 2nd individuals to enjoy a financially secured life.  

December 2nd individuals are career-oriented folks. These people lay much emphasis on building career and reaching to greater heights and it is through this, that they cope with some of the disappointments in the other areas of life. December 2nd individuals are passionate and positive folks. They have a natural talent for communication and social skills and hence are well suited for career in law, politics or media. December 2nd individuals enjoy traveling and do not mind a change in the setting thus making jobs in sales, marketing and international relations a viable option.

Relationship, Marriage & Children
December 2nd men and women are affectionate people and share a cordial and healthy relationship with their parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Romantically, these people are idealistic folks. They rarely think and fall in love. Love just happens to them which is why they sometimes go on to make unwise decisions regarding it. Many a times, they might choose a wrong mate or make certain incorrect romantic choices but despite the same, they work hard to maintain the relationship and keep it going. December 2nd individuals are sensitive folks and hence require a soulmate who would make them feel secured and loved. In return, these people would bestow all the love that they hold in their heart and be utmost loyal and trustworthy. As parents, these people are fun-loving and cheerful. They are futuristic and forward thinking about the future of the kids and make ambitious plans for them but in order to achieve all of it, they do not push the little ones too hard.

Lucky Color: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Number: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20