Toni Mahfud Bio

(German Instagram Star)

Birthday: December 2, 1994 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Hamburg, Germany

Toni Mahfud is a German artist, model, social media star, and photographer, best known for his various social media accounts portraying his artistic endeavors. Always in love with art, he started sketching and drawing at the age of 4, and while he initially drew portraits of his favorite cartoons, Mahfud eventually started drawing realistic photographs of his favorite celebrities. He rose to fame in the year 2011, and slowly his popularity crossed the national borders as his posts started getting viral. Presently, he has 3.2 million of followers on Instagram and thousands of subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. He is also a model and has modeled for some popular brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Gillette. His YouTube channel is fast growing as he continues to accumulate hundreds of subscribers every day. Toni Mahfud’s speed paintings and drawings are the biggest reason for the mega success of his YouTube channel. Some of the most famous paintings that he has drawn are of Channing Tatum and the characters from the movie Maleficent.

Childhood & Early Life

Toni Mahfud was born on December 2, 1994, into an artistically inclined family in Hamburg, Germany. He was always interested in creating art and even though he never took any professional training for the same, he had a good hand in sketching.

His artistic instincts led him to draw the sketches of his favorite anime characters on blank paper when he was just four! He was a good student in school and excelled in academics, hence, making a career in art never quite seemed like a plausible future goal for him.

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Rise to Fame & Social Media Career

Around 2011, as he was about to graduate from high school, social media was becoming a rage among the youth and he started putting his artworks for the world to see and appreciate. Rightly so, he started growing his fans on social media, and by the time he got out of high school, he was already a major celebrity back in his home country of Germany.

His social media fame had him making waves on Facebook, where he posted his sketches and gained thousands of followers. This continued until he created his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Along with his artwork, he started uploading his own pictures in different poses. His chiseled physique and gorgeous looks helped him attract many more people. Toni Mahfud currently has one million followers on Facebook.

Toni Mahfud’s good looks helped him receive several modeling offers from top agencies, such as Tommy Hilfiger and he appeared in many of their commercial advertisements. He also walked the ramp for many major designers during several fashion weeks in Europe.

What brought his popularity to the lanes of Hollywood were his portraits of Adele, Channing Tatum, and Angelina Jolie from her film Maleficent. This endeavor received major publicity and he eventually got signed with the IMG modeling agency. With them, he participated in promotional campaigns for brands, such as Adidas, Tigha, Nike, and G-Star Raw.

Toni Mahfud is also receiving some acting offers to star in American and German films, but they are yet to be finalized.

The multi-talented personality has also been an active photographer, blogger, and communication designer. He considers himself to be a pure artist and says that he will try everything possible to be known as a famed artist.

Although his YouTube account was created in 2015, Toni Mahfud hasn’t been very active on the platform. He mainly uploads videos showing his fast painting skills. His YouTube account presently has 156K subscribers.

His Instagram account has 3.2 million subscribers, which almost matches any major film star or model. He posts his own pictures and his sketches combined with inspirational and motivational quotes. He has also amassed over 172k followers and 616k likes on his TikTok account.

Family & Personal Life

Toni Mahfud has not shared any details about his family, and has also been secretive about his romantic relationships.

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