Discover the notable alumni of Cambridge University. The list includes people like Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing, Emma Thompson, Sacha Baron Cohen & Charles Darwin. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as scientists, writers, film & theater personalities, intellectuals & academics and media personalities etc.
Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking
08 January 1942, British
Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist
Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen
13 October 1971, British

Emma ThompsonEmma Thompson
15 April 1959, British

David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough
08 May 1926, British

Alan TuringAlan Turing
23 June 1912, British

Ian McKellenIan McKellen
25 May 1939, British
British Actor
J. Robert OppenheimerJ. Robert Oppenheimer
22 April 1904, American

Charles DarwinCharles Darwin
12 February 1809, British
Naturalist, Geologist

Sam MendesSam Mendes
01 August 1965, British
Film Director

Tilda SwintonTilda Swinton
05 November 1960, British
John CleeseJohn Cleese
27 October 1939, British
Actor & Comedian

Stephen FryStephen Fry
24 August 1957, British
Comedian, Actor
Rajiv GandhiRajiv Gandhi
20 August 1944, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India

Lord ByronLord Byron
22 January 1788, British
Poet, Politician

Salman RushdieSalman Rushdie
19 June 1947, British
Jane GoodallJane Goodall
03 April 1934, British

Bertrand RussellBertrand Russell
18 May 1872, British, Welsh
Robert FrostRobert Frost
26 March 1874, American

Milo YiannopoulosMilo Yiannopoulos
18 October 1984, British

John Maynard KeynesJohn Maynard Keynes
05 June 1883, British
John MiltonJohn Milton
09 December 1608, British
Poet, Polemicist, and Civil Servant for the

Lee Kuan YewLee Kuan Yew
16 September 1923, Singaporean
Founding Father of Modern Singapore
Ludwig WittgensteinLudwig Wittgenstein
26 April 1889, Austrian

Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford
30 August 1871, New Zealander, British
Physicist, Chemist

Jagadish Chandra BoseJagadish Chandra Bose
30 November 1858, Indian

Vladimir NabokovVladimir Nabokov
22 April 1899, Swiss, American, Russian
A. A. MilneA. A. Milne
18 January 1882, British
Novelist, Playwright, Poet
J J ThompsonJ. J. Thomson
18 December 1856, British
Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

James WatsonJames Watson
06 April 1928, American
Molecular Biologist

E. M. ForsterE. M. Forster
01 January 1879, British

Samuel PepysSamuel Pepys
23 February 1633, British
Member of Parliament
Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington
15 July 1950, American
American-Greek author

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Thomas MertonThomas Merton
31 January 1915, French, Thai, American

Francis GaltonFrancis Galton
16 February 1822, British

Har Gobind KhoranaHar Gobind Khorana
09 January 1922, American

James ChadwickJames Chadwick
20 October 1891, British
Discoverer of Neutron
Henri Cartier-BressonHenri Cartier-Bresson
22 August 1908, French
Photographer and Painter

Alfred Marshall Alfred Marshall
26 July 1842, British
Rupert BrookeRupert Brooke
03 August 1887, British

Arthur EddingtonArthur Eddington
28 December 1882, British

Charles Thomson Rees WilsonCharles Thomson Rees Wilson
14 February 1869, British
Richard StoneRichard Stone
30 August 1913, British

Mihajlo Idvorski PupinMihajlo Idvorski Pupin
09 October 1858, Serbian
Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman
30 January 1974, British

Rebecca HallRebecca Hall
03 May 1982, British, American

Jimmy CarrJimmy Carr
15 September 1972, Irish, British
Actor, Comedian, Television presenter

Tom HollanderTom Hollander
25 August 1967, British

Jo CoxJo Cox
22 June 1974, British
Simon McBurneySimon McBurney
25 August 1957, British

Vanessa FeltzVanessa Feltz
21 February 1962, British
Television personality

Sophie OkonedoSophie Okonedo
11 August 1968, British

Nicola WalkerNicola Walker
15 May 1970, British
Ol ParkerOl Parker
02 June 1969, British

Alex HorneAlex Horne
10 September 1978, British
Griff Rhys JonesGriff Rhys Jones
16 November 1953, British
Actor, Comedian

Simon Russell BealeSimon Russell Beale
12 January 1961, Malaysian, British

Lily ColeLily Cole
27 December 1987, British
Actor, Model
Michael HowardMichael Howard
07 July 1941, British, Welsh

Vince CableVince Cable
09 May 1943, British
Political Leader
Iris MurdochIris Murdoch
15 July 1919, Irish
Poet, Philosopher, Novelist, Writer, Biographer

Louise BrealeyLouise Brealey
27 March 1979, British

George PlimptonGeorge Plimpton
18 March 1927, American
Jocelyn Bell BurnellJocelyn Bell Burnell
15 July 1943, British
Astronomer, Astrophysicist

Sarah SolemaniSarah Solemani
04 September 1986, British
Eric HobsbawmEric Hobsbawm
09 June 1917, Egyptian

Chris WeitzChris Weitz
30 November 1969, American

Rupert SheldrakeRupert Sheldrake
28 June 1942, British

Christian CoulsonChristian Coulson
03 October 1978, British
Colin DexterColin Dexter
29 September 1930, British
Margaret DrabbleMargaret Drabble
05 June 1939, British

A. S. ByattA. S. Byatt
24 August 1936

Alistair CookeAlistair Cooke
20 November 1908, British, American
Journalist, Television presenter, Radio

Peter AckroydPeter Ackroyd
05 October 1949, British
John McPheeJohn McPhee
08 March 1931, American

Ray DolbyRay Dolby
18 January 1933, American
Engineer, Inventor, Audio engineer, Electrical

Nicholas HytnerNicholas Hytner
07 May 1956, British
Theatre director, Film director

J. Michael KosterlitzJ. Michael Kosterlitz
22 June 1943, British, American

Michael FoaleMichael Foale
06 January 1957, American
Astronaut, Astrophysicist, Physicist
Peter HallPeter Hall
22 November 1930, British
actor, theatre director, film director, artist

Saint John FisherSaint John Fisher
30 November 1469, British
English Priest
The University of Cambridge, located in England, is a name which is popular in most households around the world. Doesn’t this speak volumes about its popularity? This notable institution known for imparting an outstanding quality of education was founded in 1209. It is also famous for being the ‘fourth oldest university in the world’. As of 2015, more than 19,000 students had enrolled at this world famous institution. Apart from its lush green campus, a library with an interesting collection of a million books and its highly qualified staff, the university is also famous for its notable alumni. Some of these individuals who studied at Cambridge are even important names in history books. Legendary scientists Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking are former students of this renowned institution. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is being taught to students all over the world and has also significantly helped scientists involved in further research on the subject. Stephen Hawking is not only known for his contributions to the field of science, but is also considered one among the few immensely influential people around the world today. Hawking’s life also inspired the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Theory Of Everything’, which earned a lot of accolades. ‘Borat’ star Sasha Baron Cohen, acclaimed actor Stephen Fry and Hollywood star Rachel Weisz are a few other eminent personalities who studied at the University of Cambridge. We have compiled a list which consists of noteworthy celebrities who were former students of University of Cambridge. This might just inspire you to work harder to secure a place at this world famous university.