Do you know what’s common between Rod Stewart, John Lennon, Elton John, Robert Plant, David Bowie and Mick Jagger? Other than their roots that bind them all together, it is their passion for rock music. Rock is a form of music that evolved from rock and roll during the mid-20th century in United Kingdom and United States. From 1960s started the golden era of the music form that captivated audience with its powerful and strong vocals, authentic music and distinctive yet innovative style. Catchy melodies, delicious hooks and influential style dominated rock music. While musicians across the globe brought in varsity to this music genre, it was the British rock bands and rock artists who made the most important and most influential contribution. John Lennon, along with Paul McCartney founded the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed band in the history of music, the Beatles. This apart, he enjoyed a successful solo career and was responsible for 25 number one songs on the US Hot 100 Chart. Elton John’s five decade long career has been a flourishing one, with more than 300 million records sold. This made him one of the best-selling music artists of the world. For his contribution to music in his fifty years of career, Mick Jagger is regarded as one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll. To know more interesting facts about the life and career of British rock singers, read on.
Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury

05 September 1946

Mick JaggerMick Jagger

26 July 1943

David BowieDavid Bowie

08 January 1947

John LennonJohn Lennon

09 October 1940

George EzraGeorge Ezra

07 June 1993

Rod StewartRod Stewart

10 January 1945

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett

06 January 1946


22 May 1959

Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel

13 February 1950

Van MorrisonVan Morrison

31 August 1945

Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson

05 October 1947

Robin GibbRobin Gibb

22 December 1949

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Jeff LynneJeff Lynne

30 December 1947

Maurice GibbMaurice Gibb

22 December 1949

Olly MursOlly Murs

14 May 1984

Thom YorkeThom Yorke

07 October 1968

Florence WelchFlorence Welch

28 August 1986

Marianne FaithfullMarianne Faithfull

29 December 1946

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Joe StrummerJoe Strummer

21 August 1952

David CoverdaleDavid Coverdale

22 September 1951

Phil LynottPhil Lynott

20 August 1949

Alex TurnerAlex Turner

06 January 1986

Paul WellerPaul Weller

25 May 1958

Abigail HopkinsAbigail Hopkins

20 August 1968

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Royston LangdonRoyston Langdon

01 May 1972

Alex GaskarthAlex Gaskarth

14 December 1987

Pete HamPete Ham

27 April 1947

James BayJames Bay

04 September 1990

George SmithGeorge Smith

09 March 1999