Famous People Born In 2008

Discover the most famous people born in 2008. The list includes people like Audrey Nethery, RonaldOMG, Mia Talerico, Hayley LeBlanc, Yaya Panton and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include Vloggers, family members, Funny YouTubers and child actors born in 2008. This list includes people from United States and many more countries.

Audrey NetheryAudrey Nethery
20th October, American
Sky BrownSky Brown
12th July, Japanese

Payton MylerPayton Myler
6th September, American

Ella GrossElla Gross
20th January, American

Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha MomoaNakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa
15th December, American
Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet’s Son

Sunday Rose Kidman UrbanSunday Rose Kidman Urban
7th July, American
Nicole Kidman's Daughter
Bella BluBella Blu
30th April, American
Dancer, Reality TV Personality

Mia TalericoMia Talerico
17th September, American
Child Actress

Coco QuinnCoco Quinn
7th June, American
Emma GunnarsenEmma Gunnarsen
17th June, Norwegian
YouTuber, Singer

Greyson FeltGreyson Felt
29th May, American
TikTok Star
Daxton McKnightDaxton McKnight
23rd July, American

Emily DobsonEmily Dobson
3rd April, American

Yaya PantonYaya Panton
3rd June, American

Sunny SandlerSunny Sandler
2nd November, American
Adam Sandler’s Daughter, Actress

Aydah VlachAydah Vlach
27th April, American
3rd October, American

Skylander BoySkylander Boy
10th November, American

Rocco PiazzaRocco Piazza
12th August, American

Alexandra Leona BryantAlexandra Leona Bryant
23rd October, American
Child Actor
Nahla Ariela AubryNahla Ariela Aubry
16th March, American
Halle Berry's Daughter

5th September, Canadian
YouTube Star
Knox Leon Jolie-PittKnox Leon Jolie-Pitt
12th July, French, American
Son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Lilliana KetchmanLilliana Ketchman
23rd June, American

Taylor YeagerTaylor Yeager
1st May, American
YouTube star
Hayley LeBlancHayley LeBlanc
2nd September, American
YouTube Personality

Bronx Mowgli WentzBronx Mowgli Wentz
20th November, American
Son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson
Emme MuñizEmme Muñiz
22nd February, American
Jennifer Lopez's Daughter

Blakely BjerkenBlakely Bjerken
20th September, American
YouTube Personality, Gymnast

Maximilian David MuñizMaximilian David Muñiz
22nd February, American
Son of Jennifer Lopez
Isla StanfordIsla Stanford
12th November, American
Instagram Star

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Max Liron BratmanMax Liron Bratman
12th January, American
Christina Aguilera's Son
Jazmyn BieberJazmyn Bieber
30th May, Canadian
YouTuber, Justin Bieber's Sister

Roman SerfatyRoman Serfaty
2nd September, American
YouTube Star

London Bleu AngelLondon Bleu Angel
13th February, American
Instagram Star

Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-PittVivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt
12th July, French
Brad Pitt's Daughter
Gage ButlerGage Butler
11th April, American
Wyatt BennettWyatt Bennett
6th August, American

Claire Rock SmithClaire Rock Smith
24th May, American
YouTuber, Instagram Star

Evangeline LomelinoEvangeline Lomelino
18th April, American
YouTube Star

Josiah FredericksJosiah Fredericks
19th September, American
Natalia BorregoNatalia Borrego
14th July, Brazilian
TikTok Star

Thaddeaus EkThaddeaus Ek
1st February, American

Helena ZengelHelena Zengel
10th June, German

Princess Eleonore of BelgiumPrincess Eleonore of Belgium
16th April, German

Emanne BeashaEmanne Beasha
18th September, Jordanian